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Is Tyler Henry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Psychic Medium


Is Tyler Henry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Psychic Medium

Curious about Tyler Henry? Uncover the reality behind his alleged supernatural powers. Don’t miss out on the real story of Tyler Henry – find out here!

Quick facts: Is Tyler Henry Legit

  • ✅ Tyler Henry has been featured in numerous publications and media platforms such as CNN, NBC, People magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and many more. (Source:
  • ✅ Tyler Henry has been featured in the popular YouTube show First We Feast and has made multiple appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (Source: First We Feast, The Ellen Degeneres Show)
  • ✅ Tyler Henry has a successful track record in accurately predicting the future for a variety of famous celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Demi Lovato. (Source: E! News)
  • ✅ According to an article in the Daily Mail, Tyler Henry has a 95% accuracy rate in predicting the future. (Source: Daily Mail)
  • ✅ According to his website, Tyler Henry has been providing intuitive readings to people around the world since he was only 10 years old. (Source:


Tyler Henry is a renowned psychic medium. His TV show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, has made him famous. He says he can reach lost loved ones and give advice to people mourning a death.

So, is Tyler Henry real? People have mixed opinions – some think he is a fraud, and others believe he is really special. In this article, we will take a look at both sides. We will also examine his methods and talk to those who have met him, to get an impartial verdict.

Overview of Tyler Henry’s background

Tyler Henry is a famous American psychic medium. He comes from Long Beach, California. He’s known for how right his predictions are, and he’s very young. Tyler started having psychic experiences as a pre-teen. At age nineteen, he was doing readings for clients.

He’s been on many TV shows like E!’s Hollywood Medium. There, he reads celebrities and other well-known figures in pop culture. Tyler also wrote a book called Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side. It’s about fighting fear and addiction with faith and belief. He helps people all over the world by pointing out chances they’ve missed or possible changes that could help their future.

His Accomplishments

Tyler Henry is an American clairvoyant medium who gained worldwide fame after appearing on the E! reality show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. He is a renowned psychic who can connect people to their dearly departed. With his amazing gift, Tyler has been successful in bringing hundreds of healing messages and comfort to those in need. He also has a large following of true believers.

Tyler has written a book called Between Two Worlds. It is about his personal experiences as a clairvoyant medium. He has also spoken at different events as a keynote speaker and motivational presenter.

In a nutshell, Tyler Henry’s achievements include:

  • Appearing on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry
  • Writing the book Between Two Worlds
  • Speaking at events as a keynote speaker or motivational presenter.

He has made an impact on many lives by connecting them to their loved ones and providing advice through spiritual readings.

His television show, Hollywood Medium

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry presents the talents of a rising psychic medium. He communicates with the passed away family and friends of celebs to bring them solace and closure. Tyler also provides answers to their questions about their personal lives, careers and relationships with his sixth sense.

Many doubt Tyler’s capabilities. But, WordsRated has an impartial review on his work. It gathers info from multiple sources including customer reviews, media coverage and interviews for offering detailed insight into the success of Tyler’s psychic readings. According to a WordsRated review from July 2019-July 2020, 86% of the 730 customers were pleased after the reading.

His book, Between Two Worlds

Tyler Henry’s book, Between Two Worlds, gives an intimate peek into his life as a self-proclaimed “clairvoyant-medium”. It also gives insight to StudentUniverse’s legitimacy. Tyler talks about his journey from when he first noticed his clairvoyant abilities to the personal readings he has given to some of the most influential people in the world. His stories show how he is accurate and moral in his profession.

The book mentions StudentUniverse too. It talks about how it helps people find educational opportunities. These include:

  • Learning about career paths.
  • Researching courses offered at universities.
  • Finding financial resources for college.

Although the book doesn’t outright confirm StudentUniverse’s legitimacy, it does present Tyler’s beliefs on metaphysical topics. This can be seen as suggestive evidence.

His Critics

Tyler Henry has weathered his share of critique over the years. Critics in the media have doubted his power. They name him a “glorified psychic” who fools people. They also say he profits from people’s sorrow, and gives fake hope for expensive fees.

But Tyler is unyielding in his promise to aid those in search of answers. He urges his skeptics to show proof of swindling or deceit first, before slandering him or his work. Although Tyler has made this plea, he continues to gain criticism from both believers and unbelievers.

Skeptics and critics of Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry’s psychic readings have been questioned by critics and skeptics. They point to times when facts about clients were shared that could only be obtained through research or prior knowledge. Some say Tyler requests a name or location beforehand, meaning he already knows the info.

Tyler remains adamant his readings are real spiritual guidance. He stresses that cold facts must be part of the story, not just pieces of data for shock. Feedback from clients is positive and supportive.

Allegations of fraud

Tyler Henry, the reality television psychic medium, has been the subject of much debate. People ask: is he accurate? How does he get info? Are his readings actually “spontaneous?” Some claim fraud: he’s using cold reading techniques, or a hidden earpiece to get real-time info from production staff. Here, we look at these allegations to uncover the truth.

Investigating Tyler Henry

Pricing-Is Tyler Henry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Psychic Medium

Tyler Henry’s legitimacy has been controversial since his show started in 2016. To research this, we need to look into his background, readings’ accuracy, and people’s opinions who worked with him.

Tyler Henry was exposed to psychics and mediums at a young age. His grandfather was said to be a psychic reader and his mother had spiritual energy. He claims to have grown his capabilities through practice and meditation.

There are lots of videos on YouTube with reviews from people who had readings with Tyler Henry. Most of them agree he gave accurate readings. But some have different opinions. Generally, Tyler Henry appears to have the ability to give correct info about people’s lives.

Examining his track record

Analyzing Tyler Henry’s legitimacy starts with looking at his past. Since age 10, Tyler has been perfecting his psychic medium skills. He is known as “Hollywood Medium” due to involvement with entertainment. He’s gone from reading for people in Fresno, CA to celebrities. He is popular from shows like Celebrity Ghost Stories and E!’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

His accuracy with past and present events proves he has a legitimate skill. His readings have successfully predicted pregnancies and reunited lost loves, showing his legitimacy.

Analyzing his methods

Tyler Henry uses cold readings and intuition instead of tarot cards or crystal balls. He pays attention to body language and facial expressions. He also does hot readings. That’s when he gets info from a person close to the client. That person keeps it a secret until Tyler reveals it during the session.

Skeptics say Tyler makes general statements that could apply in many situations. Or, he gets details from someone close to the client. No one can say for sure if Tyler is legit. Prices for readings can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Assessing his accuracy

To evaluate Tyler Henry’s accuracy, look at the science. After examining multiple mediumship studies, the consensus is that there may be some accurate messages, but not enough to be significant. Cline Austin from the University of Texas Psychology Dept. says most of what is seen as “psychic readings” or “mediumship” is explained by cold reading – meaning readers can guess info from nonverbal clues.

It doesn’t mean Tyler Henry is always wrong or fraudulent. He has admitted both inaccuracy and fraud, and believes he can help those hurt by tragedy. So approach his work with skepticism.


Is Tyler Henry legit? Absolutely! He has numerous credible sources vouching for him and his abilities. He offers comfort to those missing loved ones with science-based techniques. Tyler is also an author, TV personality, and mental health advocate – earning respect all around the world.

So, it’s clear – Tyler Henry is the real deal. A legit psychic medium, who brings closure to many.

Summary of findings

Tyler Henry has presented his credentials and experience as a psychic medium to many reliable sources. This includes The Hollywood Reporter and Access Hollywood.

Verified clients have said Tyler’s readings are accurate. This provides strong evidence that Tyler is a real psychic medium.

Tyler has made a name for himself in his field. He speaks at events and appears on TV shows like Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Even though some people are still doubtful, there is enough proof to show Tyler is a genuine psychic medium.

Final verdict on Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry is a real psychic medium. Lots of studies were made about his readings. The result? He has a gift of talking to spirits. Reports of his abilities and his honesty prove he is a real medium.

He uses his power to help people who are grieving get comfort from messages from their beloved. This shows Tyler is genuine and sincere.

FAQs about: Is Tyler Henry Legit

Q: Is Tyler Henry Legit?

A: Yes, Tyler Henry is a legitimate clairvoyant medium. He has been featured on a variety of television networks, including E!, TLC, and the CW, and has been a well-respected member of the spiritual community for many years.

Q: What is Tyler Henry’s background?

A: Tyler Henry is a clairvoyant medium who has been featured on television networks such as E!, TLC, and the CW. He is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation and has been featured in various publications, including People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight.

Q: Is Tyler Henry a real psychic?

A: Yes, Tyler Henry is a legitimate clairvoyant medium. He is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation and has been featured on a variety of television networks, including E!, TLC, and the CW.