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Is Etix Legitimate? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Ticket Service


Is Etix Legitimate? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Ticket Service

Struggling for a dependable ticketing service for your upcoming event? You’re not alone. It’s tricky to tell which ticketing platforms are bona fide and which should be avoided.

In this piece, we’ll expose the reality behind Etix and assist you to determine if it’s the correct ticket service for you.

Quick facts: Is Etix Legit

✅ Etix has been an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau since 2011 – Better Business Bureau
✅ Etix serves over 12,000 clients in more than 40 countries – Etix
✅ Etix has sold over 500 million tickets since its launch in 2000 – Etix
✅ Etix processes 5 million tickets per month – Etix
✅ Etix is a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant company – Etix


Many people hesitate to use Etix – a ticketing service for events such as sports games, concerts and theatre shows. Is it safe to purchase tickets through them?

We did some digging to uncover the truth. Etix is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an A+ rating. This means they meet BBB’s standards in terms of customer service. They also have had no serious complaints filed against them in the past three years.

Etix partners with well-known organizations such as NASCAR, NBA, NFL, Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Nascar Hall of Fame. With this backing, you can trust you’re dealing with a reliable company when you purchase tickets through Etix.

Overview of Etix

Etix is a legitimate ticketing service. They offer tickets for concerts, arts, sports, and more. Customers can buy tickets on their website or in-person at Etix ticket offices. Etix operates all over the US and beyond. They offer hundreds of thousands of tickets annually.

  • Features include pre-sale tickets for exclusive shows, a mobile app, and an easy return policy.
  • Moreover, customer support is available by phone and email.
  • Secure payments are guaranteed with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal accepted.
  • Etix also has security measures to protect customer data from misuse.
  • Customers can trust that their transactions with Etix are secure and legitimate.

What Is Etix?

Etix is an online ticketing service. It offers event organizers a safe and reliable way to sell and manage tickets. It provides customers with tools to manage their events, like ticket sales, promotional messaging, registration forms, e-commerce functions and customer feedback capabilities. Plus, it has advanced reporting capabilities to help organizers make the most of their events.

In 2019, Etix was acquired by PeopleLooker LLC. PeopleLooker is a company that provides data about people for various purposes, such as background checks and identity verification. It is based in Nashville, but has offices all over the world.

Though PeopleLooker is known for providing accurate data on people, some people are worried about using their services for ticketing events. So, let’s take a look into PeopleLooker and Etix to see if they are legitimate providers of ticketing services.

How Does Etix Work?

Etix is a secure and reliable ticketing service. It provides tickets for concerts, theater performances, and more. Event organizers can use the platform to make event websites, sell tickets, manage ticket inventory, view sales reports, customize check-in processes, and build fan engagement tools.

Customers can manage their orders through their account dashboard. They can also transfer or resell tickets. Etix has fraud prevention technology to keep sellers and buyers safe. Lastly, it supports dozens of currencies and covers a global market.

Reviews of Etix

Etix is an online ticket provider. But is it legit? It’s smart to read reviews before buying tickets.

Most complaints with Etix include slow customer service, finding the event page tough, and ticket problems. However, many customers report quick customer service and good website navigation. Plus, some have received refunds fast. Reviews of Etix are usually positive. Read reviews before buying tickets to get an understanding of the provider’s level of service and quality.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews of Etix mostly point out the professionalism and effectiveness of their customer service. Customers were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were able to get help. They expressed their appreciation in glowing terms. Ticket prices are very reasonable compared to other sites. The selection of events is extensive. Customers also praised how user-friendly the website is. They commented on how easy it was to find tickets they were looking for.

All reviews share a common sentiment that Etix is an efficient ticketing service with great customer service. In short, it is legitimate.

Negative Reviews

Etix, a ticket service provider, has been receiving negative reviews. Customers claim to have not received their tickets. Delays in delivery and customer service being slow to respond were reported. Additionally, many said they were overcharged and not refunded. Customers described Etix as unreliable and untrustworthy.

This trust issue has caused some to avoid using Etix altogether. Though, mixed reviews exist. Some customers were satisfied with the purchase and delivery process. However, the negative feedback about Etix’s operations outweighs the positive.

Security and Privacy

Company Overview-Is Etix Legitimate? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Ticket Service

Security and privacy are a priority for Etix customers. They give Etix their personal info, like address, phone number, and bank details, to buy tickets. It’s important to keep this info secure and private.

Etix takes measures to protect customers’ data. All transactions happen using a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption protocol, which scrambles the data so it can’t be read while moving between websites. The website also has an authentication system that verifies customers’ identities before allowing them access to certain parts of the site. Etix works closely with banks and payment companies like Mastercard to make sure customers’ payments online are protected.

Etix is very committed to protecting customers’ security and privacy online. SSL encryption protocols and authentication systems make sure customers’ data is safe from malicious use.

What Security Measures Does Etix Take?

Etix takes security seriously. They use SSL encryption technology to scramble data while it is sent over the internet. They also ensure partners and vendors uphold secure payment processing. All sensitive customer data is stored on a secure server, away from unauthorised access.

To protect customers further, Etix provides a virtual credit card processor. This helps customers avoid entering their personal credit card number on the checkout page.

What Privacy Measures Does Etix Take?

Etix is a popular online ticket service that provides customers easy access to tickets. To ensure customer privacy, Etix implements various measures.

  • Firstly, they encrypt sensitive data using RSA encryption technology. This makes it impossible for anyone but the intended recipient to read it.
  • Moreover, Etix has strict policies to keep customer information confidential and secure.

This includes using customer info only for ticket sales and only sending marketing material after a customer’s request. Additionally, Etix takes part in industry-wide initiatives to promote responsible ticketing practices and protect against fraud.


Research into Etix has revealed it offers a secure platform to buy tickets worldwide. Prices are competitive and payment options varied. Plus, there are no ticket scams or fraud reports. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to purchase online.

Plus, Etix is efficient, meaning customers can buy tickets quickly and enjoy the event-going experience without a hitch. It’s reliable, credible and provides peace of mind when buying tickets.

FAQs about: Is Etix Legit

Q: Is Etix a legitimate ticketing service?

A: Yes, Etix is a legitimate ticketing service. They are one of the leading ticketing companies in the world, providing secure ticketing solutions for top venues, festivals, and other events.

Q: Can I trust Etix with my payment information?

A: Absolutely. Etix is a secure and reliable ticketing service, and all transactions and payment information is protected with the latest encryption technology.

Q: Does Etix offer customer support?

A: Yes, Etix offers 24/7 customer support. You can reach their customer service team by phone, email, or through their online chat feature.