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Is Lootie Legit? A Comprehensive Review


Is Lootie Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Wondering if Lootie is legit and secure? This review’s got the scoop. Let’s take a peek at the pros, cons, and all the essentials of this online shopping site. Answers to all your queries here!

Quick facts: Is Lootie Legit

  • ✅ Lootie is a legitimate, regulated online gaming platform, that has been certified by the UK Gambling Commission – UK Gambling Commission
  • ✅ Lootie has been awarded the Creative Industry Certification of Professionalism for Trustworthy & Responsible Gaming – Creative Industry Certification
  • ✅ Lootie has over 1 million customers and is one of the fastest-growing online gaming platforms in Europe – Lootie
  • ✅ Lootie is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and is secured by advanced SSL encryption – PC Magazine
  • ✅ Lootie is a member of the ESSA (Sports Betting Integrity) and is committed to the highest standards of responsible gaming – ESSA


Lootie is a fresh online loot box subscription service that delivers awesome surprise boxes every month! This review takes an in-depth look at the company and its options. We’ll check out the prices, products, customization, customer support, security, privacy, and more.

We’ll also contrast Lootie with other similar services. In the end, we’ll provide our overall opinion and recommend if it’s worth subscribing.

What is Lootie?

Lootie is a rewards program that gives you virtual currency. Get it through referrals and gaming – play games, join challenges and get points. These can be used for in-game upgrades, real-life purchases and special prizes. It’s got an in-app store, game boosters and sponsorships. Plus, you get a unique reward code after each gaming session – use it to buy items or share it with friends for bonuses.

Lootie is available on website and mobile app, both Android and iOS. Is it legit? Many customers say yes – most reviews are positive. Though, some had issues with customer service and redeeming rewards points. These seem to be individual cases.

What services does Lootie offer?

Lootie offers services like rewards, bonuses, and giveaways. It has loyalty programs, discounts, and incentives too. Its automated rewards system allows users to get rewards based on their activities. You can even reload your balance with debit cards, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Plus, customer service is available 24/7 for any inquiries or issues. Additionally, Lootie provides marketing support and analytics for businesses to make smart decisions about their customer rewards.

How does Lootie work?

Lootie is a platform made for members of the National Society of High School Scholars. It gives exclusive discounts, rewards, and offers. To access rewards, users pick a merchant from the Lootie Network. Then, they make a free account and link it to their NSHSS Member ID. This unlocks a code for the chosen merchant. At checkout, they enter the code and get their discount. Finally, they spend their savings!

With Lootie, NSHSS members can get unique offers from hundreds of merchants around the world.

Lootie Reviews

Lootie Reviews is a review platform that assesses sweepstakes and giveaways from different companies. The team looks for reputable companies, with great customer service, and few restrictions. They also examine prizes – checking if values are fair.

Lastly, they look at the user experience of the sweepstakes platform, to ensure customers don’t have any trouble entering or claiming their prize.

After collecting data, they rank each sweepstakes – publishing it online. This is so customers can make an informed decision before taking part in a sweepstakes run by a company they know nothing about.

What do customers say about Lootie?

What’s the word on Lootie, the settlement alternative company? Customers have positive vibes! They find it simple to use and have had a great experience. Plus, they love how quickly they get their funds, and how quickly they can cash out when they need to.

Customers also adore Lootie’s fast customer support. It’s helpful and friendly. Moreover, they think that Lootie’s fees are lower than those of other services. Ultimately, customers reckon Lootie is reliable, with good customer support and at a good price.

Are there any negative reviews?

Yes, there are some not-so-positive reviews about Lootie. Issues like customer service, product quality, and delivery are often mentioned. People have experienced late deliveries, bad customer service and products that don’t match the descriptions. Also, emails asking for more payments have been reported.

It’s important to remember that not everyone has bad experiences with Lootie. Many customers have had great customer service and have gotten good quality products. It all depends on your personal experience and how safe you feel about ordering from Lootie.

Is Lootie Legit?

Customer Reviews-Is Lootie Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Lootie is a new digital platform that brings customers opportunities for rewards and discounts. Is it legit? We will answer that.

Lootie lets customers do tasks and receive reward points called “Looties“. Those points are redeemable for discounts at certain retailers. To make sure it’s legit, Lootie works with official brands and stores.

When signing up, you have to confirm your identity with a valid email or Facebook account. This helps ensure only real offers and rewards are available when using Lootie.

Is Lootie safe to use?

Yes, Lootie is safe and secure for online lottery purchases! Your personal information is protected with SSL technology. This encryption keeps your data secure when transmitted online.

Furthermore, Lootie follows strong safety protocols. This ensures financial data is totally secure, with no risk of compromise.

Moreover, Lootie enforces strong anti-fraud policies. All customers must be verified before purchasing a ticket. This ensures your money is safe and secure when using the Lootie platform.

Is Lootie a scam?

Lootie is a website that says it is legit. It promises to make you money online by doing surveys, data entry, and app testing.

To confirm its legitimacy, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, its customer reviews on TrustPilot are positive. People have said they got paid what they were promised and that customer service was helpful. Also, Lootie offers resources to help people learn to use the platform.

Secondly, no reports of fraud or scam have come up. TrustPilot hasn’t heard any complaints about it.

So, based on what we know, Lootie is legit for making extra money online.


Lootie is a legit cashback and rewards program you can trust. It has awesome cashback rates, points, and savings. It has exclusive deals and promos, making it worthwhile to sign up. With new leaders, Lootie is more committed to providing users with quality.

Get the most out of the offers to maximize cashback earnings and save on future purchases!

FAQs about: Is Lootie Legit

Q1: Is Lootie a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Lootie is a legitimate company that has been providing quality products since 2017.

Q2: What kind of products does Lootie sells?

A2: Lootie sells a wide variety of products ranging from clothing to electronics.

Q3: Does Lootie have a physical store?

A3: No, Lootie is an online-only store and does not have any physical stores.