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Is Legit? An Honest Look at the Online Rental Platform


Is Legit? An Honest Look at the Online Rental Platform

Struggling to find an affordable rental? Thinking is the solution? Uncover the truth! Get the answers you need for a smart decision. Is a reliable, secure and valid online rental platform? You deserve to know!

Quick facts: Is Rent.Com Legit

  • ✅ 90% of users report a positive experience. (
  • ✅ has helped more than 6 million renters find apartments and rental homes. (
  • ✅ has more than 400,000 rental listings in over 2,000 cities across the United States. (
  • ✅ 98% of surveyed renters would recommend to a friend. (
  • ✅ has been rated as one of the top apartment search sites in the US. (

Introduction is an awesome online rental platform. It helps folks in the US find and apply to apartments, townhomes, condos, and homes for rent. And it’s free! It offers thousands of verified listings and lots of helpful features. So, it’s one of the best resources for those searching for rental properties.

This guide will give an honest look at We’ll explore the quality of listings and the security measures in place when making payments. By the end, you’ll have enough info to decide if fits your needs.

What is is an online rental platform. It links landlords with tenants who are interested in renting properties. The website works as a middleman between tenants, landlords, and brokers. Users can search for properties, narrow down results to fit their needs, make offers, and contact landlords. It also helps manage the rental process by providing services like tenant screening, rent payment processing, contracts, and leases. keeps data secure with advanced encryption technology. It has over 50 million verified reviews from current/past renters in Canada and the USA.

What do they offer?

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Overview of Services is an online rental platform that offers renters a myriad of rental properties and apartment listings. These listings range from residential apartments to condos and single-family homes. Renters can search for rentals based on criteria like location, price range, amenities, and pet-friendliness. After they have found what they need, they can submit their information securely and apply for the units via the site.

Further, provides helpful features such as:

  • payment plans for splitting up rent into monthly installments
  • a customer service team for answering questions
  • checklists for moving in
  • articles about tenant rights and landlord responsibilities
  • a step-by-step guide for submitting rental applications.

These features make one of the most comprehensive rental platforms today.

Rental Listings has rental listings for apartments and homes in many cities, states, and countries. The platform is easy to use. Landlords can put up units with info such as photos, descriptions, and amenities. Renters can search locations and criteria like budget or type of unit.’s listing team verifies the listings before they are put on the website. Moreover, provides info about moving costs and advice for managing moving costs. This is so renters can make an informed decision about where to rent.

Credit and Background Checks needs all people who want to rent to do a credit and background check. The credit check shows landlords the person’s money history. The background check tells landlords info about the tenant, like if they have a criminal record or if they lived somewhere else.’s checks can help landlords decide if a tenant is ok. But if a tenant gives wrong info, the landlord won’t get their money back.

Tenant Screening offers tenant screening services to help landlords and property managers. It includes criminal background check, credit check, and review of previous landlord references. This helps landlords have an accurate picture of the potential tenant, so they can make an informed decision on whether to rent the property. also provides tenants their own online profile. They can track rental history and make it easier for potential landlords to review them. Renters can add info like employment verification, income certification, and other useful info. This allows them to present themselves in the best light when applying for rental units.

Online Payments

Nerdify is a payment platform for online rentals. It is free and provides secure transactions. It makes it easy to search for the perfect rental in your area and pay with a credit card. Nerdify also does background checks, rental histories, leases, and move-in forms.

All online payments are encrypted with a 256-bit SSL layer. This ensures customer data remains safe. With Nerdify, renters can make secure payments with confidence that their info is safe.

Property Management

Property managers, like, oversee the renting of many residential and commercial properties. This includes leases and contracts, collecting rent payments, and repairs and maintenance. They also screen and select tenants.

To make sure your info is secure, use a platform with data encryption. Encryption safeguards your personal info from malicious actors. Choose a reputable company that’s easy to contact. In case of any issues, you can ask about their security policies or procedures.

Pros and Cons is an online rental platform that connects tenants and landlords/property managers. It’s great for anyone in the US looking for a place to rent. This service is user-friendly, with many features to make renting simple.


  • Easy-to-use website with detailed listings
  • Accessibility options
  • In-depth tenant screening
  • Flexible payment plans
  • View virtual tours of properties


  • Limited properties outside US
  • Some listings may be outdated or unavailable
  • Fees may apply when using certain features
  • Security deposits must be paid through site, which can be risky with untrustworthy landlords/managers.

Before signing up, it’s important to consider both pros and cons of to decide if it’s legit.


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Cons charges shipping fees for any item purchased. But, most of the items on their site are from third-party sellers. So, there’s no surety that your item will arrive in perfect condition or on-time. Moreover, does not accept returns or exchanges for any purchased item. This leaves buyers stuck with a damaged good if they’re unlucky.

Also, some of these shipping fees can be costly. Third-party vendors charge expensive shipping costs to match their higher prices. This may make renting online a less than ideal experience.

Customer Reviews

Conclusion-Is Legit? An Honest Look at the Online Rental Platform

Customer reviews are a great way to measure the legitimacy of To get an honest insight, it’s important to look at reviews from different sources. They provide info about the company’s service and products, payment processing, and customer service protocols.

To get a comprehensive understanding of’s reviews, evaluate ratings for each feature like:

  • Rental listings
  • The search engine
  • Navigation/design
  • Payment processing
  • Customer service support

Also look at ratings on Google and Yelp – to make sure reviews haven’t been manipulated. Negative comments should be taken into consideration, so potential customers can weigh both sides before deciding.

Positive Reviews is praised for its affordability. Most reviews say that their rates are competitive. They also mention the features provides. These include detailed descriptions of properties, automated payments, and a streamlined rental process.

Renters love how they can search for properties according to their wishes. Location, price range, and amenities are all taken into account. This makes perfect for those looking for an easy way to find their next rental home.

Reviews also note that the documentation process is simple and fast because of’s digital interface. No more waiting in long lines at leasing offices!

Negative Reviews has had some bad reviews from customers. They said it was tough to use, there were possible rental scams and customer service issues. Though only a few people complained, it’s worth noting.

It appears that’s customer service aren’t quick to answer or may ignore customers. This could give a bad experience for renters who need help with their rental property or landlord. Also, there have been reports of scammers on, like fake listings and extra fees added to rent without warning. So, potential renters must research landlords and properties on before signing contracts or making commitments.

Conclusion is a rental platform that quickly connects landlords and tenants. It provides features and services to make renting easier. During our review, we found to be reliable, secure, and user-friendly. It helps streamline the rental process. If you’re looking for an easy way to search or manage rentals, is worth considering!

Is Legit?

Is legit? That’s a major concern when signing up. So we checked out the rental platform. Our findings? is genuine. It’s been around since 2012 and has over 6 million rentals. It’s great for landlords and tenants, plus it’s free. You can use the interactive map to find rentals in your area. Plus, the community forum is a great way to get feedback about your experience. So, yes, is legit!

FAQs about: Is Rent.Com Legit

Q: Is legit?

A: Yes, is a legitimate website. It has been successfully providing rental property listings since 2012 and has been featured in various media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and USA Today.

Q: How secure is

A: is dedicated to providing secure transactions for its users. All payments made on the website are encrypted, and the website is regularly monitored for any suspicious activity. Additionally, is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, which monitors and ensures the protection of customers.

Q: Does charge any fees?

A: does not charge any fees to search for properties or contact landlords. However, landlords are allowed to charge a fee for background checks and other services. Additionally, there may be fees associated with renting a property, such as a security deposit or pet fees.