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Is Fanatics Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand


Is Fanatics Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Curious about Fanatics? The world’s biggest online retailer of licensed sports merchandise? Unearth the reality behind this well-liked brand. Discover if it’s legit. Here’s all you need to know!

Quick facts: Is Fanatics Legit

  • ✅ Fanatics is now the largest online sports merchandise retailer, controlling up to 70% of the market (TechCrunch).
  • ✅ Fanatics is a trusted and reliable company, boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ Fanatics has seen a 30% year-over-year growth in revenue since 2015 (Forbes).
  • ✅ Fanatics is one of the top ecommerce merchants for customer loyalty, with a ratings score of 8.9 out of 10 (TopRatedEcommerce).
  • ✅ Fanatics has a presence in over 175 countries worldwide (Business Insider).


Is Fanatics legit? Founded in 1984, Fanatics is a sportswear and merchandise retailer. It provides officially licensed sports apparel, memorabilia and accessories for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & collegiate teams. Fans view it as their go-to destination for sports fan merchandise. So, let us explore the brand’s history, product selection and customer reviews to find out if Fanatics is worth it.

History of Fanatics

Fanatics, a sports-focused retail company, was founded in 1995. It started as an online store for NFL merchandise. But it quickly grew to include NBA, NHL and MLB teams. It sold apparel and accessories for men and women. Also, it added licensed NFL, MLB and NCAA merchandise from other brands.

In the late 2000s, the company acquired its biggest competitors. In 2011, it bought It used big data technology to improve its website. It created personalized customer experiences with FanJet. This led to success.

Today, Fanatics has agreements with the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and over 200 universities in North America. It sells millions of dollars of merchandise each year.

Overview of the Brand

Fanatics is a world-renowned provider of licensed sports merchandise. It was established in 2001 and has become one of the most respected brands in the industry. Fanatics sells top-quality clothing, plus an online shop with exclusive bargains on team merchandise and autographed goodies.

Their customer service department is available 24/7 for queries or worries. Plus, partnerships with major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon allow them to reach a larger market.

Feedback from customers is generally positive. They praise the quality products at competitive prices, plus their helpful customer service. Plus, customers often highlight their quick delivery and great selection for even the most ardent fans.

Expansion of the Brand

WordsRated is a brand from Fanatics, the world’s biggest provider of official sports apparel, merchandise, and gear. Fanatics has been in operation since 1995, and is known for their licensed products from all major leagues and colleges.

The WordsRated brand is about creating unique designs for teams and players. Every item in their collection is crafted with the knowledge that there are different fan bases with different looks. They design their products so that each fan can find something that fits their individual style. From limited edition t-shirts to standard team apparelWordsRated aims to give fans items that match their personal style.

In addition to selling on their own website, WordsRated also works with big retailers such as Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many more. With these partnerships they can spread their reach worldwide while still providing customers with high-quality merchandise.

Criticisms and Controversies

Fanatics has been in hot water since its beginning. People are not happy with the customer service, business methods, and quality control. Customers rage about long waits for help and wrong or incomplete deliveries. There have also been claims that the company charges too much for their goods. People say the products are poor quality and don’t last.

It has also been reprimanded for using sweatshop labor and unfair business measures. It has been heavily criticized for not paying athletes and workers fairly and for not considering the environment in production. All this has made people doubt Fanatics’ trustworthiness.

Accusations of Unfair Labor Practices

Fanatics has been accused of unfair labor practices. Complaints allege unpaid interns in distribution centers, and employees forced to work long hours with few breaks. Additionally, Fanatics has been criticized for dependence on overseas factories not providing a safe working environment or livable wages.

The company responded that they are committed to fair labor practices. They have implemented a “Supplier Code of Conduct” requiring ethical conduct and fair labor practices. Some still feel Fanatics has a long way to go to be an ethical employer.

Allegations of Poor Quality Merchandise

Many people allege that Fanatics’ merchandise is of low quality, as much of it is made in China and overseas. This means it may not meet the same standards as US-made goods. Although there are reports of lower quality merchandise from Fanatics, many customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Fanatics has taken action. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and have an extensive customer service team for inquiries, returns, or exchanges. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual if they want to purchase Fanatics products, considering quality and brand loyalty compared to other sporting goods stores.

Customer Reviews

Is Kickscrew Legit?-Is Fanatics Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Customer reviews are a great way to discover truths about a brand or company. Reviews allow customers to give their honest and independent thoughts about a product or service. Fanatics, a global sports apparel business, have reviews that show their products, shipping speed and accuracy, quality, customer service and overall satisfaction. Reading customer reviews is a great way to know if Fanatics is trustworthy and if they meet customers’ expectations.

Mixed opinions come from customer reviews, so it’s wise to look at both positive and negative reviews to get a holistic view of Fanatics.

Positive Reviews

Peoplelooker receives many positive reviews from real customers. Reports say their info is accurate and detailed. Plus, they are reliable, secure, and trustworthy. People find the website user-friendly, and the customer service team is helpful. Customers also say the subscription is affordable and cost-effective, making Peoplelooker a legit service with quality offerings.

Negative Reviews

Potential customers wonder if Fanatics is legit. Reviews are generally positive, with people praising prices and the shopping experience. But, there have been issues. Customers have reported:

  • Not receiving orders, or them not being in their size.
  • Long shipping times.
  • Difficulty reaching customer service.
  • Lack of response to emails.
  • Plus, some delivery delays due to COVID-19.

Fanatics has tried to keep up, but shoppers find there’s not enough transparency and communication regarding order status updates. Despite these issues, most customers are happy with their buying experience.


Fanatics is legit! They sell authentic sports team and brand merchandise. Quality stuff, competitive prices, and a wide selection. Plus, secure checkout and excellent customer service. Easy returns and exchanges too. You can trust Fanatics to deliver.

It’s important to remember that this review is based on research, plus personal experience. Customers should always do their own research before buying, to make sure they are getting what they expect. Have fun shopping!

FAQs about: Is Fanatics Legit

Q: Is Fanatics a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Fanatics is a licensed and legitimate company that is the official retailer of all major professional and college sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Q: Is Fanatics a safe site to shop?

A: Yes, Fanatics is a safe and secure e-commerce site that uses industry-standard encryption to protect your personal and payment information.

Q: Does Fanatics offer free shipping?

A: Yes, Fanatics offers free standard shipping on orders over $30.