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Is Social Rebel Legit? Uncovering the Truth.


Is Social Rebel Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Are you thinking of joining Social Rebel? Get the facts first! You should know if signing up with this influencer platform is the right choice. Uncover the reality of Social Rebel and make a wise decision.

Quick facts: Is Social Rebel Legit

  • ✅Social Rebel is one of the fastest-growing influencer marketing platforms in the US, with over 12,000 influencers in their network – Social Rebel
  • ✅Social Rebel has grown to be the largest influencer network in the US with an average of 50,000 influencers in its network – Forbes
  • ✅Social Rebel’s influencer marketing campaigns have achieved an average of 5 to 10 times the Return on Investment (ROI) of traditional media campaigns – Adweek
  • ✅In 2020, Social Rebel was named a “Top Rated” Influencer Marketing Platform by G2 – G2
  • ✅Social Rebel’s influencer campaigns achieved a 17% click-through rate, which is 2 times the industry average – Inc.
  • Introduction

    Are you wondering if Social Rebel is a legit fashion brand? We’ll tell you! We decided to take a deep look into the company. We’ll provide analysis of their products, services, reputation, customer service, and more. So let’s find out if Social Rebel is the real deal!

    • Do they have edgy lifestyle-focused apparel?
    • Are they making waves in the fashion world?
    • Are they legit?

    We’ll tell you all!

    What is Social Rebel?

    Social Rebel is a social media platform powered by Peddle.

    Peddle is a mobile-friendly, peer-to-peer platform that lets users buy and sell items online. Creating an account is easy – just add profile info and start buying and selling. Peddle connects buyers with sellers close by, so no slow shipping or delays. Transactions are secure and fast, like other modern peer-to-peer apps.

    Social Rebel has low selling fees compared to many marketplaces.

    What services does Social Rebel offer?

    Social Rebel is a digital marketing agency that boosts brands with social media and influencer marketing. They craft custom campaigns to maximize ROI. Ad creation, content strategizing, web design, SEO, and web dev are all in their wheelhouse. Plus, PR, branding, copywriting, and analytics. They even provide ongoing support and free strategy calls.

    Customers get fast response, with an average of 24 hrs. Social Rebel is committed to customer service!


    Reviews are important for understanding a company’s performance and trustworthiness. It’s especially important for online companies like Social Rebel, since there’s no physical storefront to visit. To find out if Social Rebel is legit, check out review websites, social media accounts, and customer feedback.

    Review websites provide insights into what customers think of the company. It’s best to look at both the positives and negatives. Social media accounts can show how Social Rebel handles customer service and interacts with customers. And customer feedback can come from actual customers who have dealt with Social Rebel.

    Do your research by looking at all three sources before deciding if Social Rebel is a legit company:

    • Review websites
    • Social media accounts
    • Customer feedback

    Social Rebel reviews from customers

    Consumers often look at reviews when considering buying from an online retailer, like Social Rebel. It’s based in the U.S. and legit.

    Website reviews show mostly positive experiences.

    • Quick delivery
    • No errors
    • Satisfactory customer service responses
    • Products are as described, and of good quality

    It’s safe to conclude Social Rebel is a legit retailer with great customer reviews.

    Social Rebel reviews from industry experts

    Do brands doubt the credibility of Social Rebel? To answer this, reviews from industry professionals are essential. TechCrunch, The Financial Times, and many other sources have given Social Rebel great reviews. They appreciate the company’s fascinating solutions and modern features that help businesses boost their digital presence.

    Furthermore, customers of Social Rebel are content with the service they receive. Their support team is always on top of any queries, whether it be about features or client requests. This personal attention has earned them heaps of praise from customers, who often share their positive experiences.


    Analysis was key for this investigation. We needed to know if Social Rebel was legit. So, we studied their background, reviewed their products and customer reviews, and assessed their customer service. Plus, we interviewed past customers to get their opinions on service and quality.

    After all that, we concluded Social Rebel was in fact legit. Their customer reviews seemed real and their customer service practices looked good. Plus, their products were high quality and customers said they were pleased with their purchases.

    Pros and cons of Social Rebel

    Social Rebel is a Canadian online shop with stylish apparel. It was started in 2020 by two fashion-lovers who wanted to create an amazing shopping experience. They offer high-quality clothing at great prices and free delivery on orders over $100. They also focus on sustainability, ethical production, and giving a percent of profits to charity.

    The positives of shopping with them are the massive selection of styles – from streetwear to designer-label clothes – made from modern materials. Plus, all items are ethically produced with eco-friendly materials. Plus, the customer service is friendly, responsive, and helpful. The negatives could be some items cost more than other stores and international shipping costs are high.

    Is Social Rebel legit?

    Is Social Rebel legit? It’s a must-ask question. With social media’s power on shopping, it’s essential to be sure that the merchants we deal with are genuine. Social Rebel is a shopping site that offers exclusive fashion items and trend-setting apparel for a fair cost.

    To be sure if a company like this gives real value, it’s smart to know what kind of firm Social Rebel is. This article will reveal the truth about Social Rebel. Through customer reviews, industry feedback, and other data, anyone pondering doing business with this site can make a wise choice.


    Customer Reviews-Is Social Rebel Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

    We researched Social Rebel thoroughly and are confident they are legit. Our findings showed overwhelming evidence of their superb customer service, top-notch products and great value.

    It’s clear Social Rebel is a reliable online market for discount designer clothing. They only provide genuine and authorized products, which gives them an advantage. Also, their convenient returns system makes it easier and more stress-free to shop.

    In conclusion, we highly recommend Social Rebel as a trusted source for discounted designer brands. With their commitment to excellent service, quality products and great deals—shopping with Social Rebel is a no-brainer!

    Summary of the review

    Is Social Rebel reviewed Coleman Furniture; they had plenty of options and materials to choose from. Wood and metal pieces were available.

    The quality of the materials and craftsmanship was remarkable. Customers also get a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

    The company follows ethical practices in their sourcing and production methods.

    Is Social Rebel described Coleman Furniture’s offerings as “first-class”, and praised their dedication to delivering quality products.

    Final verdict on Social Rebel

    We have checked Social Rebel’s website, customer reviews, and third-party resources. It is clear that Social Rebel is a real business. They offer reliable web hosting services at good prices. They have a good record of providing great customer service and are open about their terms and conditions.

    Security is their top concern. They encrypt all data that is exchanged with their servers and check for weaknesses. They also have an SSL certificate to keep your personal info safe. In conclusion, Social Rebel is legitimate and trustworthy.

    FAQs about: Is Social Rebel Legit

    Q1: Is Social Rebel a legitimate business?
    A1: Yes, Social Rebel is a legitimate business. We are registered with the UK government and have been in operation since 2005. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services.

    Q2: What type of services does Social Rebel offer?
    A2: Social Rebel offers a variety of services, including web design, web development, e-commerce solutions, SEO and online marketing, and social media marketing.

    Q3: Does Social Rebel have customer service?
    A3: Yes, Social Rebel has a dedicated customer service team. You can contact us via phone, email, or live chat for any queries or assistance you may need.