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Is CDJapan a Legitimate Online Store?


Is CDJapan a Legitimate Online Store?

Questioning if CDJapan is genuine? Shopping online can be daunting – you don’t know if it’s a great deal or too good to be true. We have the facts you need to decide wisely. You’ve come to the right place!

Quick facts: Is Cdjapan Legit

  • ✅CDJapan is a legitimate retailer, providing customers with genuine products since 1999 – CDJapan
  • ✅CDJapan has a 4.88/5 TrustScore rating on TrustPilot
  • ✅CDJapan has over 5 million customers from over 140 countries – CDJapan
  • ✅CDJapan’s products include a wide range of products from CDs and DVDs to concert tickets and merchandise – CDJapan
  • ✅CDJapan has partnered with major Japanese companies to provide customers with pre-order bonuses – CDJapan

Overview of CDJapan

CDJapan is a legit online store that began in 1999. It specializes in music, anime, and products from Japan. The vast selection of items includes CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, anime figures and merchandise, books, and other collectibles.

Tracking is included on orders to guarantee secure delivery. Customer service is available in English and Japanese. Over the past 20 years, CDJapan has earned a great reputation. Customers often praise their customer service. Therefore, CDJapan is a great choice for those searching for genuine products from Japan without any worries about safety or order delivery time.

History and background of CDJapan

CDJapan is an online store that specializes in Japanese products. It was founded by Takeshi Maiya, a former IT manager from the USA, in 1999. Now, it is one of the leading retailers for Japanese products.

CDJapan has items from major labels and distributors such as Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Avex Group and King Records. They have stores in Tokyo and offer regular or express shipping. Delivery times typically range from 3 to 6 days. Customers can buy items with credit cards, PayPal or cash on delivery.

CDJapan also provides music copyright management services. They have certifications from Japanese government organizations, which confirms their reliability.

Range of products and services available

CDJapan has grown since 1999, providing a variety of products and services. They specialize in Japanese media, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games. Customers can buy new or used items, as well as virtual currency cards. Collectibles and rare items from Japan are also available.

Global shipping via airmail and EMS is offered. Customers can get their items shipped directly to their homes or offices worldwide. Pre-order discounts and points rewards are also given for purchases made through the website. More points can be earned based on total amount spent. There is even a rewards program for regular customers:

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be a great way to measure the legitimacy of CDJapan. Read multiple reviews on different websites for an accurate understanding of the service and products. Reviews show delivery speed, product quality, customer experience, and any problems someone may have had.

Look at who wrote the review – news sites, blogs, or magazines are reliable sources. Ultimately, individual customers decide if they trust CDJapan. Reading customer reviews from multiple sources helps find unbiased opinions.

Overview of customer reviews

HSN is an online retailer with great customer reviews. It offers secure transactions and safeguards customer privacy. Customers can find physical items, digital products, and anime merchandise. They love the fast response from the customer service team and the secure payment system. The security and privacy policies get lots of praise.

CDJapan is a legitimate online shop that can be trusted.

Analysis of customer reviews

To check if CDJapan is trustworthy, customer reviews can give us a clue. Looking at them, we can learn what to expect: delivery time, customer service, and product quality. Reviews give us an honest idea of what the products are like.

Also, reviews show businesses areas they need to focus on or improve. Businesses can use reviews to make sure they’re competitive and pleasing customers. By listening to customers, companies can keep up with their operations and services.

Security and Payment

CDJapan is a trustworthy online store. They provide different payment options, like Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, UnionPay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Customers can also select to pay using bank transfer or pay at convenience stores in Japan. Payments are guarded securely with SSL technology to keep customer data confidential.

Moreover, customers can purchase an insurance package for added security when shopping with CDJapan. With these features, customers can shop safely, knowing their credit card info is protected by the best security available!

Overview of security and payment methods

Vondaca is the payment system, and security, used by CDJapan. It is powered by the Japanese-based startup, NRY Corp. It provides shoppers a secure online payment gateway, certified to PCI DSS Level 1. When customers pay with Vondaca, their credit card data is protected by SSL encryption. This data is not stored on CDJapan’s servers; it is processed in an independent secure environment, separate from CDJapan.

Vondaca allows shoppers to pay using international credit cards, or other payment methods like PayPal, JCB card, UnionPay, Alipay, and PayEasy (Japanese customers only). The store also allows customers to use prepaid debit cards (EPOS), instant bank transfers (Pay-easy), Konbini convenience store payments (Seven Eleven Japan), and gift certificates from major retailers (EZweb). In some cases, extra verification is needed, like inputting a password or providing a signature when using debit cards.

Analysis of security and payment methods

CDJapan is a legit online store for purchasing goods from Japan. It uses 256-bit encryption – the industry standard – to protect customer info and payments. Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and crypto. Plus, customers have had positive experiences – they talk about how easy it was to buy and how fast they got their orders. All this adds up to CDJapan being a safe and trustworthy place to shop.

Shipping and Returns

Credibility of Aelfric Eden-Is CDJapan a Legitimate Online Store?

CDJapan is an official online store that delivers to customers all over the world. They provide worldwide shipping and have a 14-day return policy. For tracking your order and inquiring about shipping updates, use the Tracking Page on their website or contact their Customer Support team.

To return an item, customers must notify CDJapan within 14 days of delivery. The returned items must be unused and in their original packaging to be eligible for refund. You may need to pay return shipping costs when returning an item. Items bought from CDJapan must also include a completed return form with your order number and the reason for return. Upon receipt, CDJapan will check the product’s condition before issuing a refund or exchanging it for another item of equal value.

Overview of shipping and returns policy

CDJapan offers different shipping options, depending on the size and weight of your order. Standard is registered airmail; needs a signature on delivery, and it has tracking info. Express Mail Service (EMS) is available for bigger orders, for more dependability and speed. You can also pick up your order from one of CDJapan’s pickup points.

For returns, you have 14 days to return your items; must be in new condition and have its original packaging. If parts are broken or missing, CDJapan won’t give you a refund. Customer service is available by email or phone. They’ll help you with returns and technical support for products you got from their store.

Analysis of shipping and returns policy

CDJapan’s shipping and returns are fair. It offers plenty of budget-friendly options, including international shipping. Same-day delivery is also an option for customers in Japan. The store’s generous return policy covers defective products and unwanted items.

CDJapan will cover the cost of returning your money if you don’t get your item. Just remember that the product must be unopened and in its original packaging to be eligible for a refund or exchange.

In conclusion, CDJapan is a bona fide shop that offers customers easy access to their items, as well as effortless returns and refunds if necessary.


CDJapan is a legitimate online store. Buyers can trust it, since reviews and ratings are positive. It has been around since 1998, with a physical location in Japan. It offers a wide selection of categories, all with info in Japanese and English.

When buying from CDJapan, customers can expect quality service and secure payments. Prices may be a bit higher because of taxes/tariffs imposed by Japan’s government. However, shoppers can be sure that purchases are legit and secure.

Summary of findings

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USGoodSales is a trusted online store for CDJapan products. They have been in business since 2013, and are known for their great customer service and reliability.

  • For orders above $50, customers can get free shipping.
  • Trustwave has certified USGoodSales, so customers can be certain their data is secure.
  • Plus, they offer a 30-day return policy and guarantee that all products are genuine Japanese imports from the original manufacturers.

At USGoodSales, the aim is to make sure customers have an enjoyable and safe shopping experience.

FAQs about: Is Cdjapan Legit


Q1: Is CDJapan legit?

A1: Yes, CDJapan is a legitimate online store. It is one of the most popular online stores for Japanese products and has been in business since 1999.

Q2: What does CDJapan sell?

A2: CDJapan sells a wide variety of items, including music, movies, anime, and games from Japan.

Q3: Is CDJapan a safe site?

A3: Yes, CDJapan is a safe site. It has an SSL certificate and uses secure payment methods. It also has a customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.