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Is DriveTime Legit: Get the Facts Here!


Is DriveTime Legit: Get the Facts Here!

Seeking a secure, lawful car-buying experience? Don’t let doubt take charge! Get the facts here and find out if DriveTime is legit. You’ll be given the power to make an informed choice you can have faith in.

Quick facts: Is Drivetime Legit

  • ✅ DriveTime has over 150 dealerships nationwide and over 140,000 vehicles available (DriveTime).
  • ✅ DriveTime’s finance plans offer buyers the option to pay flexible down payments and offers extended warranty options (DriveTime).
  • ✅ DriveTime offers a 24-hour roadside assistance program (DriveTime).
  • ✅ DriveTime has a 5-star overall customer rating on the Trustpilot platform (Trustpilot).
  • ✅ DriveTime has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
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    Welcome to our guide on DriveTime! This Phoenix, Arizona-based used-car retailer has more than 120 dealerships spread across the United States. Are they reliable? Is DriveTime a legitimate choice for finding a great used car? We’ll cover that in this guide.

    From their selection of cars to their financing, customer service, warranties and customer experiences – we’ll break it all down and help you decide if DriveTime is right for you. So grab your coffee – let’s begin our journey to find out if DriveTime is legit or not!

    What is DriveTime?

    DriveTime is a go-to for used car needs. Their tech allows them to provide great cars, no matter the credit score. They’re one of the biggest dealers in the US, with 140+ locations across 18 states. Prices range from $10K to $50K, with trucks, sedans, and SUVs. Even better, they offer extended warranties that cover 12 months and 12K miles of repairs.

    DriveTime’s commitment to customer service makes them an ideal option for those looking for a reliable car and financing.

    Overview of DriveTime

    DriveTime is an awesome vehicle purchasing and financing platform owned by Strata Health Group. It was founded in 2002 and has quickly become one of the largest used car dealers in America. With over 140 locations across the US, customers can easily find great value vehicles with low down payments.

    Financing options make ownership more affordable and an unbeatable warranty policy ensures customers a safe ride. Plus, the customer support team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Strata Health Group also follows corporate responsibility practices to ensure ethical business dealings. All these factors make DriveTime one of the best car dealers out there!

    Services Offered by DriveTime

    DriveTime is a renowned used car dealership with a focus on customers with less than perfect credit. They provide financing options, regardless of credit history. Plus, they offer pre-qualification, extended warranties, long-term payment plans, and vehicle protection plans. Experienced technicians are available to diagnose and repair cars at their facilities. Virtual shopping tools make online car purchasing easier.

    Moreover, they offer certified pre-owned vehicles with low mileage and full mechanical inspections for customer satisfaction.

    Is DriveTime Legit?

    DriveTime is a reputable used car dealership and finance company in the USA. It has 140+ locations across 29 states, making it one of the largest car dealerships in the country. It specializes in selling used cars that have been inspected to meet safety, performance and reliability standards.

    Customers buying from DriveTime can trust that they are getting a quality product. All cars sold come with a limited warranty to protect buyers from any manufacturing defects. DriveTime also provides customer service before, during and after the sale. This ensures customers have a pleasant experience. It shows that DriveTime is reliable and legitimate when it comes to buying used cars.

    Reviews and Ratings

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    The DriveTime Guarantee

    DriveTime Guarantee is a promise to customers. Buy a vehicle from DriveTime and get the industry-leading 6-month/6,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. This covers any defects in materials and workmanship of the engine, transmission, drive axle, new and/or remanufactured components. Plus, free 24/7 roadside assistance with towing and rental car coverage.

    Participating locations offer Vehicle Exchange Program. Exchange within 5 days or 500 miles of purchase if unhappy. All warranties provided through Licensed Repair Facilities with full parts and labor costs.

    DriveTime’s BBB Rating

    DriveTime, an auto loan provider with over 130 dealerships in the U.S., has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating is a trusted measure of trustworthiness and reliability. The BBB is a non-profit that works to promote integrity and accountability. Their goal is to create relationships between businesses and customers based on trust.

    DriveTime has many positive reviews on their BBB profile. They have also successfully addressed all complaints from the past three years. They strive to provide excellent service and maintain trustworthiness. This effort is recognized in their A+ rating from the BBB, giving peace of mind to customers.

    Pros and Cons of DriveTime

    What is Opersus?-Is DriveTime Legit: Get the Facts Here!

    DriveTime is a used car financing and sales company. They have competitive rates, great customer service and cheap cars with budget-friendly payments. But you should think about pros and cons before choosing DriveTime.


    • competitive interest rates
    • flexible payments
    • a lot of used cars
    • free warranty protection
    • no down payment (in most cases)
    • Buy Here Pay Here for people with bad credit.


    • higher than average interest rates
    • difficult terms for late payments or defaults
    • not being clear about extra costs
    • limited customer service.


    DriveTime is a well-known car dealership. They offer used cars at inexpensive prices and have financing options available. Plus, there’s free delivery all across the US and a 7-day money-back guarantee. They have a great selection of vehicles and explain their financing process clearly. There’s also the CarFinder tool to help you locate the ideal car. However, their financing rates may be high compared to other lenders. Make sure to compare prices before signing up for a loan.

    All in all, DriveTime looks to be a trustworthy dealership. They provide quality used cars at fair prices with easy online tools.

    FAQs about: Is Drivetime Legit

    Q: Is DriveTime a legitimate business?

    A: Yes, DriveTime is a legitimate business. DriveTime is a leading used car dealership with over 140 locations in the United States and is backed by over 25 years of experience in the used car industry.

    Q: What kind of services does DriveTime offer?

    A: DriveTime offers a variety of services to customers including helping them find the perfect used car for their needs, providing financing options, and helping with the paperwork.

    Q: Does DriveTime have a money-back guarantee?

    A: Yes, DriveTime offers a money-back guarantee for customers who are unhappy with their purchase. Customers have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return their vehicle for a full refund.