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Is Pirate Ship Legit? A Comprehensive Review


Is Pirate Ship Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Wonderin’ if Pirate Ship’s shippin’ services be legit? Ye be in the right place! Thar be a comprehensive review here, which outlines the features, pricin’, and customer reviews of Pirate Ship. So ye can decide if it be the best option fer ye!

Quick facts: Is Pirate Ship Legit

Quick Facts

  • ✅ Pirate Ship is Legit, with a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot (Source: TrustPilot)
  • ✅ Pirate Ship offers discounts up to 95% off of shipping costs (Source: PirateShip)
  • ✅ Pirate Ship supports more than 50 different carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx (Source: PirateShip)
  • ✅ Pirate Ship has processed more than 10 million packages (Source: PirateShip)
  • ✅ More than 30,000 merchants use Pirate Ship to send their packages (Source: Shopify)


Is Pirate Ship legit? Is it worth the money? This review dives into all things Pirate Ship. From customer service, to package tracking, to cost-effectiveness, we’ll explore the pros and cons. We’ll then decide if the shipping service is worth it for small business owners and individuals. So that you can make the best choice for your shipping needs.

Pirate Ship offers cheap rates and fast turnaround times. That’s why it has become one of the most popular services in recent years.

What is Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship is a helpful software for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It helps them with shipment of their products. The software makes it easy to choose the right shipping service, track orders, print labels, and compare prices.

Some of the features include:

  • Parcel insurance
  • Warehouse access near major cities
  • Discounts on carriers
  • Tracking of packages from pickup to delivery

Custom reports and analytics give insight into order flow. There’s also a mobile app so orders can be processed while on the go.

In short, Pirate Ship simplifies international and domestic product shipments. It’s an intuitive shipping platform.


Zolucky’s is a renowned online retailer, selling a range of products for over 15 years. They specialize in discounted electronics, media, and home goods, but also provide apparel, tools, and other items.

This company began with a small group of entrepreneurs in the early 2000s, wanting to benefit from the emerging e-commerce market. Word spread about their incredible deals and commendable customer service, making Zolucky’s grow steadily in popularity.

They now have a wide selection of products from trusted brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Bose Audio and more. Plus, they provide free shipping on orders over $50 within the US. Returns are accepted without questions asked within 30 days. This commitment to customer satisfaction has helped Zolucky’s become a leading e-commerce retailer on the web.


Pirate Ship is a US-based shipping platform. It allows ecommerce businesses to buy and print discounted USPS labels. Discounts are available for Priority Mail, Express, Parcel Select Ground, and Regional Rate boxes. Businesses can get over 50% off the regular cost.

In-house order fulfillment is an option with Pirateship, rather than a 3rd party service. Electronic customs forms are automatically generated – no manual paperwork required.

Rate tables make it easy for buyers to see their shipping options at checkout. The rules depend on weight, size, destination, etc.

Insurance coverage is available for extra protection during transit times.

Pros and Cons

Pirate Ship offers discounted rates on USPS and Canadian Post packages in the US and Canada. Let’s take a closer look at their features, pricing plans, and customer support.


  • Cheaper USPS and Canadian Post packages.
  • Plus, user-friendly platform makes it easy to upload orders, address labels, print postage labels, and track shipment status.


  • Lacks carriers’ delivery info.
  • Custom packing sols for high vol orders.
  • Higher levels of customer service than some competitors.
  • Pricing plan can be confusing for those used to simpler rules from other services.


Uptrade rocks! Its pricing and affordability make it an attractive choice. Plus, they offer discounted domestic and international shipping rates, reduced fulfillment costs, and discounts on customer service labor. Integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce make order entry a breeze. What’s more, Uptrade provides 24/7 customer service in multiple languages. Automated tracking notifications and label printing directly from the website or app are also available. To top it off, Uptrade has excellent TrustPilot reviews – over 70% are rated “excellent” or “very good”.


The Elite Tac Flashlight has drawbacks. Customer reviews say it’s expensive compared to other flashlights. Plus, the battery indicator light on the side of the flashlight might not turn on or flicker inconsistently. Lastly, users may notice a dulling of the LED light over time.

Before investing, consumers should consider their needs and budget.


Introduction-Is Pirate Ship Legit? A Comprehensive Review

When looking at Pirate Ship for your shipping needs, pricing is a factor to think of. It’s not the cheapest, yet simple and clear. For packages 0-4 lbs. there is a flat rate and $0.50 per pound for those over 4 lbs. USPS, FedEx, and OnTrac are some of the carriers you can choose between.

For those shipping more than 10 packages in one shipment, discounts are available. As an example, with the “Bulk Shipment” feature you can save up to 50% off USPS Priority Mail 2 Day Air®. Free tracking numbers and discounted rates on international shipments are included, as well as free package insurance of up to $100 per package on selected items.

Overall, Pirate Ship has competitively priced services which make it worth considering before deciding on a carrier.


Ustodaysale provides plans to fit their customers’ different needs. They have created various plans, each customized for different businesses. These plans have unlimited shipments, tracking and support, but differ in the number of users per account and related fees.

  • The Free Plan is ideal for new businesses and those with low shipping demands. It allows two users per account and ships 50 packages/month free.
  • The Professional Plan is best for small-medium sized businesses that want access to extras like integrations, bulk label printing and multi-carrier comparison at reduced rates. This plan allows six users per account and ships 1000 packages/month for $49/month.
  • The Business Plus Plan allows twelve users per account and ships unlimited packages/month for $99/month, with discounts for bigger shipments.


Modakawa is an online store with discounted items from various brands. They offer clothing, electronics and more. Get up to 70% off retail prices! When you buy more items, you get a higher discount. E.g. two items gets you 10% off, while seven or more gives you 40%. Plus, orders over $20 get free shipping. Plus, they also offer 30-day returns/exchanges. Modakawa provides customers with great deals and quality products, with amazing customer service!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are a must-have for potential customers. They give an un-biased opinion on products or services, which is especially helpful when buying online.

Pirate Ship is a company which helps e-commerce merchants with shipping orders, fast and cheaply. They have tools like a shipping calculator, address validation, shipment tracking, etc.

Reading reviews from people who have used Pirate Ship will help you decide if the services are right for your business.

Positive Reviews

Reviews of Pirate Ship’s services are often positive. People mention its ease of use and cost savings compared to other shipping services. Customers get discounted USPS rates without any contract or membership fee. Packages arrive quickly and tracking data is reliable and up-to-date. Customer service has been friendly and helpful when resolving problems.

It appears customers are satisfied with the quality of Pirate Ship’s services, suggesting it is a legitimate provider.

Negative Reviews

Customers often criticize Pirate Ship’s pricing. It tends to be more expensive than other companies, and discounts or sales are rare. International shipping rates also give people a sense of being taken advantage of. Pirate Ship doesn’t offer different tiers of service based on weight or size, which can make it cheaper to use other providers. Also, there is no upfront pricing for international deliveries. This can lead to extra charges later on.

All this means that Pirate Ship isn’t the best option for online shoppers who want to save money.


Pirate Ship is a great option for your shipping needs. It has a user-friendly platform, competitive rates, and great customer service. Tracking is reliable and fees are low; packages will arrive quickly and safely. Plus, the company updates their services with new features to make it even more convenient.

In summary, Pirate Ship is a legitimate provider of cost effective shipping that you can trust – be it for business or personal use.

FAQs about: Is Pirate Ship Legit

Q1: Is Pirate Ship Legit?
A1: Yes, Pirate Ship is a legitimate shipping service. They offer discounted shipping rates for businesses, and have an easy-to-use platform for creating shipping labels and tracking packages.

Q2: How does Pirate Ship work?
A2: Pirate Ship is a web-based shipping platform. You can get discounted postage rates for USPS Priority Mail, First Class Package Service, Parcel Select, and other USPS services. You can create USPS shipping labels and tracking numbers, and print them right from your computer.

Q3: Does Pirate Ship offer international shipping?
A3: Yes, Pirate Ship offers international shipping. You can select the country you want to ship to and Pirate Ship will calculate the shipping cost.