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Is SNKRS a Legit Way to Get the Latest Kicks?


Is SNKRS a Legit Way to Get the Latest Kicks?

Sneakerheads, looking for the newest drops? Uncertain if SNKRS is the real deal? This article has all the details you need to make an educated choice. Get informed now!

Quick facts: Is Snkrs Legit

  • ✅ The demand for Nike’s SNKRS App has been increasing over the years, with Nike reporting more than 13 million users in the US alone in 2019. (Statista)
  • ✅ Over 70 percent of all SNKRS app purchases come from users aged 25-35. (Statista)
  • ✅ SNKRS App users are more likely to be male than female, with about 63 percent of all users being male. (Statista)
  • ✅ In 2020, Nike’s revenue from the SNKRS App was estimated to be around $1.3 billion. (GlobalData)
  • ✅ The SNKRS App is the top-grossing Nike app in the US, with an estimated revenue of $86.6 million. (Sensor Tower)


SNKRS is an online platform created by Nike. It’s become a top choice for sneaker fans to discover the freshest and rarest sneakers. You can find exclusive Nike styles, plus limited-edition and hard-to-find kicks from other brands like adidas, New Balance, and Reebok.

SNKRS helps you to search quickly for your preferred product, compare different prices, and make informed decisions. People prefer SNKRS because of its variety of sneakers, plus it’s convenient and easy to use. It’s also known for being reliable – a legit way to get the latest kicks.

What is SNKRS?

SNKRS is an app and web platform for special sneaker releases from Nike, Converse, and Jordan Brand. It’s called SNKRS ’cause it’s all about sneakers!

You can see the upcoming drops with the sneaker release calendar. Get alerted when new stuff comes out with push notifications. The fit guide makes sure you get the right size. Learn more about each shoe with product launch stories. Plus, exclusive events and digital streetwear shopping.

Buy the newest shoes with free shipping in the online store. SNKRS is legit for getting the latest kicks. It’s got curated content, tailored recommendations and easy shopping!

Overview of the SNKRS App

SNKRS is an app, on iOS and Android, which allows users to buy limited edition footwear from Nike. After making an account, shoppers can enter the app and have access to all the current product drops, including exclusive ones. This app also gives access to exclusive content, like stories about upcoming silhouettes, detailed product photos, and launch event invitations.

Furthermore, members can win access to limited releases with the ‘Sneaker Drops’ game. In summary, SNKRS is a secure and reliable way to purchase limited edition sneakers from Nike.

How Does SNKRS Work?

SNKRS is a platform created by Nike. It gives access to exclusive and hyped sneakers. Users can access it on desktop and mobile devices. On SNKRS, users can browse the newest styles, sign up for notifications and buy.

When new releases are announced, a timer appears at the top of the SNKRS homepage. When the timer reaches zero, users can select their size and enter payment details. If they are fast enough, they will get an immediate purchase confirmation. Otherwise, they will be put on a waitlist.

There are other ways to purchase from SNKRS. For example, drawings or raffles. To enter, users must create an account or share an image on social media. This way, they get a chance to buy limited edition kicks.

Is SNKRS Legit?

Is SNKRS a good way to get the latest kicks? Yes! SNKRS is an online platform. It connects people who love sneakers with hard-to-find shoes. It’s one of the most popular places for sneakers from all over the world. It has Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Vans and more. Jordan Brand and Yeezy releases are on SNKRS too.

It’s run by Foot Locker. Foot Locker is a leading retailer with over 3,500 shops in 23 countries. Foot Locker stores have exclusive access to SNKRS releases. So you know you’re getting real shoes. SNKRS also has limited drops. So you can get rare shoes. If you’re looking for fresh kicks or special colorways, SNKRS is the place to go! It’s legit!

Pros of Shopping on SNKRS

SNKRS is the place to go for the latest in premium and exclusive sneakers. You can shop confidently, knowing your personal info won’t be shared. Plus, the selection of popular releases is always up-to-date! Discount codes and promotions make the prices even better. Need help? Use the chatbot or email support for quick answers. All in all, SNKRS is a great way to buy legit shoes quickly, safely, and conveniently.

Cons of Shopping on SNKRS

SNKRS is an online store with the latest Nike shoes and apparel. But, there are cons that come with shopping there. It’s well-known for selling out fast, leaving people frustrated when they can’t get what they want. Worse, it’s easy to find knock-offs and fakes on the website. Customers have to be careful.

  • Shipping fees can be high because of the packaging needed to deliver safely.
  • It’s hard to return items without costing more or being a problem.

Alternatives to SNKRS

Pricing-Is SNKRS a Legit Way to Get the Latest Kicks?

SNKRS is a popular way to buy limited edition shoes. But, it’s not the only choice. Here are some other options:

  • Sneaker Head – Marketplace for buying/selling rare sneakers. It’s easy to search for a specific shoe and find its current market value.
  • Grailed – Resale platform for luxury brands like Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and more. You can also find limited-edition kicks from hard-to-find sellers.
  • eBay – eBay is great for hard-to-find items like sneakers. It’s easy to verify authenticity too.

Take advantage of different online platforms to get exclusive shoes without breaking the bank.

Sneaker Stores

Sneaker stores can be great, but they have their downsides. Shopping in-store can be time consuming and frustrating when you’re on the hunt for certain kicks. It’s hard to know what sizes and styles will be available, and often times they sell out quickly after release.

Plus, the price of sneakers can be higher in-store than on websites like Nike or Adidas. The retail price has gone up, and some stores charge double.

However, shopping in-store lets you try on different sizes and styles. And you get your new shoes right away – no inventory or shipping problems.

Online Sneaker Marketplaces

SNKRS is one of the most popular online sneaker marketplaces for sneakerheads to get the freshest kicks! It offers a big selection of Nike and other brands.


  • Fast shipping
  • Reliable customer service
  • Exclusive discounts


  • Higher prices
  • Limited selection
  • Less secure than buying directly

Sneaker Clubs

Sneaker Clubs, such as SNKRS, are online stores. They offer designer sneakers from popular brands. Special editions come in unique colors, patterns and materials.

To buy these exclusive sneakers, membership is required. Purchasing from a sneaker club means no waiting in lines or paying resell prices. These clubs are gaining legitimacy, as they offer exclusive releases that can’t be found elsewhere.


SNKRS is legit. Its design is good and simple to use. It has many features, like quick access to releases, or exclusive drops on limited-edition sneakers. It also has security, with advanced encryption tech for maximum protection when you shop online.

There are some bad sides, like long waiting times, and strict terms & conditions. To make this better, use all the features and subscribe to alerts.

So, if you want an easy way to get the hottest sneaker releases, SNKRS could be a great choice.

FAQs about: Is Snkrs Legit

Q: Is SNKRS a legitimate website?

A: Yes, SNKRS is a legitimate website offering limited edition sneakers from Nike.

Q: How do I buy from SNKRS?

A: You can purchase items from SNKRS directly online or through the SNKRS mobile app.

Q: How does SNKRS decide what sneakers to release?

A: SNKRS releases sneakers based on the latest trends and what styles are popular.