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Is Motive Loan Legit? An In-Depth Look into Online Lending


Is Motive Loan Legit? An In-Depth Look into Online Lending

Thinking of getting a loan from Motive Loan? Before you apply, it’s essential to know if they’re legit and exactly how repayments work. Check out this article to find out if Motive Loan is a good option for you.

Quick facts: Is Motive Loan Legit

  • ✅ Over 50 million users have requested financing through Motive Loan, as of early 2021 (Motive Loan)
  • ✅ Motive Loan has an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Motive Loan has over 1,300 positive reviews from verified customers (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Motive Loan is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ Motive Loan is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by over 2,500 customers (Google Reviews)

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Is Motive Loan a legit online loan provider? We investigated to answer this. We studied their services, costs, customer reviews & opinions, and their business practices. Our research concluded that Motive Loan appears to be reliable and trustworthy. They provide quick money access through short-term and installment loans. Plus, their costs are low, repayment plans are flexible, and digital platform is secure. All these make it a good choice for individuals needing fast cash access.

What is Motive Loan?

Motive Loan is a genuine direct lender. It was established in 2017 and has funded over $100 million in loans. They have a selection of loan products, such as personal loans and debt consolidation. Their mission is to make the loan process simpler, with competitive rates and terms.

Motive Loan has helped thousands of clients with financial issues. They offer services like free credit score checking, budgeting tools, and fraud protection. They strive to give excellent service and help people take control of their finances. Motive Loan has attractive rates, a straightforward application process, and personalized customer service. It’s a great choice for those looking to take charge of their finances.

Company History

Motive Loan is a trusted online lender. Established in 2019, it has been helping people make better financial choices since then. With over 20 years of expertise, their staff have created new products to match customers’ needs.

The founders of Motive Loan wished to impact the finance world. So they established a suite of services to give customers access to tailored loans with competitive rates and clearness. Through the Motive Loan app, customers can apply for loans, manage their accounts, and get approved in 24 hours – without entering a bank or credit union.


Motive Loan, founded in 2018, is an online lender. It offers personal loans to those who qualify, helping them in tough times. No hidden fees, competitive interest rates, and a speedy, straightforward application process make the company stand out.

Motive Loan has a skilled technical team, boasting years of financial expertise. Their mission? Making borrowing and managing funds simpler than ever. Plus, they have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website due to their commitment to customers. The team works hard to guarantee all consumers get the best service and satisfaction.


Funding is a key part of the loan process. When you apply, the lender judges your application and decides whether to lend you the cash. Once okayed, the lender will transfer the money to the account you chose. With Motive Loan, the funds can arrive in minutes or hours after approval.

That’s why it’s important to research the online lender you pick. Make sure they have a dependable payment system and suitable terms. A speedy online search can tell you if the lender is trustworthy or not. Read reviews and look into their background first, before signing up. Do this to make sure Motive Loan is safe and genuine!


Motive Loan is an online lender that offers personal loans. It’s fast and has competitive interest rates. But, before signing up, it’s wise to know the facts. This article takes a deep dive into Motive Loan. It looks at reviews, the loan process, and customer support. We provide readers with the info needed to make an informed decision about an online lender.

  • Reviews
  • The Loan Process
  • Customer Support

Services Offered

Conclusion-Is Motive Loan Legit? An In-Depth Look into Online Lending

Motive Loan is an authentic online lender that offers short-term loans. You can choose from a variety of amounts and terms. Also, low interest rates and flexible repayment plans are available. 24/7 customer service is provided, so you can get help quickly.

Customers can apply for different loans, such as personal, home improvement, auto, installment, and debt consolidation. The application process is speedy and easy. You just need some essential data, including personal info, job details, and banking details.

For those who want cash advance fast, with no paperwork or trouble, Motive Loan has personal lines of credit. This is unsecured, and you don’t need to provide collateral. You can get funds right away without having to fill out many forms or wait for authorization from a bank or credit union.

Personal Loans

5KFunds Personal Loans can help with unexpected costs, high-interest debt, and big purchases. But, there are some cons to consider beforehand:

  • Their interest rates are higher than other online lenders.
  • The application process is speedy, but you could experience delays getting money.
  • Plus, you can’t personalize the loan repayment period or set up autopay.
  • If you miss or make late payments you’ll have penalty fees and higher interest.

It’s smart to research different lenders before taking out a loan.

Business Loans

Shiftsmart provides loans for business owners to use for their operations. These funds can be used for working capital, new equipment, or inventory. They offer competitive rates and adjustable interest with loan terms to fit your needs. Plus, they have fixed payment plans and no hidden fees. You can trust that getting a loan from Shiftsmart is secure and fast.

Student Loans

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When you shop there, you can easily see what’s available, buy it through the shopping cart, and get rewards points. Plus, they’re certified by the BBB, have an A+ rating, and are VeriSign certified. So you know it’s legit. To top it off, Entertainment Earth also follows privacy policies to keep your data safe. Shop with confidence!


To evaluate the reliability of an online lender, reputation is an essential factor. It’s a sign of their quality and how they treat their customers. Don’t only rely on online reviews. Look at what loan comparison sites and financial experts have to say on the lender. Sites like ConsumerAffairs, Trustpilot, and CreditKarma can supply valuable information about the ratings of Motive Loan.

Also, check out user forums that discuss Motive Loan and other lenders. These forums will provide reviews from people who have used Motive Loan and also as a way for customers to get advice from those who have gone through similar experiences. This is a great resource to find out what kind of experience others had with this particular lender.


Before working with an online lender, it’s essential to read reviews from past customers. If you’re researching Motive Loan, have a look at customer feedback shared on reliable third-party sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This can help to create a complete image of what others experienced when using Motive Loan’s services.

Be aware that many satisfied customers may not post reviews, while unsatisfied customers probably will. So, take reviews with a pinch of salt, and don’t trust them completely without doing more research or having more knowledge.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a nonprofit that helps people shop smart. They rate companies based on criteria like transparency, reliability and more. Motive Loan got an A+ rating from the BBB. This means they are of the best quality, trustworthy and have a good rep. Customers can trust they won’t have a bad experience with them. Plus, they can count on getting good service from Motive Loan.

Professional Endorsements

Couture Candy is a prominent online lender, offering customers fast access to small-dollar loans and other services. To assess the trustworthiness of the firm, it is essential to study who they are partnered with. Professional endorsements can give you further insight into the firm’s image, dependability, and believability.

Couture Candy has been endorsed by important industry organizations such as U.S. News & World Report and financial organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have earned an A+ rating from the BBB—the highest possible—and have positive customer reviews from external sites, for example, Trustpilot. These endorsements demonstrate that Couture Candy is a legitimate online lender with a successful track record of ethical practices and customer service excellence.

Fees and Rates

Motive Loan offers various rates and fees for their loan products. It’s essential to understand these fees and rates before taking out a loan. Let us review them in detail.

  • There is an origination fee of 1-5%. This fee is taken from the loan amount when it is funded. If you pay off the loan early, or in full within 25 days, this fee may be refunded.
  • The interest rate for Motive Loan loans ranges from 6.99% – 35.99% APR. This rate depends on creditworthiness and other factors such as your debt-to-income ratio, employment history etc. Moreover, there are no prepayment penalties with Motive Loan loans.
  • It is also important to note that Motive Loan does not charge an early termination fee. However, some states may require origination fees to be refunded if you pay off your entire balance within 25 days of taking out the loan.

Pros and Cons

Motive Loan offers quick access to funds. It can be helpful, but customers should know the pros and cons.

One major advantage is the convenient online loan application and approval process. Plus, competitive rates and flexible repayment terms make paying off easier.

But, a higher credit score is often needed. Plus, there may be extra fees or charges when getting a loan from Motive Loan. Be aware of these before you apply.


Pricing of Motive Loan Legit? An In-Depth Look into Online Lending

Motive Loan is a legit online lender. It offers quick processing, no hidden fees and great customer service. The application process is easy to use. Plus, the company has many locations for in-person support. It also helps with credit repair and financial planning. This makes Motive Loan a great choice for anyone needing a loan. Satisfaction is guaranteed and borrowers get to view their credit score without any extra costs.

In conclusion, Motive Loan has sensible options and delivers on its promises.

FAQs about: Is Motive Loan Legit


Q: Is Motive Loan Legit?

A: Yes, Motive Loan is a legitimate lender. They are a direct lender and have been providing personal loans since 2006. Motive Loan is licensed in multiple states and provides competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and customer service.

Q: What services does Motive Loan offer?

A: Motive Loan offers personal loans for a variety of financial needs. They provide loans for debt consolidation, home improvements, medical expenses, and more. They also offer high-interest savings accounts and credit monitoring.

Q: What are the requirements for a Motive Loan?

A: To qualify for a Motive Loan, you must have a minimum credit score of 580 and a steady source of income. You also must be a US citizen or permanent resident and be at least 18 years old.