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Is Displate Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!


Is Displate Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!

Searching for high-grade wall decor? Too many choices to pick one? Get the facts about Displate. Is it worth your penny? Let’s find out!

Quick facts: Is Displate Legit

  • ✅ Displate has a TrustScore of 8.8/10 on Trustpilot, with over 2,000 reviews (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Displate has sold over 400,000 posters, with 90% of customers satisfied (Displate)
  • ✅ Displate is based in Poland and ships to over 200 countries (Displate)
  • ✅ Displate has over 25,000 designs created by 1,500 independent artists (Displate)
  • ✅ Displate has 100% satisfaction guarantee (Displate)

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Displate is a Polish-based business, established in 2013. It sells wall art posters created by independent artists. It offers customers custom prints, artwork and posters of their favourite creators. At an affordable price, customers may buy art pieces directly from the creators. Displate also helps its sellers reach a wider audience with global shipping.

Recently, the company has been gaining popularity. This is due to its ethical practices, amazing customer service and its ability to provide handmade products with high quality standards. This article will look into the legitimacy of Displate and provide facts about the company for you to consider before purchasing their artwork.

What is Displate?

Displate is an online marketplace for metal posters. Founded in 2013 by Polish brothers, it has become a worldwide leader in metal posters. Choose from over 4 million designs, with new ones added every week.

The posters are printed with “Screen Magnetography”, which stands out on the metal surface with brilliant colors and clarity. Plus, the coating provides anti-scratch protection, creating a durable art piece. When you buy from Displate, 15% goes directly to independent artists. It’s a legit business with quality products and artist support, perfect for any home or office.

Displate Reviews

Displate Reviews give a thorough look at the company and their items. Displate is an e-commerce store that makes unique, custom posters and wall art from metal plates. They offer various sizes, designs, and styles. Customers generally have good things to say – prints look great with accurate details and bright colors. The metal plates are robust and durable. Plus, Displate’s customer service team is praised for being friendly and helpful, and for giving speedy responses.

In summary, Displate reviews show that this website offers quality products at a fair price, with great customer service – making it a dependable source for all your wall art needs.

Online Reviews

Is Displate legit? Check out the customer reviews!

Most reviews praise the quality of the product – colors are vibrant, images crisp and clear. Delivery is on time or even ahead of schedule. Damage when printing or shipping is rare.

Overall, customers seem to be happy with Displate’s quality and prices. So, it looks like Displate is a reputable brand!

Social Media Reviews

Checking out customer reviews on social media is a great way to decide if a company is legit. Take BoxLunch for example! Twitter is full of people’s ratings for their purchases. Comments about the products and the customer service are accessible. This can help you make the right decision.

Also, Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews offer a more detailed look into what you could experience if you shop with them. Although these reviews may not be true for everyone, they give an idea of what BoxLunch offers and how satisfied customers are.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials give insight into Displate’s products. The company has been selling metal posters since 2013. On its website, you can find many positive reviews. Customers say the product looks great and is easy to hang. Orders arrive quickly. Most importantly, their purchase makes a difference.

By reading reviews, potential customers get an understanding of why Displate is popular. This helps them decide if they should buy from Displate.

Displate Pricing

Conclusion-Is Displate Legit? Get the Facts Before You Buy!

Displate is an online printing company. They offer metal prints with high-quality art from independent artists and big companies. Their method is unique – the design is transferred directly onto the metal and finished with a protective coating. The prints look amazing! Prices usually range from $45 (small) to around $185 (large). You can also choose special materials like varnish or brushed steel.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find discounts and promotional offers on the Displate website for extra savings.

Prices of Displate Products

Displate is an online printing service that specializes in wall art. It provides customers a simple platform to make metal artworks, either from their own uploads or from the Displate gallery. Also, there are special prints from world-famous artists and photographers, plus limited edition prints. Prices vary, from $46 USD for a standard work to $1000 USD for a premium piece. Size, mount/finish, and artist/photographer choices may affect the final price.

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Shipping Costs

Displate offers free delivery when three or more Displates are ordered in one transaction! If you order less than three, Displate uses Opersus. This third-party logistics provider takes care of everything: fast and secure delivery, tracking and insurance. All over the world!

Displate Return Policy

Displate return policy gives customers 14 days from delivery to return their orders. Items must be in original condition, with all packaging intact. After 14 days, no returns will be accepted – unless the item is damaged, or there was an ordering mistake from Displate.

Customers should contact Displate customer service to arrange a return. They are responsible for the cost of shipping and must provide a tracking number. Displate will issue a refund within 7 business days, once the item is processed and criteria met.

Pros and Cons of Displate

Displate is an online store for art prints, wall decorations, and more. Their products are made of metal, equipped with a patented magnet mounting system. This system makes it simple to hang artwork without damaging walls. With prints from hundreds of independent artists, everyone can find something they like.

The Pros of Displate include their selection of high-quality prints and easy mounting system. Prices are also affordable compared to other stores, plus there is a satisfaction guarantee. On the flip side, some customers have had difficulties removing or replacing Displate items once they are mounted. Shipping costs may be an issue if multiple items are bought at once.

In conclusion, Displate is a great choice for unique art that can be easily hung.


To sum up, Displate is a real business. They provide impressive wall displays at an accessible cost. Plus, they showcase new styles daily and have a broad selection. Furthermore, their customer service people are responsive and helpful with any problems.

There are some cons like slow shipping, long returns, and delivery fees. But, these don’t overpower the advantages of buying from Displate. In the end, anyone interested in buying metal prints should be happy knowing Displate is a genuine business to consider.

FAQs about: Is Displate Legit

Q1: Is Displate a reliable website?

A1: Yes, Displate is a reliable website. It is a legitimate online store that sells high-quality wall art created by talented artists from around the world. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping for all orders.

Q2: Is Displate a safe website to purchase from?

A2: Yes, Displate is a safe website to purchase from. They use a secure payment system and have a secure website with SSL encryption technology to ensure your personal information is protected.

Q3: Does Displate offer discounts?

A3: Yes, Displate offers a variety of discounts and promotions. They offer a 10% discount for first-time buyers, as well as discounts for buying more than one product. They also offer discounts through their newsletter and social media accounts.