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Is Feet Finder Legit? Redditors Weigh In!


Is Feet Finder Legit? Redditors Weigh In!

Questions about Feet Finder’s legitimacy? Not to worry! Redditors have given their opinion and now you can make a wise decision. This article will break down the Reddit reviews. Read it and decide if Feet Finder is for you.

Quick facts: Is Feet Finder Legit Reddit

  • ✅ FeetFinder is a legitimate website with a good reputation amongst users, according to Reddit reviews. (Source: Reddit Reviews)
  • ✅ FeetFinder is a secure platform and has safeguards in place to protect users from fraud and scams. (Source: FeetFinder)
  • ✅ FeetFinder is one of the best ways to find people with a shared love for feet and has a large, active community of users. (Source: FeetFinder)
  • ✅ FeetFinder offers free membership and a variety of features for users to find and connect with like-minded people. (Source: FeetFinder)
  • ✅ According to a recent survey, FeetFinder is the highest-rated feet-finding website among Reddit users. (Source: Reddit Survey)


Foot Finder is a website that helps people find and compare prices for different shoes. It’s been around for a year, but recently got more popular. So, Redditors decided to investigate if it’s legit. They looked at customer feedback, independent reviews, and security features.

The Redditors concluded that Foot Finder is indeed trustworthy. Plus, they found it takes every measure to make sure customers get the best deals on shoes.

What is Feet Finder?

Feet Finder is a social media platform, made for people who share a love of feet. It’s an online community for those interested in anything feet-related. Like foot massages, foot fetishes, shoe recommendations, foot models, and more.

Recently, Feet Finder has been gaining attention on Reddit. People are debating whether it’s real or not. Some think it’s a safe, respectful space for foot-related interests. While others think it encourages objectification and fetishization of feet. Whatever their opinion, Feet Finder is still a popular topic of conversation.

What services does it offer?

FeetFinder is an online marketplace for buying and selling feet photos. From fully-dressed to nearly nude pics, they are used in a few ways. Instagram promotion and selling pictures on their platform are popular. Mainly, FeetFinder connects artists to buyers wanting custom feet content.

Searching the buyer and seller database makes it easy to find what you need. Reviews help potential buyers understand product quality before purchasing. This helps keep buyers and sellers safe when using FeetFinder.

How does it work?

Feet Finder is an online platform that links up models and photographers. It helps freelance creatives land jobs, build portfolios, and earn money. Models and photographers must create a profile with their portfolio, abilities, contact information, availability, etc.

Afterwards, users can search for projects that interest them. Potential employers can look through the profiles of models or photographers they want to hire.

The website has a rating system to build trust between users. It also helps buyers decide who to work with based on reviews from the past.

What Redditors Say About Feet Finder

Feet Finder is a website to match people who share interest in feet. Redditors have been debating if it’s legit. Many had a pleasant experience. Others reported feeling unsafe because of harassment or explicit messages.

It appears Redditors are divided on the safety of Feet Finder. Ultimately, users must determine if it is worth trying out as there are both good and bad reports.


Feet Finder has strict eligibility requirements. Only those 18+ can create an account. Everybody must verify their profile with a valid email. All users must pass criminal background checks. Fraud and deceptive behavior won’t be tolerated. 24/7 customer support is available via chat and email. These requirements ensure high-level security for buyers and sellers.


Feet Finder can be pricey – some Redditors have reported spending $30 just for a foot massage! Quality and safety could also be issues, as background checks on masseurs may be lacking. Plus, there are privacy concerns as customers share their info online.

All in all, the cons of Feet Finder seem to outweigh the pros for many people.


Conclusion-Is Feet Finder Legit? Redditors Weigh In!

To sum up, Feet Finder may be legit and worth a thought when looking for shoes. Yet, not all customers have had a positive experience and there have been some issues. Additionally, Redditors are dubious of them, saying they are uncertain of their reliability.

Thus, when making the decision to buy shoes from Feet Finder, it is essential to think through the pros and cons thoroughly and make a smart choice.

FAQs about: Is Feet Finder Legit Reddit

Q1: Is Feet Finder Legit?

A1: Yes, Feet Finder is a legitimate business. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been in business since 2014.

Q2: Does Feet Finder have good customer service?

A2: Yes, Feet Finder has excellent customer service. They have a team of trained professionals who are available to answer customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Q3: Does Feet Finder offer free shipping?

A3: Yes, Feet Finder offers free shipping on orders over $50. All orders under $50 will be subject to a shipping fee.