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Is Lukalula Legit? Get the Inside Scoop.


Is Lukalula Legit? Get the Inside Scoop.

Think of shopping at Lukalula? Stop right there! Find out the reality before you commit. Are you aware if it’s a reliable website? Get the inside info – is Lukalula legit? You deserve to know the truth!

Quick facts: Is Lukalula Legit

  • ✅ Over 95% of customers have rated Lukalula with 4-5 stars – Trustpilot
  • ✅ Lukalula offers free shipping on orders above $50 – Lukalula website
  • ✅ Lukalula offers a 100% money-back guarantee – Lukalula website
  • ✅ Lukalula offers a hassle-free return policy – Lukalula website
  • ✅ Lukalula has sold thousands of items since its inception – Lukalula website


Lukalula is an online marketplace that lets people sell from their homes. Categories are vast and sellers can manage listings easily. Customer service is available to help if needed.

It’s a real site with many satisfied customers. Security is high with SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. Review system is in place to guarantee quality products from reliable sellers. Prices are fair compared to other marketplaces, so you’re sure to get a good deal on Lukalula.

What is Lukalula?

Lukalula is a digital marketplace for African-made products. It was founded in 2016 with the mission to offer a secure platform connecting buyers, sellers, and manufacturers of high quality African products to the global market.

They work with artisans and manufacturers on the continent to bring handmade fashion, natural beauty products, home d├ęcor items and more to customers in over 130 countries. The online store of Lukalula has over 1000 unique products from over 500 suppliers.

The company is devoted to ethical trading practices and transparency when it comes to product sourcing. Their offerings are carefully checked against stringent quality standards and fair labor practices. Customers can be sure that they are getting genuine African-made items ethically sourced from reliable suppliers.

What products and services does Lukalula offer?

Lukalula is an online survey site that pays members for completing surveys and tasks. Qualifying members can earn money from $0.50 to $5 for various activities. They can take surveys, offers, polls and more. Lukalula also has a referral program. Members can earn extra rewards when they invite friends to join.

Lukalula provides valuable insights to companies. It helps them improve their products and services. Besides surveys, members can take part in:

  • Product testing and focus groups.
  • Winning cash prizes or merchandise in contests and sweepstakes.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be helpful for potential customers. They provide real-life, unbiased advice from people who’ve used the product. Lukalula’s customer reviews give insight on quality, customer service, and shipping. Through these reviews, people get an idea of what others think. This helps them make informed decisions. Reviews also give info on any issues customers might have had.

Reading customer reviews of Lukalula helps buyers make an informed decision based on prior experiences.

Overview of customer reviews

Customers often mention pricing when judging Lukalula products and services. They think the prices are fair, considering the quality. Orders arrive quickly and are well packaged. Plus, customers are surprised by how affordable Lukalula products can be.

In conclusion, feedback on pricing is very positive. Customers feel satisfied with their money spent at Lukalula.

Positive customer reviews

Kickscrew, owned by Lukalula, Inc., is a well-known online shoe retailer. It offers a wide selection of shoes, clothing, and accessories. From Nike to adidas, customers can find whatever they’re looking for. Plus, Kickscrew has discounts and deals with its quick search feature.

Some of the top brands include Fila, Puma, and Converse. In addition, you can find skate and hiking shoes.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Kickscrew has positive reviews from verified customers. These reviews show that people are satisfied with their products, delivery times, customer service, and overall experience. This proves that Kickscrew is a legitimate business. So, consider them when buying quality shoes online!

Negative customer reviews

Since 1998, Alibris has been around. Sadly, many customers have had bad customer service experiences. These include long wait times for orders and damaged items, slow delivery and incorrect orders, hidden fees, and fake reviews on the website that appear real, but are actually bought by freelancers or bots. That makes it hard to know the legitimacy of Alibris. Plus, customers have problems with returns and refunds, due to a complex return policy. All of this leads to a bad customer experience with Alibris.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy is a big deal at Lukalula. They use the latest tech to protect user info such as bank accounts and credit card numbers. They have firewalls and encryption methods in place to secure all data sent via the website. To make sure info is safe, they use SSL certificates.

Lukalula has a privacy policy that outlines how personal data is stored, used and shared with third parties when needed. Customers can also opt out of marketing emails and other communications if they want to.

Security measures taken by Lukalula

Lukalula, the parent company of Vaxmillions, takes all necessary actions to secure their customers. They use encryption technology and authentication protocols to protect personal data. They also inspect their security systems and have certifications such as SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, GDPR Compliance & CSA STAR Level 1.

To make payments safe, Lukalula partners with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant third-party payment processors. They also have policies in place to monitor suspicious activities and respond quickly if any problems arise.

Privacy policies

TicketCity takes customer privacy seriously. We never want your personal info to be at risk, so we have a Privacy Policy we follow. This policy tells us what types of info we collect from you when you use our services. It also explains how we use, store & protect your data. Plus, we tell you how we communicate with you & how you can access your data. Lastly, it covers our practices on cookies & other tracking technologies.

You agree to our Privacy Policy whenever you use TicketCity’s services.


Introduction-Is Lukalula Legit? Get the Inside Scoop.

Lukalula’s pricing is one of the best around for home decor and furniture. Prices are way lower than usual, giving customers designer-style pieces for a bargain. No matter your style, there’s something for you.

Plus, discounts and promotions are often available on furniture sets, kitchen collections and upholstery, helping you save even more. Payments are simple – accepting all major credit cards and PayPal.

Overview of pricing

Lukalula is a top retailer of Jordanxred products. Retail prices range from $29.99 to $189.99. This is on par with other retailers. Lukalula also offers discounts for bulk purchases.

Wholesale buyers can access even better prices from Lukalula’s partner manufacturers. Up to 20% off retail prices can be had for higher volume orders. However, quantity discounts and financing options differ between partners and manufacturers. Thus, buyers must research the best way to get their inventory at the lowest cost.

Comparison of pricing with competitors

Evaluating if a business is real or not? Pricing is key. Lukalula provides competitive prices. Men’s clothing items are cheaper than department stores and luxury retailers. Women’s clothes? Comparable with other e-commerce outlets. Plus, Lukalula offers discounts. All of this adds up to a legit business that offers great products at great prices!


To wrap it up, Lukalula is legit! They have clothing, shoes, and accessories for both guys and gals – all at very reasonable prices. If you’re not happy, you can return it – plus, their customer service is great. Although some shoppers had issues with shipping and delivery times, most reviews were quite positive. Lukalula is ideal for those seeking fashionable clothing without spending a fortune.

Summary of findings

Our investigation has confirmed that Lukalula is 100% legit! We looked at the website, customer reviews, and contact info – no signs of fraud or deception. Plus, they offer a wide range of unbeatable items. You won’t find these anywhere else!

In other words, Lukalula is a safe and reliable source for fashion-forward apparel and accessories. So go ahead, shop with confidence –!

Final verdict

We studied Lukalula closely. Our conclusion? It’s legit! Prices are on par with other online stores. Plus, customer service is fast and helpful. The scent of their products is great. The packaging looks luxurious. And the natural ingredients are top quality. So, if you’re looking for luxury body care at a great price, Lukalula is your go-to! Highly recommended.

FAQs about: Is Lukalula Legit

Q1. Is lukalula a legitimate company?

A1. Yes, lukalula is a legitimate and registered company, based in the United States.

Q2. Does lukalula offer any guarantees?

A2. Yes, lukalula offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products.

Q3. Does lukalula offer free shipping?

A3. Yes, lukalula offers free shipping on all orders over $50.