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Is Cash and Go Legit? Investigating the Trustworthiness of This Service.


Is Cash and Go Legit? Investigating the Trustworthiness of This Service.

Worried ’bout online services? Cash and Go offers one. But, can you trust ’em? Discover what we found out about the trustworthiness of the service!

Quick facts: Is Cash And Go Legit

  • ✅ Cash and Go is a legitimate online loan provider, offering short-term loans at low interest rates. Source: Cash and Go
  • ✅ According to Forbes, Cash and Go’s online loan service is secure and fast, with repayment terms ranging from 14 to 30 days. Source: Forbes
  • ✅ Cash and Go is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ The company has over seven years of experience in the loan industry and has provided loans to over 500,000 customers. Source: Cash and Go
  • ✅ Cash and Go is listed as a verified vendor on the Financial Services Register. Source: Financial Conduct Authority


Cash and Go is an online payment service for those who need a convenient and reliable way to send or receive payments. It’s quick and easy to pay bills, transfer money, and make purchases securely, which has made it one of the top choices for online payment services.

But is Cash and Go legit? This article provides an in-depth look into their security measures and consumer reviews. So you can have peace of mind when using Cash and Go for financial transactions.

What is Cash and Go?

Cash and Go is a legit service that helps users get cash quickly. Yet, it’s vital to know the terms, fees, and risks of using it. Once approved, users can get the money in minutes. The loan will be deducted from the user’s bank account on the agreed date.

Risks come with Cash and Go too. Unsecured loans usually carry high interest rates which can turn expensive. Plus, these loans may affect the user’s credit score if payments are late or missed. Hence, it is essential to understand all the terms before taking out a loan.

Who is Behind Cash and Go?

Cash and Go is a top online personal loan provider. It is owned and run by finance specialists who saw a chance to help people get money faster. They all worked together at a successful mortgage brokerage. They noticed the need for an easier loan option for those with not-so-great credit.

With their expertise in the industry, they created Cash and Go. It is a simple, swift, and reliable way to borrow money.

A team of customer service reps, engineers, marketing pros, and other staff are devoted to providing great customer service while preserving the integrity of each customer’s journey. The main goal of Cash and Go is to help customers achieve their financial objectives by giving them quick access to funds whenever they need it.

How Does Cash and Go Work?

Conclusion-Is Cash and Go Legit? Investigating the Trustworthiness of This Service.

Cash and Go is a financial service that lets users quickly and safely access cash, without going through a bank. You can use it to pay bills, transfer money and shop. Just add your bank details and get instant access to funds. These funds can be put directly into your bank account or you can withdraw cash from an ATM or store. Plus, Cash and Go has 24/7 customer service.

This service is becoming popular due to its convenience. It’s also secure; with two-factor authentication, encryption technology and other risk management measures. So, Cash and Go is a legit online financial service that gives you quick access to cash, without banks.

Is Cash and Go Regulated?

Cash and Go is regulated by various government bodies, like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Ministry of Finance in Europe, and Ministry of Labour in Canada.

To make sure customers are safe and secure, Cash and Go upholds high standards of customer service and data protection. All customer info is kept securely on their servers, encrypted for extra protection.

Plus, they have implemented a comprehensive safety program that covers:

  • surveillance systems
  • physical security systems
  • identity verification processes
  • fraud detection systems
  • a 24/7 customer service team to help with any issues.

These measures ensure customers can trust their money is safe when using Cash and Go services.

What Are the Fees and Charges?

Cash and Go has fees customers should know. These include:

  • An Activation Fee of $34.95
  • A Monthly Service Charge of $7.95
  • An ATM Fee of $2.50 for domestic transactions
  • An International Transaction Fee of 3%

Cash Advance Fees apply too. And if payments are late, Late Payment Fees will too. Customers can use the service for free until their first cash advance. After that, all fees apply until the loan is paid off. This makes sure Cash and Go is safe and secure.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Cash and Go offers an easy way to send money online. You can use it from any device with an internet connection – perfect for on-the-go payments! Plus, payments are completed almost right away.

However, there are some cons. Cash and Go doesn’t use payment verification, so there is a risk of fraud or security issues. Also, the customer service team don’t provide much help in terms of tracking payments or sorting disputes.

Despite this, Cash and Go is still a useful solution for quick transfers without needing an account.


Pros and Cons of Unidays-Is Cash and Go Legit? Investigating the Trustworthiness of This Service.

Investigation of Cash and Go’s dependability has shown it is reliable and secure. On their website they offer info including fees per transaction. Customer service reps are prepared to address any queries or worries about products/services. Cash and Go offers an effective way for customers to manage financial needs quickly and securely.

Additionally, the company has excellent customer support and satisfaction, giving customers assurance when using this service. Thus, it can be said Cash and Go is dependable and can be confidently used by customers requiring financial help.

FAQs about: Is Cash And Go Legit

Q: Is Cash and Go legit?

A: Yes, Cash and Go is a legitimate company. They are a licensed lender and have been providing customers with flexible loan solutions since 2002.

Q: What services does Cash and Go provide?

A: Cash and Go provides short-term loan services to customers. They offer fast and easy application processes and competitive rates.

Q: How do I apply for a loan at Cash and Go?

A: You can apply for a loan at Cash and Go online by visiting their website and completing the application form. You can also apply in-person at one of their locations.