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Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth of This Popular ID Provider


Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth of This Popular ID Provider

Seeking a dependable ID supplier? Not sure if IDGod is genuine? Read further to uncover the truth and decide with confidence.

Quick facts: Is Idgod Legit

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IDGod has been providing IDs since 2012. It serves customers in the US, Canada, and China. It claims to be a reliable and trusted identity provider.

This article studies the legitimacy of IDGod. It looks at feedback from customers, reviews from independent websites, pricing, hidden costs, discounts/promotions, product quality, customer service, and its competitors. To help customers choose the right identity provider.

Overview of IDGod

IDGod is a top-notch provider of IDs and documents for fake IDs, driver’s licenses, and other forms of identification. They have been around since 2018 and are from China. They offer bespoke services. Their online store has a wide variety of superior products at competitive prices. The customer service team is well-known for being helpful and prompt when responding to inquiries or concerns.

The IDGod team prioritizes the quality of their products and reliability of their services. Plus, all orders come in discreet packaging. Also, for larger orders, there are bulk discounts and student discounts. This makes them a great option for university students who need several IDs. Thousands of customers have left positive reviews on different platforms, proving that they trust this company with their identification needs.


Reviews can be helpful when dealing with a business. For example, reviews on IDGod can give you an idea of their customer service and the quality of their products. Reviews show what other people experienced after working with IDGod. This can help you decide whether to buy from them or go to another provider.

Other customers who leave reviews may have faced similar issues as you and can give advice on how to solve them. Reading reviews before you buy can be useful. You can make sure you get what you need from IDGod and have a positive experience.

Customer reviews

Customers give reviews about the quality of goods and services from IDGod. But, experiences differ. Some were content with the product and delivery process, yet, others faced delays or issues. On review sites, customers rate IDGod between 3 and 4 out of 5 stars.

Criticisms are about customer service response times, or lack of them. Overall, customers appear to be generally pleased with what they get from IDGod, but remain cautious with the delivery time and customer service.

For those who plan on purchasing from IDGod, it’s wise to take into account these mixed reviews before making a decision, so that expectations may be met.

Expert reviews

Expert reviews can show if an ID provider is legit. For instance, IDGod has praised customer testimonials on their website. Don’t take these reviews as your only source of info when choosing to buy. Instead, look at reviews from trustworthy sites such as TrustPilot and Yelp.

Also, get evidence that proves a vendor is real. See customer experience videos and photos from third-party sites. Research and consult dependable sources to help you decide which ID provider is best.


Legality is a major thing to check when you’re assessing if IDGod is real. Many states have laws that ban creating fake IDs, but usually it’s only illegal if the person getting the ID plans to use it for criminal or illegal activities. So, if you’re using it for legal reasons, like to prove your age for legal purchases, then you’re okay with an ID from IDGod.

Still, some states have more strict rules about fake IDs. If you live in one of those states, you should ask the local authorities before you buy an ID from IDGod. Plus, if you live outside the U.S., make sure your country doesn’t forbid buying fake IDs from firms like these before you purchase one.

Is IDGod legal?

Since 2014, IDGod’s legality has been questioned. Generally, purchasing false IDs is legal if not used for fraud. But using them or selling them with the intention of fraud is illegal in most states. IDGod says they make only novelty IDs, not stolen or fake ones. However, police are now trying to close them down due to their popularity with young people.

Also, IDGod has been criticised for not verifying customer info, and allowing false details when buying. Some got poor IDs that couldn’t pass inspections from shops or cops. Despite this, lots of customers praised the company for their customer service and product quality, saying it “looks real” and “works great” in clubs and bars. It all comes down to what you think about buying false IDs online.

What are the risks?

Using a third-party ID provider like IDGod has risks. It’s vital to make sure the ID is legal and won’t scam you. These risks include:

  1. Fake ID: You don’t want your cash to go waste because you got a fake or low-quality ID from an unreliable source. Make sure the provider has good reviews and customers have used it.
  2. False identity: Ensure the ID you use doesn’t violate any laws and it’s from a real company with no fraud or criminal ties. Also, be aware of any consequences if law enforcement finds out.
  3. Loss of personal info: Before entering personal info, verify the legitimacy of the website to avoid identity theft or other scams.


Customer Reviews-Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth of This Popular ID Provider

Quality is key when selecting an ID provider. Customers of IDGod can trust that the materials and products they purchase are legit. Holograms and raised text similar to real-life IDs are included in their offerings. Plus, their templates get regularly updated for the best possible product.

Reviews and customer testimonials show buyers that a high-quality product can be acquired at an affordable price. All of this builds a reputation of trustworthiness, based on their IDs’ quality.

Quality of IDGod IDs

Researching a company for fake IDs? IDGod is a top provider in the industry for the past 10 years! Their IDs are professionally made with attention to detail, such as accurate states seals and holograms. High-grade PVC materials and HD printing techniques make them look just like real state-issued IDs. Security features are undetectable by authorities. Tests show they work flawlessly in clubs and bars.

When it comes to trust, IDGod gives you top-notch quality every time.

Quality of customer service

Customer service is central for any business. Especially when dealing with fake IDs. IDGod emphasizes customer service as a core offering. They offer live chat and email for instant help. Plus, all orders come with free shipping and replacements.

IDGod has a stringent process for quality assurance. All details are double checked by the internal team and third-party service provider. After that, orders are inspected upon delivery. This ensures customers get the highest quality product.


IDGod’s prices are on their website – they differ depending on the type of ID requested. Prices for each state’s driver’s license and ID card range from basic prints to full-color holograms. The cost also changes if you order multiple IDs, or if you want alterations. For example, you will pay more for extra duplicates or a hologram alteration.

Orders at IDGod must be for at least two IDs per state, unless specified. There are discounts for bulk purchases and for buying multiple IDs at once. Free shipping within the US is included in all orders. International shipping is available, but may come with an extra fee, depending on where it’s going and the weight of the package.

Is IDGod expensive?

IDGod is a well-known ID provider. People from all over the world use their services. A common query about IDGod is whether it’s pricey. The answer is no! Prices depend on the type of document requested. For instance, a US state-issued driver’s license will cost ~$120 USD. A Canadian passport is around $200 USD.

IDGod has discounts for bulk purchases and repeat customers. This way, you can save money if you need to buy numerous items. IDGod accepts a few payment methods. This includes PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit/debit cards. In conclusion, shopping at IDGod is fairly priced. Plus, you can take advantage of their discounts to make it more budget-friendly.

Are there any discounts?

ACF Wholesale gives discounts on all their goods. Customers can use online coupon codes to get a 10% discount. Plus, they can sign up for the Newsletter and get special offers and promotions not available to the public. This includes free shipping codes and discounts on select items.

Moreover, ACF Wholesale has a loyalty program for regulars. They can enjoy rewards and discounts for multiple purchases.

Lastly, customers can return their purchase within 14 days of delivery to get a full refund. However, they must follow the return policy.


To sum up, IDGod is a reliable online identity provider. It’s been in business since 2010 and has supplied lots of customers with quality items. Their return policy and live chat support are great, and shipping is fast. Their IDs are made with the same materials as state-issued IDs, so they look very authentic. All in all, IDGod is a legit service for those who need valid ID.

With secure payments, dependable services and customer service reps who really care about their customers, you can trust your order will be right.

Summary of findings

IDGod is a popular provider of ID documents from different countries. After researching and investigating, it was found that they are authentic and dependable.

The company has been in the business for a while and they have a good reputation among their customers. They also have safety and privacy measures in place. Plus, their prices are competitive and customer service is great.

Helpful staff is available to answer any queries.

In conclusion, IDGod appears legitimate. Although no one can guarantee that all orders will be successful, it looks like IDGod is a good choice for those who need quality ID documents quickly.

FAQs about: Is Idgod Legit

Q1: Is IDGod a legitimate site?

A1: Yes, IDGod is a legitimate site. They have been providing identification cards for more than 10 years and have a great reputation for reliable service.

Q2: What kind of ID cards does IDGod provide?

A2: IDGod provides state-issued identification cards from all 50 states, as well as novelty identification cards.

Q3: Does IDGod offer any guarantees?

A3: Yes, IDGod offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the product for a full refund.