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Is Igvault Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!


Is Igvault Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!

Do you want to buy in-game items without spending too much? You’re not alone! But how do you make sure the provider is reliable? Get the facts about Igvault before you buy! Make sure you’re making a good choice.

Quick facts: Is Igvault Legit

  • ✅ IGVault is registered in France, providing a secure and legally compliant platform for gamers to purchase in-game items (Source: IGVault)
  • ✅ IGVault has over 10 million customers worldwide, with over 100,000 daily active users (Source: IGVault)
  • ✅ IGVault has achieved a TrustScore of 9.4/10 from over 1 million reviews, making it one of the most trusted platforms for in-game item purchases (Source: TrustPilot)
  • ✅ IGVault provides a secure payment network with multiple payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and Skrill (Source: IGVault)
  • ✅ IGVault has over 50,000 registered sellers who list over 500,000 items in over 15 games, with new games added regularly (Source: IGVault)

What is Igvault?

Igvault began as a small business in 2008, but it has become one of the world’s top gaming marketplaces. The website is available in many languages. It offers services such as selling game accounts, virtual currency (like gold and gems), and more.

For secure transactions, Igvault has various payment methods and a $300 Buyer Protection Program. Plus, there are auctions through its ‘Buy Now’ button which let customers buy in-game items at discounted prices. Igvault says it can offer the best prices because it has partners linked to game production teams. These partners offer exclusive deals on products not found anywhere else.

Overview of the company

Dmarket is a digital marketplace company, founded in 2015. It’s based in Ukraine and has over 2 million registered users. The platform offers products from leading international brands, such as EA Sports FIFA, Microsoft, Steam, Origin and Uplay. It’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what customers need quickly. Buyer protection is offered too, for safe transactions.

Dmarket has partnered with payment systems like Visa/MasterCard and PayPal. It has a help center too, which can be accessed from the website, or via email/chat support. Dmarket follows all regulations set by local authorities, including GDPR compliance of personal data processing in the European Union. So, yes – it’s legit when buying digital goods online.

Services offered

Igvault is an awesome platform for gamers! It provides digital goods such as in-game items, currencies and boosts. Players of MMO games like World of Warcraft and Fortnite use it widely. Igvault offers services like buying accounts, virtual currency purchasing and boosting. There’s also a marketplace for buyers and sellers to trade accounts, items and currencies.

Customer support is always available for any questions or concerns.

Overall, Igvault is legit. It offers gamers the chance to buy digital goods securely. Plus, they use PayPal and other payment options, making it easy and safe. Their customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable, giving buyers a great experience.

Is Igvault Legit?

Igvault is a virtual goods market. Get game currencies and items from other players or from the company itself. Payments are secure, so no worry of fraud or loss. They have a platform for buyers and sellers to trade.

They also provide customer service in many languages and countries. The company has a great reputation and is BBB accredited. Research Igvault before buying. Read reviews about their customer service, delivery speed and product quality. Make sure there is a transparent dispute resolution process.

Reviews from customers

To judge Igvault’s reputation, look at reviews from customers who used their services. These reviews can tell you about the customer service, delivery times, etc. They may be biased though, so you might want to investigate more. Check out TrustPilot and Bizrate for unbiased reviews.

To make sure you get a legit product, check Igvault’s payment methods, return policies, refund policies, etc. All these should give you peace of mind when buying from them.

Security measures

Igvault is serious about security. Encryption of 128-bits defends data on their secure servers. An anti-fraud system scans for suspicious activity, along with IP address checks. Moreover, a secure payment gateway with encryption and fraud detection algorithms safeguards transactions. Remember, Igvault never stores payment info – guaranteeing your personal details are always safe.

Pros and Cons

Igvault is a virtual currency marketplace for gamers and esports fans. Before you buy, evaluate if it is right for your gaming needs.


  1. Secure transactions – Igvault uses encryption and verified payment methods to guarantee secure transactions.
  2. Variety of products – In-game currencies, CD keys, points cards, gifts cards – Igvault has it all at competitive prices.
  3. Fast delivery – Automated delivery systems and 24/7 customer support make sure you get your purchase quickly.


  1. High fees – Depending on the product, fees can be steep.
  2. Limited payment options – PayPal, Bitcoin, and some major credit cards accepted.
  3. Inconvenience for international customers – Local laws may cause difficulty in making purchases.

Pros of buying from Igvault

Igvault is great for buying in-game items and accounts. Benefits for customers include:

  1. Secure transactions – with PayPal, Skrill and other trusted payment gateways.
  2. Quick delivery – most orders arrive within hours.
  3. Prices are competitive – making it easier to get what you want.
  4. 24/7 customer support – to help out with questions.
  5. Huge selection – one of the largest online.

These features make Igvault a reliable platform for safely purchasing in-game goods.

Cons of buying from Igvault

Igvault can offer great prices, but there are cons. Many buyers have reported fake or counterfeit goods, due to the low prices. This could be an unpleasant surprise! Customer service isn’t the best either. Response times are slow, and customer support isn’t great. Buyers have also complained about not getting refunds or resolution for issues. Lastly, shipping times may be longer than expected, as there are many orders for Igvault to process.


Drawbacks of Rewards Giant-Is Igvault Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!

Igvault is a popular website for virtual and in-game currency. However, it’s wise to explore other options before making a purchase. G2G, PlayerAuctions, EpicNPC and MMOGA are trustworthy alternatives. Each has its own advantages.

  • G2G caters to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC gamers.
  • PlayerAuctions offers items for all kinds of games.
  • EpicNPC services over 200 titles.
  • MMOGA has customer support 24/7.

Research reviews and feedback before buying, to avoid any scams or losses!

Other websites to buy in-game items

Want to purchase in-game items? Consider G2G, a popular site for these. They offer secure payments like PayPal and Skrill. Plus, their customer service is available 24/7.

PlayerAuctions is another option. 5 million customers worldwide use it for virtual asset buying/selling. Their playerGuardian protection system provides extra security. You can compare prices to get the best deal too.

Benefits of using alternatives

Alternatives to Igvault, like G2A and Kinguin, have their perks. Prices tend to be better and discounts are often available. G2A, for example, sometimes has coupons that bring games’ costs down. Plus, alternatives are more reliable than Igvault. G2A and Kinguin have been around for years without problems.

Lastly, these alternatives offer more payment options – PayPal and crypto payments are accepted on many platforms. That gives you more choices when it comes to buying.


Igvault is a safe platform to buy and sell virtual in-game items and currency. It offers secure payment options like PayPal, Skrill, and Apple Pay. Plus, delivery is fast and secure. Igvault only works with verified sellers. So, customers can be sure their personal data is safe.

Igvault has competitive prices and quick delivery times. That’s why it’s a popular choice for gamers.

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Final thoughts

Buyee is a legit site with a good selection of products. Orders may take a bit of time, but not too long. Prices are based on the manufacturer, so you get a great deal. Customer support is helpful and willing to help if needed.

Overall, if you’re looking for an online gaming store, Buyee is worth checking out. Before you buy, read reviews and understand the site’s policies on returns and refunds. This way, you can shop with confidence, knowing it’s legit and quality products won’t be an issue.

FAQs about: Is Igvault Legit

Q1: Is IGVault a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, IGVault is a legitimate company. The company has been in business since 2005 and is a leader in virtual item trading.

Q2: What types of items can I buy on IGVault?

A2: IGVault offers a variety of virtual items, including game accounts, game currency, game items, and game cards.

Q3: Is my payment information secure on IGVault?

A3: Yes, IGVault takes security very seriously. All payments are processed securely and the company uses the latest encryption technology to protect customer information.