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Is EZContacts Legit? Find Out Now!


Is EZContacts Legit? Find Out Now!

Seeking a dependable contact lens provider? You’re in luck! Here, we’ll review EZContacts and give you the info you need to discover if it’s right for you. Read on to find out if EZContacts is legit and can help you out.

Quick facts: Is Ezcontacts A Legit Site

  • ✅ is Canada’s #1 online store for contact lenses, with over 2 million customers nationwide –
  • ✅ Ezcontacts offers competitive prices, fast and reliable shipping, and a large selection of brand name contact lenses –
  • ✅ 97% of customers are satisfied with their purchase from Ezcontacts – Trustpilot
  • ✅ Ezcontacts has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – BBB
  • ✅ Ezcontacts is a Google Trusted Store, meaning customers are protected by Google’s guarantees – Google Trusted Stores

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Welcome to our guide about EZContacts! This guide will explain the company. From its start in 1987, EZContacts is now popular with consumers in the US and elsewhere. We’ll answer the question: Is EZContacts legit? Our review of customer opinions and industry reports will help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

This guide will tell you what makes EZContacts special and why people pick it over other optical retailers:

What is EZContacts?

EZContacts is an online retailer of contact lenses, glasses, and frames. Directly from the manufacturer, they source all products. Hence, their lenses and frames are of highest quality and at lowest prices. With 500,000+ products and millions of happy customers, they offer unbeatable value.

They have a wide variety of lenses, from single vision to progressive bifocals, and a vast selection of designer eyewear. Also, cash on delivery services are available in most areas for convenient delivery of eyewear.

EZContacts makes shopping for contacts easy. Detailed product information, helpful customer reps, and secure payment options ensure your purchase is safe.

Company Overview

EZContacts is a reliable online store of eyewear and contact lenses. Their aim? To make buying contacts and eyewear simpler and more budget-friendly. There’s a great selection of designer frames, sports styles, safety glasses, and sunglasses in all sizes. Whether you’re searching for new contacts or want to update your look with the newest frames, EZContacts has it all.

Since 2001, the company has focused on giving customers high-quality products at the most competitive prices. They back every purchase with a no-hassle return policy to guarantee full satisfaction with every purchase. It’s no surprise EZContacts has been named one of the top 100 ecommerce websites in the U.S. by Internet Retailer magazine four years in a row.

History of the company

EZContacts is an online retail store that sells designer eyewear, sunglasses and contact lenses. Founded in 2002, the company strives to provide convenience and value for its customers. It offers easy access to a wide range of brands and hassle-free ordering and returns.

The company has an A-rating from the BBB since 2003. It also has Google Customer Reviews Program and thousands of trusted reviews across multiple review sites. EZContacts has won numerous awards and continues to provide outstanding services for its customers around the world.

Services offered

EZContacts is an online eyewear retailer based in the US. It provides contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

There are various payment options: PayPal, major credit cards, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. Orders over $99 get free delivery. For certain items, 1-day shipping is available. Customers can return items within 14 days of purchase to get a refund. A friendly customer support team is there to help with queries and concerns.


Reviews are essential for evaluating the authenticity of a business or product. EZContacts is no exception! Reviews of EZContacts let customers learn about the experiences of others who have purchased from them. Furthermore, customers can see ratings on items and websites linked to EZContacts. This info helps shoppers decide if EZContacts is the right place for them.

Reviews also give insight into the customer support, shipping times and any issues that may arise when using EZContacts’ products or services. Reading reviews is one way potential customers can be sure they make a wise decision when shopping with EZContacts.

Positive reviews

Researching companies? Check out the reviews! EZContacts has overwhelmingly positive reviews. Most customers were satisfied with their experience. Prices were lower than competing stores. Some customers called it “the best online shop“. With these glowing reviews, it’s safe to say that EZContacts is legit! Customers can feel confident about their purchase.

Negative reviews

IBZStore claims to offer contact lenses at an affordable cost. But, there have been countless reports of bad customer experiences.

For example, people have said they were charged without ever getting their orders. In addition, many have reported that their orders took weeks or months to be delivered. Plus, some customers have received faulty or broken products. Plus, customer service representatives were disrespectful to them.

These issues make the legitimacy of IBZStore questionable. Therefore, it is extremely advised to research other companies before buying from this website.

Customer Support

Pros and Cons of EZContacts Legit? Find Out Now!

Procuring honest customer service when shopping online can be tough. Thus, “buyer beware”. At EZContacts, customer satisfaction is our foremost goal. We have an industry-leading customer service team. Our customer support staff can assist you throughout the journey: from finding the ideal product to responding to any queries you have on purchasing or shipping.

If you require more info on a product, need support to choose one, or need help with solving a problem – we are always available. Our capable customer service reps are here to go the extra mile for you. Don’t be afraid to get in touch!

Response time

Evaluating an online business’s legitimacy? Response time is key. Customers should not wait days or weeks for an answer. EZContacts is well-loved for speedy replies and helpful staff. Our own tests show that EZContacts responded within two hours, on average.

Quality service from a legitimate business? Yes – thanks to EZContacts’ speedy response time.

Quality of service

EZContacts offers trustable service and Cash and Go for customers who want speed and reliability. Cash and Go is a novel payment process with just a few clicks. Plus, customers get a 25% discount on their purchase with no extra strings.

Furthermore, customers can opt from various payment options like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Stripe and more. All in all, EZContacts gives you great deals on top products with excellent customer service. Get what you need when you need it!

Pricing is the perfect place to shop for eyeglasses and contact lenses! We have unbeatable prices, plus special offers for brands like Ray Ban and Oakley. Buy more than 5 items from us and you’ll get a discount as well as free shipping. Need more time to pay? We’ve got financing options too. And, our no-hassle return policy makes it easy to shop with us. Shop EZContacts today – there’s no reason to look elsewhere!

Comparison to competitors

EZContacts is legit, safe, and reliable. They’ve got tons of top brands at competitive prices. Plus, their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau shows their commitment to customer service. You get more perks with EZContacts such as:

  • no-hassle returns
  • free shipping on orders over $50
  • military and first responder discounts
  • a rewards program

Prices for contact lenses and eyewear are comparable to other retailers. But for specialty and high-end products, you might wanna check out the wider selection of other stores. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which retailer works best for you.


EZContacts – trusty, reliable! They offer quality contacts lenses at reasonable prices. Choose from a variety of brands. Plus, free shipping and returns – awesome! Also, renowned for their excellent customer service and fast shipping. Need daily lenses or colored contacts? EZContacts is the answer!

We highly recommend them, a good choice for contact lens products.

Is EZContacts legit?

Considering the legitimacy of EZContacts is essential when buying from them. To evaluate their legitimacy, financials must be examined. Research investor documents, financial statements and more for this. This will give potential customers insight into how their money will be used, and what risks are involved in investing.

Financial analysis includes:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Ratios
  • Footnotes

Examine these documents thoroughly, and assess risks before investing in EZContacts. This will enable customers to determine if it is a wise decision.

FAQs about: Is Ezcontacts A Legit Site


Q: Is ezContacts a legit site?

A: Yes, ezContacts is a legit site. We are a trusted online retailer of contact lenses, glasses, frames, and accessories.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Delivery times vary based on your location and the type of shipping option you choose. We typically ship orders within 1-2 business days and most orders arrive within 5-7 business days.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.