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Is SmartFares Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Online Travel Deals


Is SmartFares Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Online Travel Deals

Stressed about internet vacation offers? You’re not alone! Is SmartFares authentic? Uncover the truth in this article. Discover how to spot fake travel deals. Get the facts before you book your next journey.

Quick facts: Is Smartfares Legit

  • ✅ SmartFares is a legitimate travel agency that has been in business since 2005 – BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ SmartFares offers exclusive discounts and airfare deals – SmartFares
  • ✅ SmartFares offers a satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 customer service – SmartFares
  • ✅ SmartFares has an A+ rating from the BBB – BBB
  • ✅ SmartFares has over one million satisfied customers – SmartFares

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SmartFares is an online travel agency with discounted airfares, hotels and more. Since 2009, many have asked: “Is SmartFares legit?” This guide will uncover the truth.

We’ll start with a look at SmartFares’ services – including flight discounts and hotel deals. Then, we’ll explore the company’s background and reputation. Finally, we’ll present a summary of pros and cons so travelers can make an informed decision on booking travel through this company.

What is SmartFares?

SmartFares is an online travel agency that guarantees the lowest prices on airline tickets, hotel stays, and car rentals. It offers customers unique discounts and has its own searching engine to uncover the best deals. Plus, if customers find a better deal elsewhere within 24 hours of booking, they can get refunds or promo codes for even more savings.

SmartFares also has a Price Drop Guarantee, so customers don’t pay more than what’s listed on the website. And, to make things even better, they have a 24/7 customer service department with live agents. They are always ready to answer questions or help with any current or future trips. This amazing customer service makes SmartFares a reliable and trustworthy choice for travelers looking for discounts.

How Does SmartFares Work?

SmartFares is an amazing platform for booking trips! It helps you find discounted airfare, car rentals, and hotel reservations. The search engine uses clever algorithms to compare prices with other websites. It finds the lowest price for your chosen travel dates from airlines and vendors. You can book directly with SmartFares using a credit or debit card.

Plus, sign up for their newsletter or become a member of their rewards program. You can save up to 90% on airfares! Members get exclusive discounts, like free upgrades and complimentary seat selection. With SmartFares, you can get the best prices online and save money on your next vacation!

Pros and Cons of SmartFares

Introduction-Is SmartFares Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Online Travel Deals

SmartFares is an online travel business founded in 2008. They provide discounted flights, hotels, cruises and car rentals from hundreds of suppliers. SmartFares also offer exclusive deals on popular destinations.

The advantages are their discounts which are usually lower than other companies. People can choose from a wide selection of flights and hotels at different prices. The fare alert feature notifies customers when airfares drop below a certain price.

The disadvantages are hidden fees and no customer service. Fees are not always disclosed up front, so travelers may not know the total cost until after they have paid. Also, if anything goes wrong during a booking, customers have to contact each supplier individually for help.


Buyma has lots of benefits for those searching for online travel deals. It’s easy to use and has a big range of flights, hotels, and car rentals. Plus, their Price Match Guarantee means they’ll meet any cheaper fare you find before you go. There are no extra charges and no cancellation fees, so you can change your mind for free. And, Buyma usually has cheaper prices due to partnerships with airlines and hotels.


Kixify is a legit online store where customers can buy and sell used sneakers, apparel, and accessories. However, there are certain drawbacks. Kixify doesn’t provide buyer protection like other stores do. This means that if you get something defective or not working, you have no way of getting a refund or exchange. Additionally, there may be fraudulent activities such as counterfeit products on the website. So, buyers should always be cautious when shopping on Kixify.

Moreover, Kixify charges high shipping fees for goods bought from overseas sellers. This makes the total cost much higher than expected.

Is SmartFares Legit?

The travel biz thrives and online bookers are in demand. But with so many sites, it’s hard to pick the legit ones. SmartFares is one such site that offers discounted airfares. So, “Is SmartFares legit?” you ask.

Yes, it is! With a team of experienced pros with 30+ years in the industry, SmartFares utilizes advanced tech to access fares from over 400 airlines worldwide. Customers get awesome prices on flights, hotels and car rentals. Plus, all transactions are SSL-encrypted, so your info is secure. And, even better, SmartFares offers discounts and coupon codes for extra savings.

Final Thoughts

When seeking the top bargains for travel, there’s only one way to know if a business is real. Research! Read reviews from other holiday-makers. Ensure there are no surreptitious fees or payments. Plus, do an online check to double-check the company’s standing.

The internet travel industry has skyrocketed in the last few years. It’s essential to be informed before you purchase or plan any trips. SmartFares is a genuine business providing great deals on travel. But it’s best to study before booking any tickets or lodgings through them. They offer amazing customer service and discounts when you use their promotional codes. Don’t miss out on these when arranging your next getaway!

FAQs about: Is Smartfares Legit

Q: Is SmartFares a legit website?

A: Yes, SmartFares is a legitimate travel website offering discount airfare and hotel deals.

Q: Does SmartFares offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, SmartFares offers a money-back guarantee for unused, non-refundable tickets which can be refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or before the departure of the first flight.

Q: Does SmartFares guarantee the lowest prices?

A: Yes, SmartFares guarantees the lowest prices on airfare and hotels. If you find a lower price within 24 hours of booking your ticket, they will refund the difference.