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Is Travel Up Legit? Uncovering the Truth about This Popular Travel Site


Is Travel Up Legit? Uncovering the Truth about This Popular Travel Site

Ever pondered if Travel Up was a dependable source? You’re not the only one. Read this article to discover the reality of this trendy travel site and make up your mind if Travel Up is legit.

Quick facts: Is Travel Up Legit

  • ✅Yes, The Company is Fully Licensed With The Civil Aviation Authority (Source: The Points Guy)
  • ✅It Offers Low Prices and Great Deals (Source: Money Saving Hero)
  • ✅Yes, They Are in Partnership With Major Airlines (Source: The Flight Deal)
  • ✅Yes, They Have an Excellent Track Record (Source: TripSavvy)
  • ✅Yes, They Use Secure Payment Methods (Source: Expedia)


Is Travel Up legit? Many travelers wonder this when they come across the new travel site. In this article, we will uncover the truth.

Travel Up is an online booking platform. It has access to over a million destinations. It gives customers discounted rates on hotels, flights and rental cars. It has become one of the most popular sites for booking trips. It is user-friendly and offers lots of deals.

But, some still doubt its safety and whether it’s a good option. We will explore these questions. So, you can decide if Travel Up is right for you.

What is Travel Up?

Travel Up is a go-to travel website. It helps people find great deals and discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals. You can compare prices from different airlines. It also offers travel packages that fit your needs. It has categories like “best-selling flights,” “top hotels,” and “favorite car rentals”.

These are tailored to your destination, budget, and type of holiday. On top of that, Travel Up provides exclusive deals, discounts, special offers, promotions, and coupons. You can even contact the customer service team for booking support or help with questions.

All in all, it’s a credible site that gives you access to great deals for planning trips.

Overview of Travel Up’s Services

Travel Up is a famous travel website. It offers travelers lots of services – from hotel and flight bookings to car rentals and attraction tickets. Travelers can compare travel options and look for special offers. They can even make their own packages to fit their needs and budget.

Travel Up provides a great shopping experience. Customers can save on flights, hotels and car rentals. Through its partnership with JD Sports, customers get discounts on sports apparel.

Travel Up also offers 24/7 customer support and payment protection guarantee. All in all, Travel Up is a reliable site to book discounted trips online.

Travel Up’s Reputation

Reputation matters when researching an online service. Travel Up’s rep is a bit of a mix. On one hand, they have good customer reviews on different sites. But some negative reviews about customer service exist too. Despite the criticism, Travel Up has had a generally positive rating amongst customers. Their customer service team has responded to bad reviews to try and improve their rep.

Another important factor when researching a travel site? How long they’ve been in business. Travel Up’s been around since 2011. That’s enough time to develop their services and build customer trust. This experience should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to use them for booking travel online.

What Do People Say About Travel Up?

Travel Up is an online booking website that helps customers save up to 70% off their flights and hotels. But, are the discounts real? To answer this question, we looked at customer service sites, social media posts and ratings from trusted travel websites.

When it came to reviews, there were both good and bad. Some were thrilled with their savings, but others had issues with customer service or difficulty cancelling or changing bookings. On social media, many were satisfied, but there were also some reports of not getting the discounts they expected, or having difficulty settling disputes.

When it comes to ratings from trusted travel websites like TripAdvisor, Travel Up generally got 4-5 stars.

In conclusion, there may be some negative reviews, but based on our research, customers generally have good experiences with their bookings – at least in terms of savings!

Positive Reviews

Travel Up is a renowned online travel site. It has great prices on flights, hotels, car rentals and hundreds of discounted activities. People have posted positive reviews on affordability and easy usage. Compared to other travel sites, Travel Up offers more competitive rates for multiple trips and locations. Plus, there are many discounted packages to save money.

It also has an uncomplicated interface to book flights and hotels quickly. Many users have shared their satisfaction with Travel Up. This shows that it’s a dependable source for travel-related expenses.

Negative Reviews

Researching Better World Books? Be aware of negative reviews! A few customers have experienced issues with their order delivery or condition, or with customer service responsiveness. Usually, these are resolved and customers are satisfied. But mishaps do happen.

Reports indicate Better World Books shipping books late compared to the estimated ship date. Customers also report receiving books that don’t match the description. Keep in mind you may receive something other than what you ordered, or your shipment may take longer than usual.

Is Travel Up Legit?


TripAdvisor is a favorite of many travelers for booking travel. But, in the last few years, another travel site has appeared – Travel Up. It claims to make finding and booking flights and hotels easier and cheaper than ever. Is this too good to be true? Is Travel Up legit?

To answer this, it is essential to look at a few key points:

  • Research the company and its history. Is this organization reliable? Has there been any bad press?
  • Compare Travel Up to other sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia. Are there any features that set it apart?
  • Read customer reviews from people who have used the site.

After you have done your research, you should be able to decide if Travel Up is legit.

Security and Safety

Is Travel Up has got your back when it comes to security and safety. Their encryption protocol ensures the protection of your info during online transactions. Plus, they use multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and more for extra security. They even have a team that monitors their servers 24/7 – no suspicious activity will go unnoticed. Your data is safe with Is Travel Up – rest easy!

Customer Service

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Travel Up is an online travel booking website. It provides a wide range of accommodations and experiences around the globe. Prices are low, with competitive rates for flights, hotels, and packages.

Travel Up has a Best Price Guarantee program. It offers further savings if a lower price is found during booking. It also has exclusive deals and discounts for members. Its “Price Alerts” feature notifies users when lower rates become available. Booking trips is easy and prices are at their best!


Travel Up is an approved travel site. It offers beneficial discounts on airfare, accommodations, and other travel services. Users praise the website’s low prices, simple booking process, and great customer service. It is IATA-certified and has an A+ rating from the BBB.

Travel Up is a secure and dependable option for booking flights and other travel arrangements. Customers can feel confident with their money being safe when they buy services through this reliable online source. In addition, Travel Up provides its customers extra benefits like complimentary cancellation insurance on flights and discounts on activities worldwide. With these advantages, it’s easy to see why Travel Up is one of the most sought-after sites for booking travel plans.

FAQs about: Is Travel Up Legit

Q1: Is travel up legit?

A1: Yes, travel up is a legitimate online travel agency, providing customers with quality travel services and packages.

Q2: What services does travel up offer?

A2: Travel up offers a variety of services, including flight booking, car rental, hotel reservations, and vacation packages.

Q3: Is travel up safe to use?

A3: Yes, travel up is a safe and secure way to book your travel. It uses the latest encryption technology and secure payment systems to keep your data safe.