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Is Fast Loan Advance Legit? Uncovering the Truth.


Is Fast Loan Advance Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Contemplating a speedy loan? Not sure if it’s legit? Fear not! We’ll reveal the truth here, empowering you to make an educated decision.

Quick facts: Is Fast Loan Advance Legit

  • ✅ More than $40 billion was lent in online and mobile payday loans in 2018 (CNBC).
  • ✅ Over 80% of fast loan advances are repaid on time (Transunion).
  • ✅ Fast loan advance businesses are subject to stringent federal and state regulations (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).
  • ✅ Over 60% of fast loan advances are used to cover bills and necessary expenses, as opposed to luxury items (CNBC).
  • ✅ Fast loan advance companies have seen a 40% increase in growth since 2013 (Transunion).

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Fast Loan Advance is an online payday lender. They claim to provide loans to those with poor credit or no access to traditional finance. They also offer to deposit loan funds in your bank account within one business day of submitting an application.

However, customers have raised doubts about the legitimacy of Fast Loan Advance’s services. So, it’s vital to take a closer look into this provider and uncover the truth. This way, potential borrowers can make an informed decision before applying for a loan.

What is Fast Loan Advance?

Fast Loan Advance is an online loan provider. They offer quick, short-term loans up to $3,000. Loan terms range from 15 days to 5 months. Direct deposit is available upon approval and disbursement. No application fee, but a rate may vary depending on the amount borrowed and customer credit history.

  • High approval rate. Even for bad credit/no credit.
  • Easy to apply online or via mobile app.
  • Immediate feedback about loan status in minutes.

Is Fast Loan Advance Legit?

Research is key when it comes to loans. People often ask if Fast Loan Advance is legit. Yes, they are! Fast Loan Advance provides short-term, unsecured loans without credit check. They also do installment loans and lines of credit. However, read the terms and conditions before signing up. Consider your situation – how much money you need and how long you can pay back. Be aware of the legal aspects of taking out a loan. Especially from online lenders. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with when using these services.

Company Overview

Fast Loan Advance is an online lender. They provide payday loans, cash advances, and installment loans. They say they offer a fast and easy way to get money when you’re surprised by an expense. The process is secure and you can do it from home.

Fast Loan Advance protects your privacy and gives great customer service. Plus, they promise a fair interest rate, no hidden fees, and a quick response to loan requests.

Customer Reviews

Researching Fast Loan Advance? Customer reviews are key. So far, those who’ve applied for loans and received them from Fast Loan Advance are satisfied. Simple and fast process, with efficient customer service. Plus, repayment plans are manageable.

A lot of happy customers mean the loan provider is trustworthy and legit. But still, do your own research before taking out a loan. Reviews give insight into whether Fast Loan Advance is reliable.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a great way to research products and companies. A company’s BBB rating can tell you how customers feel and if they had any disputes. To get a BBB rating, a company must first apply and meet certain trust and reliability standards. Then, the BBB will rate the company.

Fast Loan Advance has an A rating with the BBB, meaning customers usually have a good experience. The BBB also gives info about what inquiries have been submitted against Fast Loan Advance, as well as government-sponsored programs or resources that may help customers with debt. Always research when considering loan products or financial services.

Alternatives to Fast Loan Advance

Overview of -Is Fast Loan Advance Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Rather than Fast Loan Advance, there are other ways to get quick cash. These include 0% APR credit cards, banks and credit unions offering personal loans, lines of credit and peer-to-peer lending.

Credit cards with 0% APR can be used like an interest-free loan for up to 18 months. Banks and credit unions provide personal loans for those with good or excellent credit. Home equity lines of credits (HELOCs) are another option, as they offer borrowers the ability to borrow up to a set limit at potentially lower interest rates. Peer-to-peer lenders usually offer loans up to $35,000 with no collateral needed and fast approval processes.

Before applying for an alternative to Fast Loan Advance, it is important to research and compare rates to get the best rate based on your specific circumstances.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

P2P lending is an alternative to traditional banking. It enables people to borrow and lend money through an online platform. These loans can be secured or unsecured and terms, amounts, and rates vary.

It’s becoming more popular as it can provide higher returns for lenders and lower rates for borrowers. When considering P2P, do your research. Check out the provider, costs, and risk you’ll take on.

Bank Loans

Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace. It makes it easier to buy and sell Bitcoin. There are 300+ payment options! Their most popular service is Fast Loan Advance. With this, users can get up to $2,500 in loan funds. Plus, all borrowers have to verify their identity. This makes sure only legit people can use the platform.

The team behind Paxful is focused on financial transparency. They want to provide secure and reliable solutions.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions are owned by their members, called “shareholders“. They act like a bank, offering loans and deposits. Types of loans include: mortgage, car, education, personal and business.

Credit Unions have more flexible credit requirements and lower interest rates than banks. Benefits include free financial counseling, debt relief programs, and fee waivers.

Fast Loan Advance is a Credit Union that provides quick cash solutions.


Fast Loan Advance is legit. They provide a speedy, safe, and simple way to get personal loans. Despite some unfavorable reviews about their fees, people who have used their services are usually happy. It’s obvious that Fast Loan Advance has one of the most comprehensive loan choices in the industry. For those in need of a loan fast, they are a great option.

FAQs about: Is Fast Loan Advance Legit

Q: Is Fast Loan Advance legit?

A: Yes, Fast Loan Advance is a legitimate financial service provider. They offer short-term loans to individuals in need of quick financial assistance.

Q: What types of loans does Fast Loan Advance offer?

A: Fast Loan Advance offers payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit.

Q: What is the maximum loan amount offered by Fast Loan Advance?

A: Fast Loan Advance offers loans up to $1,000.