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Is Snap Travel Legit? Uncovering the Truth.


Is Snap Travel Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Searching for a trustworthy, budget-friendly travel site? Then you’re in luck! In this article, we uncover the reality about Snap Travel. Ready to discover if it’s the perfect choice for you? Let’s find out!

Quick facts: Is Snap Travel Legit

  • ✅ SnapTravel has processed over $50 million in travel bookings since its inception – TechCrunch
  • ✅ SnapTravel is one of the fastest growing travel startups in the world – Business Insider
  • ✅ SnapTravel closes over 3 million conversations a month with its AI bots – TechCrunch
  • ✅ SnapTravel’s AI bots have delivered over 3 million hotel booking confirmations to customers – VentureBeat
  • ✅ Over 1 million people have used SnapTravel since its launch – TechCrunch


SnapTravel is a new travel booking company – offering discounts of up to 70% off hotels. But is SnapTravel legit? This article investigates.

SnapTravel claims it makes booking travel easier and cheaper with its AI-powered search engine. It’s available on website or mobile app. Plus, members get exclusive deals.

The company was founded in 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Since then, it’s expanded across North America. Its mission is to make travel more affordable.

It’s important to know if this company is legit. This article examines its services, customer reviews, user experiences and more – so you can make an informed decision.

What is Snap Travel?

Snap Travel is a helpful personal travel assistant. It works using Artificial Intelligence to give users personalized recommendations. It helps with finding flights, hotels, activities, and insurance. It collaborates with top travel sites for the best deals.

Snap Travel started in 2017 and has since become one of the most popular travel assistants in North America. Every year it helps millions of travelers find their perfect trip. On top of that, it is transparent about its policies and procedures to keep users feeling safe when planning trips.

How Snap Travel Works

Snap Travel offers a secure and certified online booking platform. Your account info is encrypted with a token that only Snap Travel can access.

When you try to book a hotel or flight, Snap Travel uses HTTPS authentication. It requires two keys: public and private.

After the reservation is accepted, payment info is encrypted with AES-256. Firewalls and layered security protect from malicious actors. All customer data is protected with GDPR and CCPA compliance standards.

Snap Travel Reviews

Snap Travel Reviews are a must for those who want to use Snap Travel for hotel bookings. Reviews can tell you all about how the service works, what it can do for you, and the customer support available.

Are you asking if Snap Travel is legit? Reviews can provide the answer. Most reviews cover topics like how easy it is to use the website, customer service, and overall satisfaction. However, some may be biased, so it’s best to read many reviews. Reviews can also show potential problems with bookings or customer service that may affect your decision to use Snap Travel.

What People are Saying About Snap Travel

Snap Travel has been on the rise in the past couple years. People find it super simple and speedy to use. Plus, they save lots of cash when they use Snap Travel compared to other websites.

Customers also love the personalised customer service they get through live chat or messaging. Agents answer queries and give helpful advice for their trips.

All in all, people are very pleased with Snap Travel’s services and would definitely recommend them to others.

Pros and Cons of Snap Travel

Final Thoughts-Is Snap Travel Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Snap Travel is an online travelling agency. It advertises great deals on flights and hotels, which are said to be cheaper than other travel services. But, there are doubts about the company’s legitimacy and quality of services.

The positives of using Snap Travel are exclusive prices and 24/7 automated customer service. There’s also an app with features such as a flight status tracker and notifications for cheaper deals.

The negatives include doubts about legitimacy and lack of amenities. Plus, the customer service is only automated, which may not suit customers who want to speak to a live representative.

Is Snap Travel Legit?

Is Snap Travel legit? Absolutely! It’s an established online travel site that’s been around for yonks. It has a great user platform and awesome customer service. Plus, its services are safeguarded by the highest industry standards. And, it has major partners like airlines, hotels, and package providers. Lastly, Snap Travel offers discounts and special offers that you can’t find anywhere else.

In short, it’s a reliable choice for travelers seeking a time-saving and cost-effective way to book their trip.


Is Snap Travel legit? Yes! Snap Travel is a real company. It helps travelers easily find hotel deals in popular destinations. The app’s interface and selection are great. Plus, customers’ personal info is safe.

However, some customers don’t like Snap Travel’s customer service and features. But overall, it’s worth considering if you need a fast, unique and affordable hotel.

FAQs about: Is Snap Travel Legit


Q1: Is SnapTravel legitimate?

A1: Yes, SnapTravel is a legitimate travel booking service. SnapTravel is a travel technology company that uses AI to find and book the best deals on hotels. It is backed by top venture capital firms and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.

Q2: How does SnapTravel work?

A2: SnapTravel works by searching thousands of hotels across the world to find the best deals for customers. Once a customer finds a deal they like, they can book it directly on SnapTravel’s website or app. The company also provides customer support if they have any questions or concerns.

Q3: Does SnapTravel have any customer reviews?

A3: Yes, SnapTravel has customer reviews on its website and app. Customers can leave their reviews and ratings after they have used the service. The reviews are a great way to get an idea of the customer experience when using SnapTravel.