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Is Established Titles Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Company


Is Established Titles Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Company

Pondering Established Titles for your upcoming project? Don’t decide until you discover the facts concerning the business. We have looked into it and have the answers you need to make a smart choice.

Quick facts: Is Established Titles Legit

  • ✅ Of the 900+ titles indexed on the Wikipedia List of Nobility, only 65 have a verifiable source and can be considered legitimate: Source – Wikipedia
  • ✅ In the UK, it is illegal to use a title that has not been granted by the Crown: Source –
  • ✅ There is a substantial market for the sale of fraudulent titles, with some selling for as much as $50,000: Source – The Guardian
  • ✅ According to a study by the University of Edinburgh, only one in four people with self-proclaimed aristocratic titles can be considered legitimate: Source – University of Edinburgh
  • ✅ The legitimacy of a title is difficult to verify, as there is no universal standard for what constitutes a legitimate title: Source – The Telegraph
  • Introduction

    Established Titles is a company that promises to aid customers to get legal titles for their residences and commercial properties. It provides all kinds of services, from title searches to document filing to title insurance.

    But, some customers have doubts about Established Titles’ legitimacy. This article will uncover the truth. It’ll review customer feedback and analyze data on the company’s operations. The goal is to give readers an honest and impartial opinion. This can assist them in making a wise choice when considering if they should use Established Titles for their property related matters.

    What is Established Titles?

    Established Titles is an online title provider. It’s based in the UK and provides access to public records. These include property deeds, marriage and death certificates. Other legal documents are also available.

    Established Titles promises a secure and confidential ordering process. Plus, they offer quick delivery of documents after purchase. There are also additional features like title insurance and insolvency search services.

    Before trusting Established Titles with legal documents, consider the pros and cons. Understand what they offer and any potential drawbacks. This way, customers can make informed decisions about their unique situations.

    Background of the company

    Established Titles started in 2017 with the mission of delivering top-notch products and service to customers. Need nameplates, street signs, parking signs or other custom signs? Established Titles is your go-to. Over 10,000 clients have been satisfied with their services.

    They are based in the US and offer global shipping. They use both experienced craftsmen and modern machinery to ensure every product is perfect before dispatch. Customers can pick from stainless steel, aluminum, wood, acrylic, brass and more. Plus, Established Titles offers free returns on certain items within 30 days of delivery. Impressive, right?

    Services Offered

    Established Titles is a legit business that offers services like title searches, title registrations, escrow services, and more. They want to make sure their clients can use their service without any stress. They understand not everyone knows the title process, so they work to make it as easy as possible.

    They also have an online platform. There, customers can find the latest info about titles, or search for any issues or requests. Their online tools give quick estimates, restrictions, liens, court orders, deeds, and easements. That helps customers make better decisions and protect themselves from risks when buying or selling property titles.

    Types of titles offered offers titles such as condos, apartments, town homes, multi-family properties and other residential real estate. They have commercial listings including office buildings and industrial warehouses. Customers can access executive summaries, property details, community descriptions, pictures and floor plans. also provides resources for buying and selling property. Furthermore, they provide apartment searches based on location and amenities. It is a great resource for those looking to rent or buy. It has detailed data about the local market like property values, average rental rates, demographic info, and current trends.


    Prizepicks rewards customers for buying digital titles. Customers can purchase titles with a one-time payment or subscription. The one-time payment includes access to titles in the same series. Subscriptions include access to multiple titles in a series, but all must be purchased. Prices range from $2.99/month for Basic to $19.99/month for Ultimate, giving full access to all Prizepicks titles.

    Prizepicks offers discounts for annual payments and bundle purchases. Plus, each customer gets 200 discounted points each month for store purchases, saving more money.

    Delivery and turnaround times

    Established Titles offer various delivery and turnaround times, which are dependent on the product and service needed. Usually, they provide a 2-3 day turnaround, but this can be extended if needed. Some services may have longer turnaround times – up to 8 days. For those needing their order fast, Established Titles also offer express shipping for an extra fee.

    Delivery options include: next-day air, two-day air, ground, and freight shipping for bigger orders. This gives customers the most convenient and cost-effective way to receive their orders, regardless of their location.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are a great way to learn about a company. They give people an unbiased opinion of what a company offers. When searching for reviews, it’s important to look at various sources. Different people can have different experiences.

    It’s a good idea to look at what customers say about Established Titles. This gives a better idea of the customer service, product quality, and customer experience. It’s also wise to check online ratings from websites like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau. These may have reviews about Established Titles.

    Overview of customer reviews

    Rently has been a rental platform for more than 10 years. It offers marketing, leasing and property maintenance services. Reviews say the platform is easy to use and the tenant screening service is great. Most customers are satisfied with the customer service. Although, some have complained about response time. People appreciate that there are different plans available to suit different budgets.

    Pros and cons of Established Titles

    Established Titles is a business which supports people and companies in obtaining property titles and deeds. Their services let buyers purchase titles, search documents, and write their own deeds. Established Titles also offer free consultations to assist buyers with real estate paperwork and processes.

    Pros of Established Titles include:

    • A website which is simple to use and user-friendly.
    • Easy navigation on the website to find needed resources.
    • Free consultations to give buyers personalized advice from an expert.
    • A huge library of state-specific resources for customers researching local property laws.

    Cons of Established Titles are:

    • Inaccurate info or advice on legal matters like zoning laws or tenant rights.
    • Delays in document processing due to slow customer service response times.
    • Some customers have had trouble when cancelling accounts even when they haven’t received any services from Established Titles.


    Alternatives to Travelup-Is Established Titles Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Company

    Established Titles is legit! They offer authentic titles of Lord or Lady at a fair price, with many pleased customers. Plus, they have great customer service and are based in the UK. Their contact info is also available.

    So, if you’re looking to celebrate something special or start a new chapter, Established Titles could be the way to go. It could be valuable, and the cost could be worth it if you’re looking for some sort of academic or social recognition.

    Final verdict on Established Titles

    The final word on Established Titles is they’re legit. They have a good rep for providing quality online services, like domain name registration and website hosting. Plus, their customer service and technical support are both quick and reliable. The website has a safe checkout system with Verisign encryption to safeguard financial data.

    Established Titles has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Most consumer reviews of the company are great, praising their customer service and quality services at an affordable cost. All in all, it’s safe to say that Established Titles is a dependable business that can be trusted to offer excellent services from beginning to end.


    Researching Established Titles is a must. Before signing up, customers should do their own research. Established Titles offers great customer service and resources. But, it’s important to be aware of state laws and regulations regarding titles and their transferability. This info should be in the contract. It is also possible to find it by researching independently.

    When deciding to sign up, weigh the pros and cons. If reliable title transfer services with excellent customer service and resources are needed, Established Titles may be a good choice.

    FAQs about: Is Established Titles Legit

    Q: Is it legal to use established titles?

    A: Yes, it is legal to use established titles as long as you are not infringing on trademarked titles. It is important to check your local laws before using any titles.

    Q: What should I consider when using established titles?

    A: You should consider the potential legal implications of using established titles. Always check local laws and regulations to ensure you are not infringing on trademarked titles. Additionally, try to avoid titles that are too similar to existing titles.

    Q: Are there any restrictions on using established titles?

    A: Yes, there are restrictions on using established titles. Always check local laws and regulations to ensure you are not infringing on trademarked titles. Additionally, try to avoid titles that are too similar to existing titles.