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Is ThredUp Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Thrift Shopping


Is ThredUp Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Thrift Shopping

Searching for secret thrift shop bargains online? Unsure if ThredUp is reliable? This article will help you uncover the truth about this popular thrift shopping site. Get the best deals without risking your financial security!

Quick facts: Is Thredup Legit

  • ✅ ThredUp has over 30 million items for sale and has shipped over 50 million items – ThredUp
  • ✅ ThredUp is the world’s largest online thrift store – ThredUp
  • ✅ ThredUp is a Better Business Bureau accredited business – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ ThredUp has a 4-star customer review rating on Trustpilot – Trustpilot
  • ✅ ThredUp has more than 4 million customers – ThredUp

Overview of ThredUp

ThredUp is a legitimate online thrift store. Founded in 2009, their mission is to make secondhand shopping easy and convenient. They offer a range of classic to designer clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids. Their Curated Closet service allows shoppers to browse hand-picked items tailored to their style.

They outsource all sourcing and refurbishing operations to certified partners who uphold fair labor practices and sustainability standards. Payment processing is secured through industry-leading fraud protection technology. The customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. With Thredup, thrifty shoppers can access trendy, quality fashion pieces with confidence.

What is ThredUp?

ThredUp is an online thrift store that deals in second-hand clothes. Founded in 2009, it’s become a large store. It stocks clothing for men and women.

ThredUp also promotes sustainability and responsible shopping. Services like free shipping on orders over $69, free returns and a subscription service with exclusive discounts are available. Plus, its Get Blue Acorn loyalty program gives customers discounts when they shop.

How Does ThredUp Work?

ThredUp is an online thrift store. It has a wide selection of designer and brand-name apparel, all at discounted prices. Shopping is possible online or through an app. The app works on both iOS and Android devices.

Each item on the site has a detailed description. It includes size, color and material details. Every item also has a condition rating – Excellent, Good or Fair.

If you’re not happy with your order, you can return it for free within 30 days. You’ll receive a pre-paid label in your package.

California customers can choose Expedited Delivery Service (EDS) for same-day delivery.

MyStylist is an optional styling service where you can connect with personal stylists.

Pros and Cons of Shopping with ThredUp

Shopping with ThredUp has its ups and downs, depending on your needs.


  • Cheap prices – Buy used clothes for a fraction of the cost of new.
  • Easy – Shop from home with the website or app.
  • Variety – ThredUp has a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Sustainable – Buying used means less in landfills.


  • Quality – Secondhand items have no guarantee.
  • Limited stock – Inventory can run out quickly.
  • Shipping – Under $79 orders cost $5.99 with no express options.


ThredUp has awesome perks. Convenience is a big one! Shopping for second-hand items is easy – the website is user friendly and has search filters. Plus, their return policy is generous; customers can return items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

ThredUp also offers great deals on used clothing and accessories. New items can be discounted up to 90%, making it affordable. Each item is carefully inspected before listing on the site. This ensures customers get quality items at great prices with peace of mind.


Shopping at ThredUp has some potential drawbacks. Clothes could be worn or stained, due to being pre-used. Also, sizes might not fit as expected, since different brands have varying measurements. Shipping time depends on your location and how quickly ThredUp processes the order. Moreover, because of new products constantly being added, it may be hard to find the item you want.

The selection is huge – but items go fast, so you must act quickly to get a unique clothing item.

ThredUp Reviews

ThredUp is an online thrift store that has become popular for its discounted clothes and accessories. It’s an easy way to find bargains on used fashion.

Most reviews of ThredUp are positive. Customers love the selection and low prices. They also mention that the quality of the items exceeds their expectations.

However, some mention issues with customer service or shipping delays. These appear to be outliers, though, and there’s no major customer dissatisfaction.

ThredUp is great for those who want to buy used clothes without going to a physical store. It’s easy to navigate and they offer a 30-day return policy.

What Do Customers Say About ThredUp?

Customers have lots of nice things to say about ThredUp online. They love the convenience of shopping for designer second-hand goods without leaving the house. Quality control is another plus, as each item is checked for flaws or damage. Plus, reviews from previous buyers help people make informed decisions about what to buy. And if something is defective, returning it is easy and free within 30 days. So, customers think of ThredUp as a legit thrifting option.

What Are the Most Common Complaints About ThredUp?

ThredUp is a famous thrift store, starting since 2009. It’s popular for its convenient and affordable way to buy used clothing and accessories online. Unfortunately, customers have complained about it. Issues include

  • slow shipping
  • items not as expected
  • trouble with returns/exchanges
  • customer service problems
  • payment processing issues
  • getting different items than ordered.

Most people are satisfied with the quality of items. But those who have had problems find it hard to get them fixed. Plus, some buyers have experienced billing issues such as being charged for returned items or account holds due to possible fraud. Therefore, it’s best to do research before buying from ThredUp to prevent any issues.

Alternatives to ThredUp

Benefits of GovX-Is ThredUp Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Thrift Shopping

ThredUp is an online thrift store, growing in popularity for its convenience in buying used clothing at lower prices. But, there are more choices! eBay provides vintage and pre-owned clothing. Plus, it offers a buyer protection program, no fear of being scammed! Another alternative is Depop – an app created for thrifting items such as clothes and accessories. You get quality stuff at reasonable prices with no wait for delivery. Plus, you can negotiate with the seller directly.

ThredUp and these other options offer great selection of quality pre-owned clothes at cheaper prices – with added peace of mind from buyer protection programs and direct negotiations with sellers.


Poshmark is an online thrift platform. It’s different from ThredUp, which only has gently used items. Poshmark allows customers to buy and sell items of various condition – from pre-owned designer wear, vintage pieces to brand new ones. Prices vary depending on the item’s condition, how trendy it is and how demanded it is from other users. Brands can set their own prices for items and discount them to clear their stock.

Poshmark is great for budget shoppers who want a bigger selection of secondhand clothing at lower prices.


Depop is an app for thrift shoppers. It sells second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories. Recently, it’s become popular with people looking for pre-loved items. The app shows pictures instead of long descriptions, so it’s easier to view items.

Many customers like the app. They say it’s easy to use and items are delivered quickly. Sellers also enjoy it, as they can make money without having to list items on other sites like eBay or Amazon. Customers can also haggle for lower prices, which is a bonus. All in all, customers are happy with Depop!


Etsy is an online market. Here, shoppers can get handmade and vintage items from independent vendors. The site provides a wide range of creations, like clothing, accessories, home decor, crafts, jewelry, etc.

Etsy also offers tools and resources to help the buyers find what they need. Prices at Etsy may be higher than at stores like Amazon or Target, but you can be sure that you’re helping small businesses. Vendors often offer discounts and sales to attract customers. And some even offer personalization or customization for a unique experience.

Final Thoughts

Online thrifting is awesome! Get designer stuff for a fraction of the cost. ThredUp makes shopping secondhand easier than ever. It has a curation of quality clothes from reliable sellers. People may have different views, but ThredUp is legit.

Looking for a thrifty outfit? Get designer pieces cheaply. Shopping secondhand is fun and rewarding.

Is ThredUp Legit?

ThredUp is legit! They offer pre-owned, second-hand clothing. They’ve been around for over 10 years, with over 200,000 items available. Their business model is to take lightly-used clothing and accessories, resell them at affordable prices, and donate unsold items to charity.

For those looking to stay trendy while being budget conscious and helping out those in need, ThredUp is great. Plus, they offer promotional codes and free shipping with their “truefashionista” rewards program! Stylish clothes at incredibly low prices – what more can you ask for?

Is ThredUp Worth It?

ThredUp is an online thrift shop with well-known brands. It offers discounts up to 90%!

What type of items, budget and quality of the product to consider? Reviews have praised ThredUp for providing good quality clothing. Plus, shoppers can earn points every time they make an order. Shopping at ThredUp can save money. However, it is up to each customer to decide if the savings make up for risks associated with pre-owned items.

FAQs about: Is Thredup Legit

Q: Is ThredUP a legitimate company?

A: Yes, ThredUP is a legitimate company. ThredUP is an online retailer of secondhand clothing and accessories. The company has been in operation since 2009 and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Q: How does ThredUP work?

A: ThredUP is an online marketplace for buying and selling secondhand clothing and accessories. You can browse and purchase items from the website, or you can sell your own clothing items and accessories. To sell your items, you simply fill out a form and mail your items to ThredUP. The company will then inspect, photograph, and list your items on the website.

Q: Does ThredUP offer free shipping?

A: Yes, ThredUP offers free shipping on orders over $79. Additionally, there are often promotional codes available for free shipping on lower priced orders.