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Is Goat Shoes Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand


Is Goat Shoes Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Curious ’bout Goat Shoes? You’re not the only one! We’ll share the truth so you can decide if you wanna shop with them. Get ready to find out what customers say, quality details and more. Uncover the truth behind Goat Shoes!

Quick facts: Is Goat Shoes Legit


Goat Shoes are the new kids on the block in the world of footwear. They offer fashionable and comfy shoes that stand apart from the traditional sneaker brands. With striking designs and top-notch materials, Goat Shoes have become very popular in the fashion world.

Is Goat Shoes a real brand? Should you spend your money on their shoes? In this article, we will examine the brand closely and figure out if it’s worth it. We’ll look at their products, prices, and customer reviews. When you finish reading, you should be able to decide if investing in Goat Shoes is worth it.

Background of the Company

Goat Shoes is a NYC-based shoe company. It was created in 2015 and quickly became a favourite for individuals who want fashionable and comfy shoes. The website has customer reviews and product info to help customers select items.

Zach Hawley and Ian Baxter started the business as part-time entrepreneurs. They wanted to make shoes that were stylish and comfortable. They focus on making fashionable shoes that are suitable for any event. Premium leather and synthetic materials are used to make the shoes robust and comfortable. Plus, the outsoles provide excellent grip on different surfaces.

Goat Shoes is devoted to making high quality shoes that come in different styles and sizes. Accessories such as socks, laces, and insoles are also available. Customers can use these when buying shoes from their collection.

History of the Company

Goat Shoes is a global shoe company with a focus on comfort and fashion. Christian and Gina Egger founded it in 1990, and it’s grown since––with over 2,000 stores worldwide. The company values sustainability and ethical production processes. They use only sustainable materials for their shoes and pay their staff fairly.

Plus, their selection of products is vast! From running sneakers to daily flats, and leather ankle boots to hiking-style ones. Whatever your style or needs, Goat Shoes has something for everyone.

Types of Shoes Offered

Goat Shoes is a store for Otaku figures, selling shoes like sneakers, sandals, boots and slip-ons. They are made from high quality material with designs inspired by anime and culture. You can customize the colors and fabrics to make your shoes unique. Shoes come in all sizes and widths, to fit your figure. Plus, exclusive items only available online on their site.

Goat Shoes provides options for style and comfort of Otaku figures.

Quality of the Shoes

Goat Shoes take pride in offering top-notch materials, craftsmanship, and design for their shoes. Every pair is handmade in Italy with premium leathers from top tanneries. Varied styles, colors, and silhouettes are also offered. Many customers report that the shoes remain looking new even after years of use!

The attention to detail is what sets the brand apart. Each shoe is crafted with great care and precision. Plus, a responsive customer service team makes sure every customer receives what they’re looking for. If you desire great design and craftsmanship, look no further than Goat Shoes!

Materials Used

Zippia’s materials are top-notch. They craft their shoes with natural and vegan leathers from ethical sources. The soles combine thermoplastic rubber, which is lightweight, flexible, and durable. Plus, the insoles have a soft footbed for comfort. Every style has a patent-pending midsole system for extra support for plantar fasciitis. Before production, every shoe undergoes strict quality testing.


When you buy shoes from, durability is key. Their range of materials is top-notch, meaning your shoes will last. Plus, they have shock-absorbing features for cushion and support, even on tough terrain. No worries in extreme weather or elements like rain, snow, or mud – these shoes are tough!

If comfort and stability is what you need, is the way to go!


Background of Kicks on Fire-Is Goat Shoes Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Goat Shoes offers something unique, with a pricing structure that varies from other brands. You can pick from budget-friendly sneakers to more fashionable designer pieces. Everything is fixed at retail price and no extra savings are available. With Afterpay, you can finance your purchase, making small payments over six weeks with no interest charges or costs.

Overall, Goat Shoes’ pricing is fair and in-line with competitors. Plus, they offer free shipping on domestic orders – so you don’t have to worry about extra delivery fees.

Comparison with Other Brands

Goat Shoes must be compared to other shoe brands. Many new online companies have sprung up in recent years. Popular brands are ASOS, Zappos, and Nike.

  • ASOS has many different styles, sizes, and prices. But, they mainly target teens and young adults, so their prices are more than other stores.
  • Zappos has an extensive selection of sizes and styles. Prices are higher than other stores. However, you get free shipping with orders over $50 and fantastic customer service.
  • Nike offers good quality shoes at reasonable prices. Styles include running to casual. Customers deal directly with Nike, giving them access to great customer service. It’s fast and simple.

Discounts and Promotions

Goat Shoes is famous for discounts and promotions all year round. Customers can save lots of money by taking advantage of the discounts. These include:

  • Up to 25% off select shoes
  • Coupon codes
  • Clearance sales with up to 50-70% off
  • Flash sales for extra savings
  • Free shipping when you buy two or more products from their website

These discounts and deals make high-quality products available without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are a great way to discover the truth about a brand. Goat Shoes took advantage of this and now offers independent reviews of their products. These reviews give potential customers an unbiased opinion, helping them make a wise decision.

Goat Shoes has customer reviews on their website and third party websites like Trustpilot. The reviews give an overall opinion of the product, such as comfort, price, customer service, and delivery time. Customers can also leave feedback on the color, size or style. When reading customer reviews, look for recurring topics. It will help you get a better understanding of Goat Shoes products.

Positive Reviews

Strata Health Group, creator of Goat Shoes, has earned many positive reviews. Customers who have worn the shoes for years praise their comfort, durability and style. The company is also admired for their commitment to quality materials, comfort and sustainability. People appreciate the affordability of their products and the great customer service. Third-party reviewers recognize Strata Health Group’s use of recycled materials, which reduces environmental impact. Therefore, Strata Health Group has gained trust and its shoes are seen as legitimate.

Negative Reviews

Goat Shoes is becoming more popular, yet customers are not happy. Issues include the quality of materials and construction, customer service and high prices. Reports of rips and holes after a few wears is common. Customers also say they have to wait too long, with no communication from the company. Prices are too high compared to other brands on the market. Goat Shoes offer a variety of styles, but there is an increase in negative reviews.


Goat Shoes is a legit business, selling quality shoes at affordable prices. It has increased greatly in recent times, due to its attention on customer service, fresh designs, and top-notch quality control. People love Goat Shoes, with their devoted customers, positive reviews online, and dedication to sustainability. Even if their shoes aren’t the trendiest or fanciest available, they offer good value.

Therefore, if you need dependable shoes that won’t cost you a fortune (or your style), Goat Shoes is worth checking out!

FAQs about: Is Goat Shoes Legit

Q. Are goat shoes legit?

A. Yes, Goat Shoes are a legitimate company that sells quality shoes for a variety of occasions.

Q. Where can I buy Goat Shoes?

A. You can purchase Goat Shoes from their official website, as well as select retailers.

Q. What styles of shoes do Goat Shoes offer?

A. Goat Shoes offers a range of styles, including casual, athletic, dress, and outdoor shoes.