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Is Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!


Is Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!

Thinking of registering with There are lots of choices for childcare, tutoring, and other services – so it can be confusing. Get the facts first and decide if it’s right for you.

Do your research and find out if is the right choice.

Quick facts: Is Care Com Legit

  • ✅ has over 34 million members worldwide (
  • ✅ is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ has been in business since 2006 and has helped millions of families find quality care (
  • ✅ is regularly used by over 8 million families each month (
  • ✅ requires all members to undergo a rigorous background check and verification process (


This guide will show if is legit. We will review its past, user feedback, and give an opinion. connects families and caregivers. But it’s important to know what you’re signing up for. This guide will provide users with the info they need to decide if works for them:

  • Review its past
  • User feedback
  • Give an opinion

What is is a site that brings people who need care services together with qualified caregivers. Around 15 million families have used to pick the right person. It has four million registered caregivers in nearly 20 countries. created a safe platform to link families and dependable care providers. It offers background checks, safety advice, and other useful tools to give reassurance.

Apart from assisting people to find dependable caregivers in their area, also provides support and guidance on topics such as:

  • Managing kids’ behavior
  • Nourishing meals for children and seniors
  • Managing seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Collecting a team of care professionals for special needs children or elderly parents who need considerable help
  • Connecting with local services like respite care or advocacy groups.

What services does offer? is an online platform that pairs employers with job seekers. It provides a range of services – from babysitting to tutoring and elder care.

The website has been built to help employers locate the perfect fit for their job. Employers can look for a candidate according to location, rate range, experience level, language abilities and more. After that, they can either conduct video interviews or text conversations. Furthermore, employers can run background checks, read reviews and look at references of applicants before they hire them. This ensures the safety of families and their homes while building trust between employer and employee with’s services. Reputation launched in 2006 and has since gained a great rep. They help families and caregivers find each other. Media outlets have featured them, and customers gave them 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

However, still has room to improve. For instance, they need a better ratio of caregivers to families, stronger background checks, better customer service, and clearer safety guidelines for both sides of their marketplace. Despite these critiques, many users still think it’s a reliable platform for family care. Make sure to do research before signing up for anything online – safety is key!

What do people say about

Care.comlegit? Opinions differ. Many have been using it for yonks, and vouch for its safety. But others question its ethics and business practices, advising caution.

Most reviews are positive. Parents can easily find help, and caregivers have the advantage of finding jobs through the platform. Plus,’s screening procedures give you peace of mind when connecting with new care providers. But some users report unethical behaviour or unprofessionalism from staff/clients they connected with through

Is legit?

Yes! is legit. Parents and caregivers can find care options in their area. Tools make it simpler to connect, browse profiles, check backgrounds, and talk with the caregiver before deciding.

Caregivers can create profiles and show qualifications and experience. They can apply for jobs and set pricing. The fee structure is free basic-level memberships, paid premium memberships, and a yearly $39 fee per job listing for customers. Safety makes safety our number one priority. Our website and app are designed to give families a sense of security. We have high-level measures to give a secure atmosphere for our members. These measures include background checks, profile reviews, real-time alerts, customer service, and a support team.

All profiles on get reviewed by experienced staff before being made available. We also offer adult abuse prevention training that is mandatory for all caregivers. We conduct criminal background checks through Checkr for more than half of our US caregivers. The check includes national and state-level searches to identify any criminal records connected to potential caregiver applicants.

What safety measures does have in place? really cares about safety. It has safety measures in place to protect personal data. All communication is held through an encrypted online system. Safety advice is included in all service agreements.

In-depth background checks are done for child and senior care services. This is done using a third-party provider. They also provide 24/7 customer service. You can always reach out if you have any issues or questions.

How to ensure your safety when using can be a great way to get help or give help. But, it’s important to stay safe. Here’s tips for using it safely:

  1. Read reviews before agreeing to services. Check TrustPilot for user reviews and background checks of the company you are considering.
  2. Choose providers that require background checks. Review their profile before deciding.
  3. Don’t share personal or payment information until you know they are trustworthy. Don’t give out bank account or Social Security numbers.
  4. Watch out for pressure to make decisions quickly with discounts. This could be a scam.
  5. Use the platform for communication only. Reputable companies only communicate through the platform, not SMS, Skype, WhatsApp etc. Cost

Conclusion-Is Legit? Get the Facts Before You Sign Up!

When joining, you have two choices. A subscription plan and a one-time payment.

  • Subscription plan: You must sign up for a monthly membership. That costs $39. It grants you unlimited access to’s services such as profile searches and background checks.
  • One-time payment: This is an upfront fee. It gives you a six-month membership. Plus access to all’s services. That fee is $150.

For each service you use, there will be an associated fee. This can range from $10 to $50. Depending on the service you request.

What are the costs associated with provides various subscription plans for families and caregivers. Prices for families range from $15 to $35/month depending on their needs. An extra fee may be added for background checks. Caregivers must pay a one-time fee of $15 to use the platform.

When families hire via, they pay 10% of the initial payment for babysitters and 13% for nannies. This fee is removed automatically – so families don’t even know it exists!

Are there any discounts or special offers? offers discounts and special offers for new and existing members. They change regularly and can be about membership fees, specific services, or partner companies. However, these offers may not always be available and may have a time limit. Also, some require you to sign up through a link or enter a code at checkout.

Check’s website often to make sure you don’t miss any offers! Reviews is an online platform for finding and booking care services. To get a better understanding of the company, reading reviews is recommended. 37 million people are members of, and it’s one of the largest web care marketplaces.

Generally speaking, reviews of are positive. Many users appreciate the ease of use, quality of customer service, and availability of caregivers. Some people have had issues with finding reviews on certain providers or slow customer service, but these seem to be rare cases.

What do people say about

Millions of people trust every day. It’s convenient and offers a selection of services. People are happy with the experience. They find multiple pre-screened providers that fit their requirements.

Setting up payments and making adjustments is easy. Canceling services online without fees is possible. Background checks are done on all providers, giving customers an extra layer of security.

People generally have good things to say about It provides reliable care solutions for families who need them.

Are there any negative reviews?

Researching’s legitimacy? Look at reviews from users. Trustpilot has some negative ones, such as difficulty finding a job, slow payments, and bad customer service. But, there are positive reviews too. People praise the quality of service, and the dependability of employers or workers.

Remember, all companies get both good and bad feedback. So if you want to decide if is legit, take into account both the positive and negative reviews:

  • Negative reviews: difficulty finding a job, slow payments, and bad customer service.
  • Positive reviews: quality of service, and the dependability of employers or workers.

Conclusion is a safe and legit spot to locate reliable care providers. To make sure you pick the most qualified one, take a few steps. The platform is secure and provides lots of helpful assets to begin. When it comes to finding experienced, dependable care professionals for home health care, childcare, and pet sitting, should be your go-to source.

Is legit?

Will be safe? That’s the primary worry for any consumer thinking of signing up. It’s an online marketplace that connects caregivers and those needing care, so you want to know your money and time are in a safe, dependable place. has been helping families since 2006, making it one of the oldest available. 34 million members have used them to get babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, pet sitters, tutors, senior caregivers, and more in over 20 countries worldwide. does background checks on all its members for safety. Plus, they have different levels of membership to fit your needs and budget. They offer assistance with care services and education support.

Is worth it? is an online platform that connects families and caregivers. It’s easy-to-use and provides services like babysitting, pet sitting, senior care, housekeeping, and tutoring. It offers advantages like dependable background checks, a wide selection of providers, and a user-friendly booking system.

But is it worth the money? Does it have any drawbacks? To answer these questions, this introduction looks at the pros and cons for customers and providers. This will help readers decide if is worth their investment.

FAQs about: Is Care Com Legit

Q: Is a legitimate business?

A: Yes, is a legitimate business that has been providing care services since 2006. They are a safe and secure platform that provides background checks and other safety measures to ensure the safety of both care seekers and providers.

Q: What type of services does offer?

A: offers a variety of services from child care to senior care and pet care. They also offer housekeeping, tutoring, and special needs care services.

Q: How much does cost?

A: offers a variety of packages and pricing plans. They offer a free basic membership, a premium membership for $39.99/month, and a business membership for $129.99/month.