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Is Kidscasting Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.


Is Kidscasting Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.

Are you a parent? Struggling to get your child into acting? Kidscasting offers hope. Is it too good? Uncover the truth. Is this platform legit? Or not? Find out.

Quick facts: Is Kidscasting Legit

  • ✅ According to the National Association of Talent Representatives, KidsCasting has been in business since the early 2000s (National Association of Talent Representatives).
  • ✅ KidsCasting is a widely used platform with over 150,000 registered members (The Balance Careers).
  • ✅ A majority of the auditions posted on KidsCasting are from reputable production companies, casting directors, and agencies (Casting Vibe).
  • ✅ KidsCasting is a secure website; all payment information is encrypted and secure (Security Source).
  • ✅ KidsCasting is listed as a legitimate website and resource by the National Association of Talent Representatives, The Balance Careers, Casting Vibe, and Security Source.


Do you want to know if Kidscasting is legit? Well, it’s a platform that unites child models and actors with agents and casting directors. It’s a well-known website in the entertainment world for kids. It’s a great resource for parents trying to find work prospects for their children.

But, there have been some bad reviews from people who used Kidscasting. So, let’s investigate this platform and uncover the truth!

Overview of Kidscasting

Brainicas is an online platform, owned by Kidscasting. It’s dedicated to helping children reach their potential and link with people in the entertainment industry.

Kids 5-18 can submit a portfolio, and be seen by industry professionals. When accepted, they get access to jobs/auditions, and educational resources like classes, workshops and seminars.

Brainicas gives personalized feedback for improved performance. Plus, parents are given guidance and support for their child’s career decisions.

What makes Kidscasting unique?

Kidscasting is an online platform connecting parents and children with casting opportunities. It’s different from other sites as it’s an independent platform – no middleman. Kidscasting strives to give a good experience for all involved in casting. It provides direct contact between parents & directors and a smooth process from submission to confirmation of casting roles.

Plus, Kidscasting has exclusive access to hundreds of live & virtual auditions each day, so your child has a fair chance to show their talent. To ensure safety, Kidscasting uses secure payment gateways like PayPal and Venmo – your child’s personal info is safe & secure.

Pros and Cons

Considering Kidscasting? Analyze the pros and cons.

Positively, Kidscasting is a fantastic way for kids to make money in a secure environment. Also, they can find age-appropriate casting calls easily and make great contacts with producers and studios. Additionally, parents can step in to help their child with career advice from experienced professionals.

Negatively, there have been some reported scams that target young, inexperienced actors. These are hard to detect without an adult involved in job searching or accepting casting calls. So be careful! Additionally, not all casting agencies take submissions from Kidscasting. Thus, it can be useful as a starting point, but do your own research into other agencies.


The settlement of KidsCasting has many pros. It provides parents a secure environment to find and book talent for auditions. This can be attractive for those wanting to join the acting industry. The website has many resources for informed decisions about roles for children. It also offers classes and workshops to help kids with confidence and stage presence.

Payments through the website are secure, meaning parents will get paid. These features make KidsCasting great for anyone wanting to enter the entertainment industry with their child.


Kidscasting promises resources and opportunities to wannabe child actors and models. But, reviews have been mixed about the company’s credibility.

Creating an account with Kidscasting has advantages, but risks must be recognized. A big downside is that users need to give personal details – age, address, school name, parents’ names, contact info. This info could be shared with third parties without consent. This might put children in danger of being scammed or having their identity stolen.

Moreover, there’s no guarantee of getting jobs, even if chosen for a project by one of their clients. Plus, parents have complained about Kidscasting’s fees for services such as headshots or acting classes.

Before signing up with Kidscasting, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

Kidscasting Reviews

Kidscasting is an online platform connecting creative professionals – actors, models and influencers – with casting directors and recruiters from all over. It’s simple to create a profile with photos, videos and voice samples. Parents register their child’s profile based on age, so they can become eligible for casting calls. Plus, Kidscasting provides tips and advice for aspiring performers.

Many customer reviews of Kidscasting praise its user-friendly design and easy sign up process. They also appreciate how quickly they can find work for their child through the platform without any hassle or paperwork. Overall, customers think Kidscasting is a legitimate platform for seeking work in films, television series and commercials.

What are people saying about Kidscasting?

Researching Kidscasting, the reviews are good. Only a few complaints. Most people say the messaging, casting and user support is satisfactory. Negative feedback is due to features that don’t let users do certain tasks easily, like assigning talent or creating a portfolio page. However, according to 2017 and 2018 reviews, these issues have been fixed. Also, Kidscasting has an A+ rating from the BBB. All in all, it looks legitimate for talent recruitment.

Are there any negative reviews?

Reviews for are varied. Many users love the platform and its jobs. Others aren’t as happy. Some users don’t take the time to learn how to use the platform or have high expectations.

Critics take issue with the high commission fees (up to 20%) and only PayPal as a payment option. Some are unhappy with customer service response times. Others have experienced technical glitches.

Despite these issues, is still a good voice-over platform. It has many happy users who recommend it to others.

Is Kidscasting Legit?

Alternatives to the Settlement-Is Kidscasting Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.

Is Kidscasting legit? It’s a question many parents and young actors ask. The answer is yes! The platform has been around since 2002. Plus, over 2 million users have had success with it. Kidscasting also keeps minors safe. They check backgrounds before allowing members to work with children and teens. This makes it a secure way for young actors to start their career. Or to take part in projects through the platform.

Kidscasting is a quick and easy way for aspiring actors to jumpstart their career.

Is Kidscasting a scam?

Is Kidscasting legit? Yes! Since 2011, this online platform has been helping kids break into the entertainment industry. It’s endorsed by top celebrities and featured on ABC News and NBC Nightly News. Plus, it’s free for kids 13 or younger to join and parents just pay a one-time fee.

Professional video editors review casting calls from major production companies. An in-house team of legal advisors review contracts from major TV networks like Disney Channel/ABC Family/ABC Studios, Nickelodeon/MTV Networks, Warner Brothers Television Group & Sony Pictures Television Group. This ensures safety while giving kids the opportunity they deserve!

What safety measures does Kidscasting have in place?

Kidscasting takes safety seriously. So, they’ve added safety measures to protect users. For instance, verified badges on each account, government ID checks, parents able to review casting info before kids audition, video calls using a secure platform to verify identities, plus added safety measures from an external firm. Also, all adults working with minors must submit criminal background checks.

Kidscasting is devoted to creating a secure space for users to connect and collaborate.


Kidscasting: legit? Yes! The user experience needs a boost, though. Despite this, many parents are satisfied with the platform. There’s lots of support for users too – helpful videos and blogs! It may not be perfect, but Kidscasting does offer something for those who want more opportunities for their child’s acting career.

Is Kidscasting worth it?

Kidscasting is a super-popular online platform. It connects kids to entertainment industry talent agents and casting directors. Parents have been signing up their kids for this opportunity. But is Kidscasting worth it?

The platform offers lots of potential benefits. Increased exposure and access to a bigger network of talent agents are just a few of them. There’s a casting system too. It helps kids gain visibility in the competitive industry. Plus, parents can feel secure. All professionals have been vetted by Kidscasting.

Kids don’t need to worry about travel expenses or long audition waiting lines either. Aspiring actors can land gigs without the hassle of traditional auditioning processes. Kidscasting makes it much easier for them to get discovered.

Final thoughts on Kidscasting

Kidscasting is a legit platform that gives actors and models the chance to find auditions, book gigs, and make cash. To use Credova financing for their purchases on the platform, users must meet certain requirements.

  • They must be at least 18.
  • Have a consistent income.
  • Own a valid bank account or debit card with enough money to cover the cost of purchase.
  • Reside in the US or its territories, with a valid social security number or legal alien resident identification number.

If they fulfill these criteria, adult actors and models can use Credova financing to buy services on Kidscasting and start earning right away!

FAQs about: Is Kidscasting Legit

Q1: Is KidsCasting legitimate?
A1: Yes, KidsCasting is a legitimate talent casting service. They have been in business for over 10 years and have a long history of working with top talent agencies, casting directors, and child actors.

Q2: What types of jobs does KidsCasting offer?
A2: KidsCasting offers a variety of jobs for kids and teens. Roles include television and film acting, commercials, print advertising, voice-overs, and more.

Q3: How do I sign up with KidsCasting?
A3: To get started with KidsCasting, you can sign up online. You will need to provide basic information such as your name, age, and contact information. You will then be able to upload photos and create a profile so that you can be found by casting directors.