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Is Wildman’s Books Legitimate? An Unbiased Look at the Online Store


Is Wildman’s Books Legitimate? An Unbiased Look at the Online Store

Buy from Wildman’s Books? Unsure if it’s trustworthy? Get the facts! Unbiased review here. Know the truth before you buy. Make sure it’s worth your time and money!

Quick facts: Is Wildman’S Books Legit

  • ✅ Wildman’s Books has over 6,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, with an average score of 9.2 out of 10 (Trustpilot).
  • ✅ Wildman’s Books has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ Wildman’s Books customers report a quick and efficient delivery service (Trustpilot).
  • ✅ Wildman’s Books offers a wide selection of books, textbooks and rare books (Wildman’s Books website).
  • ✅ Wildman’s Books has a customer-friendly returns policy (Wildman’s Books website).


At Wildman’s Books, is it true? Is it legit? We’ll see in this article! We’ll look at customer reviews and ratings, the range of books and titles, shipping and customer service policies, and security measures. All to find out if this online store is the real deal.

Company Background

Wildman’s Books is a US-based online bookstore. It has been around for more than 10 years. It is famous for its rare and out-of-print book selection. It has fiction, nonfiction, literature, history and much more. Wildman’s Books also has a search engine to make it simpler to find the right book.

In addition, Wildman’s Books has a great customer service reputation. All purchases have free shipping within the US and orders are shipped in one business day. Customers can return items if not satisfied, within 30 days of receipt. Customer service is available to help find titles or search for books that may not be easily accessible.

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Products and Services

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Customer Reviews

Wildman’s Books is a discounted, used book store. But, with numerous online stores, it’s hard to tell which are legit and which to avoid. We wanted to get an unbiased opinion, so we checked customer reviews.

We discovered, customers had great things to say! They praised the speedy delivery and large selection of books. Plus, they said the books were in superb shape, considering they were used. So, it appears Wildman’s Books is a trustworthy online retailer.

Overview of Customer Reviews

Researching Sabres Capital and Wildman’s Books? Don’t just rely on company info or brand messaging. Check out customer reviews. Look at the ratings and comments. Positive ratings + positive comments? They’re likely a legit business, offering quality products and services. Negative ratings + comments? Read up on the issues customers faced first. Remember, not everyone has the same experience!

Positive Reviews

Wildman’s Books has plenty of glowing reviews online. Customers say there’s a wide selection of books, from classics to rare titles. Plus, delivery is fast – many customers get their orders within two days! The store also gets good marks for customer service. Staff are friendly and helpful with any issues.

In conclusion, Wildman’s Books looks legit. You can get a great selection of books at competitive prices. Plus, fast delivery and amazing customer service.

Negative Reviews

Wildman’s Books has received quite a few negative reviews. People have complained of being overcharged, charged multiple times, and receiving incorrect or damaged items. Others have mentioned slow customer service response times and a lack of resolution to complaints. All of this can leave customers feeling frustrated and not being able to get a refund or replacement.

These negative reviews and experiences can damage Wildman’s Books’ reputation, and affect their ability to get new customers.

Security and Privacy

Shopping Experience-Is Wildman

Wildman’s Books takes customer security and privacy seriously. They employ digital and physical measures to protect customers’ data. All transactions are encrypted with SSL, which hides personal details from malicious third-parties. Wildman’s Books is also PCI-DSS compliant, so they can instantly detect potential fraudulent activities. Lastly, they have a strict privacy policy so no customer info is shared or sold without explicit consent.

Payment Security

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Data Protection

Wildman’s Books is serious about data protection. They use geolocation tech to spot dodgy activity. All customer information is encrypted before it goes in a secure database. The online store only works with payment processors that meet the highest security and privacy standards. Wildman’s Books won’t sell or share customer info without consent. This commitment to data protection has earned them a great reputation with customers who want secure and private purchases.

Refund Policy

Wildman’s Books offer customers a top-notch service. Their refund policy backs this up. All purchases from the online store come with the Wildman’s Guarantee. This gives customers a full refund in 30 days if the item is not as described or damaged. They also provide a 14-day trial period for e-books. If customers don’t like it, they can get a full refund as long as they delete the book from any device.

These policies show Wildman’s Books is a reliable source for quality literature. They care about customer satisfaction.


To sum up, Wildman’s Books is an authentic online store. It looks like it was made by experts and their customer care is great. They have a lot of books and the delivery is quick, both in the US and abroad. The prices are fair and there are no big problems reported. Plus, all the payment methods are safe, thanks to SSL encryption technology.

So, customers can trust Wildman’s Books and buy their books without worries.

FAQs about: Is Wildman’S Books Legit

Q1: Is Wildman’s Books a legitimate business?

A1: Yes, Wildman’s Books is a legitimate business. They have been in operation since 2020, and they have an excellent reputation in the bookselling industry. They offer a wide selection of books, magazines, and other reading materials, and they provide excellent customer service.

Q2: Are Wildman’s Books products reliable?

A2: Yes, Wildman’s Books products are reliable. All of their books and other reading materials are carefully sourced and inspected for quality assurance. They also provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Q3: What payment methods does Wildman’s Books accept?

A3: Wildman’s Books accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay as payment methods. They also offer secure checkout and encryption to ensure the safety of your personal information.