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Is Turbotenant Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!


Is Turbotenant Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!

Curious if Turbotenant is a trustworthy rental platform? You’re in the right spot! Discover the details about this rental platform. See if it can assist you in locating your next dwelling. Don’t enroll until you know it all!

Quick facts: Is Turbotenant Legit

  • ✅ Turbotenant is the fastest growing online rental platform with more than 10 million users globally – Turbotenant
  • ✅ Turbotenant has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, CNBC and The Wall Street Journal
  • ✅ Turbotenant offers a free tenant screening service that runs background checks on tenants – Turbotenant
  • ✅ Turbotenant is used by millions of landlords and property managers around the world – Turbotenant
  • ✅ Turbotenant has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Introduction

    Is Turbotenant legit? This guide will help you find out! It looks at the platform’s features, pricing plans, pros, and cons.

    Turbotenant is an online platform that helps landlords with rental properties. It offers streamlined listings, tenant screening, payment portals, digital applications and leases, and more.

    For first-time landlords and experienced investors alike, Turbotenant can be a great solution. Get informed before deciding if it’s the best choice for your rental business.

    What is Turbotenant?

    Turbotenant is an online platform that helps landlords and tenants manage rental properties easily. It was founded in 2016, to make the rental process more efficient. The site allows landlords to list their property and find tenants quickly. It also provides potential tenants with details about available units.

    Turbotenant gives resources to help landlords and tenants understand the leasing process. These include lease templates, credit checks, background screenings and more. The user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to manage rental property needs without hiring a property manager. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2018, making it safe and reliable.

    Overview of Turbotenant

    Turbotenant is an all-in-one property management platform. Services include free rental listing, tenant matching, credit checks, e-sign contracts, rent collection & processing, maintenance requests, automated rent reminders, QuickBooks Online & Xero Accounting integration and more! Founded in 2016 with a mission to create a better renting experience for both tenants and landlords. Based in Arizona, offering innovative tech solutions for the real estate industry. Their goal: to provide software tools that give landlords full control over their rentals, with top notch customer support. No setup fees or long term commitments – ideal for residential & commercial property owners wanting an easier way to manage real estate investments.

    How Does Turbotenant Work?

    Turbotenant is an online platform that connects landlords and tenants. It helps them find short-term and long-term rentals.

    When signing up, landlords list their rental property and provide details such as monthly rent, features, move-in date, pet policy and lease length preferences. This helps tenants find a rental that fits their needs.

    Tenants can browse through listings or use search filters to narrow down potential properties. They can view photos or take a virtual tour of the rental before deciding. Once they’ve made a decision, they can submit applications directly through the website. This makes it easy for landlords to review them quickly and make decisions.

    What are the Benefits of Using Turbotenant?

    Turbotenant is a prop-mang platform that makes life easier for landlords, property managers and tenants. It streamlines the rental process and improves communication.

    Listing properties on global channels like Zillow, HotPads and Trulia is a breeze with Turbotenant. Filtering through applicants, collecting background checks and screening reports become fast with the integrated TenantScore Technology solution.

    Plus, tenants get an online payment portal to pay rent each month quickly and securely. To top it off, Turbotenant also offers comprehensive data insights through its dashboard. This helps users track cash flow, occupancy rates and other key performance metrics related to their rental investments.

    Listing Efficiency

    Turbotenant solves the problem of listing efficiency. They offer an automated system to landlords. It makes creating a property listing simple. Photos, descriptions, and rental rates are included. Legal disclosures needed by renters are there too. Landlords can also get marketing materials like flyers and postcards. This makes it easy for potential renters to learn about the property.

    Turbotenant saves landlords time and money. It also ensures renters have timely and accurate information.

    Automated Tenant Screening

    Turbotenant automated tenant screening offers landlords a quick and simple way to screen potential tenants. A comprehensive background search is included – credit checks, eviction records, criminal history, as well as income and employment verifications. Plus, landlords can view prior addresses, ask custom questions, or use ID verification.

    The fee is just once per applicant. Turbotenant’s customer service team helps landlords set up their accounts quickly so they can start screening right away. On top of that, the online platform makes it easy for landlords to see detailed info about applicants, helping them make wise decisions when renting out properties.

    Tenant Management

    Turbotenant is the perfect Tenant Management system for landlords and property managers. It’s packed with features like tenant screening, selection, rent collecting, communication, eviction protection and much more!

    Prices vary, with a basic plan available for free. The premium options start at $9 per month and range up to $89 per month. Plus, you can add extra users onto your account for $4-$14 each per month. All that makes Turbotenant super easy to use!

    Is Turbotenant Legit?

    Conclusion-Is Turbotenant Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!

    People often ask if Turbotenant is legit before signing a long-term rental agreement. Turbotenant is a property rental platform that connects tenants with landlords. It lets tenants quickly search and compare rentals in their area and rent chosen properties with one click.

    To determine if Turbotenant is legitimate, check out its track record and customer reviews. It’s an industry leader in creating innovative solutions, like automated background checks, rent collection services and tenant credit scores. Plus, it has a strong history of protecting customers with legal support if rental disputes arise.

    Most customer reviews say that Turbotenant is reliable, easy to use and trustworthy. This is great news for potential tenants seeking an efficient way to find an ideal rental.

    What Users Say

    Customers love Turbotenant’s platform! They praise its user-friendly interface and unique features. Plus, the customer service team is super helpful and responds quickly.

    The pricing structure can be a concern. It increases with more customization and usage.

    But, most people are happy with Turbotenant. They appreciate its affordability and convenience. Landlords report that their properties fill up much quicker when they use Turbotenant than other websites. This confirms Turbotenant is a legitimate company, devoted to helping landlords manage their rental properties.

    What the Experts Say

    Experts agree that Turbotenant is a safe choice for tenant data security and privacy. It’s cloud-based and uses the latest encryption technology. All personal and financial info shared with Turbotenant is used only to complete tenant applications, not sold or shared with third parties.

    Turbotenant follows all laws and regulations to protect customers during their tenancy. For extra security and peace of mind, Turbotenant employees are trained in secure password management. So user accounts stay safe from hackers.


    Turbotenant is legitimate and dependable – perfect for renting property! Verified listings, friendly customer service, and ease of use make the process a breeze. Plus, it offers tenant screening services, background checks, and landlord referrals, so you can make sure your rental agreement is secure.

    Property owners benefit too, with marketing tools to reach more prospective tenants and increase their chances of finding qualified renters. Turbotenant is great for anyone looking for a place to rent or rent out – it’s an excellent option!

    FAQs about: Is Turbotenant Legit


    Q1: Is Turbotenant a Legitimate Company?

    A1: Yes, Turbotenant is a legitimate company. They are a leading online rental platform that provides rental management solutions for landlords and renters. They are committed to providing a safe and secure experience for both landlords and renters.

    Q2: What Services Does Turbotenant Provide?

    A2: Turbotenant provides a variety of services to landlords and tenants. These services include tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance requests, online rent payments, and more. Their goal is to make renting easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

    Q3: Is Turbotenant Secure?

    A3: Yes, Turbotenant is a secure platform. They use the latest encryption technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure. All of their services are designed with privacy and security in mind.