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Is Revature Legit? Get the Facts to Make an Informed Decision


Is Revature Legit? Get the Facts to Make an Informed Decision

Contemplating signing up for Revature’s coding program? Get the intel to make a wise decision. You merit being aware of the legitimacy of the program, its qualifications, and its pledge to your success. Unearth what Revature is all about to decide if it’s the correct move for your future.

Quick facts: Is Revature Legit

  • ✅ Revature is in the top 1% of companies awarded the 2020 Best of Staffing® Award by Inavero for providing remarkable service to their clients and job seekers. (Inavero)
  • ✅ Revature has been recognized as one of the “Best Companies to Work For” by Glassdoor in 2020. (Glassdoor)
  • ✅ Revature’s innovative online training platform has enabled thousands of job seekers to successfully transition into new careers. (Revature)
  • ✅ Revature has been a long-time leader in “no-cost” job training and placement for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. (Revature)
  • ✅ Revature was recently ranked as #9 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. (Inc. Magazine)


Revature is a global IT and consulting firm established in 2007. It provides services like tech assessment, project consulting, software engineering, digital transformation, big data, analytics, and IT staffing. This fast-growing company has eleven locations worldwide.

Recently, there have been queries regarding Revature’s legitimacy due to issues caused by its contractors. In this article, we’ll give you the facts to help you decide if Revature is a legitimate source for your IT needs. We’ll talk about job security, salaries, ethical practices and more:

What is Revature?

Revature is an award-winning tech firm. It helps people gain skills, credentials and connections to get started in the high-tech industry. Forbes recognized Revature as one of America’s Top 100 Remote Work Companies. Revature provides complete job development solutions. It offers apprenticeships, bootcamps and job placements with leading tech employers worldwide. Its employer services include skills assessments, eLearning and premium support for job seekers.

Revature is your go-to for tech learning and career advancement, or finding skilled professionals quickly and affordably.

Overview of Revature

Revature is an organization that connects employers with tech-related job seekers. It offers training in its Pro program, and helps tech professionals find roles suited to their skillset. Recruiters and staff members help with networking, screenings, assessments, interviews, and more. They also provide resources such as resume help and job search guidance.

Revature assesses the employees’ skillset, then connects them to employers who need those specific skills. This gives a competitive edge to both job seekers and employers, as they can quickly and easily match talented individuals with open positions that fit their qualifications.

Services Offered

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Is Revature Legit?

Revature is a tech-based bootcamp for grads who want to start programming. The program takes only four weeks, full-time.

Wondering about its legitimacy? Do research! Find out its history and employers. Revature was founded in 2013. It’s placed 10,000+ students with Fortune 500 companies, making it a top bootcamp. Plus, it offers full-time job guarantees and career services for better placements.

In short, Revature is legit. It provides training and resources for a successful tech career. With amazing curriculum and facilities, and successful record of placements, Revature is ideal for motivated individuals wanting to pursue programming:

  • Amazing curriculum and facilities
  • Successful record of placements
  • Full-time job guarantees and career services

Revature Reviews

Revature Reviews are great to get a better understanding of the company. Revature is an innovative tech recruitment firm connecting diverse professionals with organisations. It’s helpful to read reviews from associates and info about their qualifications. Many reviews reflect positively on their innovative training platform and customer service. Others may show potential areas for improvement, or frustrations experienced.

By reading through these reviews, potential candidates can decide if Revature is right for them:

Revature Accreditation

Revature has earned accreditation from The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This means Revature’s courses, practices, and activities meet the standards for excellence in education that have been validated by 3rd-party evaluators.

Revature is also endorsed by Council on Occupational Education (COE) and Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP). These organizations guarantee the curriculum meets industry standards, best practices are followed, and student experience is top-notch.

Moreover, Revature has partnerships with industry-leading employers like Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Microsoft, and Avaya. This ensures students get quality education and training from qualified instructors with extensive experience in their field.

Revature Success Stories

Revature has many success stories! Folks have found jobs in their chosen field, and gone on to have successful careers. Not only do they offer technical skills, but also soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork – making them stand out when job hunting.

As an example of success, one participant went from a low-level tech support role to an engineer in four months!

Other alumni have worked for Amazon, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. They share how they went from no offers to landing their dream job after graduating from Revature’s program. This proves that hard work and dedication can help you succeed and make a lasting impact on your career!


User Reviews-Is Revature Legit? Get the Facts to Make an Informed Decision

Revature is a trustworthy tech platform that helps recent college grads and professionals get tech skills. Plus, many former participants have used the program to land successful tech jobs. Nonetheless, it’s an accelerated learning program, so not everyone may be suitable for it.

Before subscribing to Revature, it’s wise to read revature reviews and decide if it fits your career ambitions. All in all, Revature can be a great way to enter the tech industry. But, individuals must make their own informed decision about if it is the right choice.

FAQs about: Is Revature Legit

Q: Is Revature a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Revature is a legitimate company that specializes in providing IT training and technology services.

Q: Does Revature offer job placement after training?

A: Yes, Revature offers job placement assistance after completion of their training programs.

Q: Does Revature provide career guidance?

A: Yes, Revature provides career counseling, resume building, and interview coaching to help prepare job seekers for the job search.