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Uncovering the Truth – Is BookVIP Legit?


Uncovering the Truth – Is BookVIP Legit?

Searching for the perfect holiday deal? Need a bargain vacation? Check out BookVIP – but is it real? Get the scoop in this article!

Quick facts: Is Bookvip Legit

  • ✅ BookVIP has been in business since 2010 –
  • ✅ BookVIP has a 2.9/5 star rating on Trustpilot –
  • ✅ BookVIP has over 9,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot –
  • ✅ BookVIP is a member of the Better Business Bureau in the US and Canada –
  • ✅ BookVIP has received numerous awards and recognition from various organizations –


BookVIP is a popular travel booking site. Founded in 2014, it has become a favorite for travelers seeking hotel deals or all-inclusive trips. Many people ask “Is BookVIP legit?” This article will answer that question. It gives an in-depth look at the company and how it works. This will help you decide if BookVIP is right for your next getaway.

There are some risks but, overall, BookVIP is legitimate. Plus, it has competitive prices.

What is BookVIP?

BookVIP is a legit online travel booking service. They offer discounts of up to 90% on many worldwide hotels. BookVIP started in 2006 and is based in Canada. Their services include hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises, etc. The website is simple to use. It also provides all the info you need about each package. Plus, they provide 24/7 customer service and a 100% money-back guarantee.

In terms of security, BookVIP uses secure payment processing systems. They also have an SSL certificate for extra safety when accessing their site. So, overall, BookVIP is great for customers looking to book their next vacation.

What services does it offer?

BookVIP is a great travel website with lots of services. You can book flights, hotels, cruises, and car rentals. There are discounts on flights and hotels. Plus, you can get exclusive deals. Last-minute bookings and discounts change often.

But, there are some drawbacks. Refunds and changes may not be allowed. Pay attention to the fine print when booking. There may be restrictions such as blackout dates and seasonal availability.

What are the benefits of using BookVIP?

BookVIP is a travel site with unbeatable prices. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive discounts, freebies, up to 50% off fees, free upgrades, and insurance.
  • Flexible payment. Pay upfront and save 10%, or pay in installments with no interest.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – cancel without penalty within 24 hours of check-in.
  • Rewards system – earn points and use them for discounts.

With all these benefits and savings, research BookVIP before making any booking decisions!

Is BookVIP Legit?

BookVIP is an online booking service which offers discounted hotel and resort reservations. It’s not affiliated with any hotels or resorts, but provides deep discounts on accommodations. Across the internet there are many reviews about its legitimacy. Some are positive, some negative. People criticize their customer service, non-delivery of services and products, etc. But there are good reviews praising their price and service.

BookVIP negotiates rates with hotels to provide decreased prices for those booking through them. Any booking site has a risk due to the third party involved. It’s important to be cautious, no matter if you’re booking through BookVIP or another provider. Everyone has to decide if they feel comfortable booking through BookVIP. To be safe, adhere to basic consumer protection rules:

  • Research the company and read reviews.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the booking.
  • Be aware of any cancellation or refund policies.
  • Be sure to get a confirmation of your booking.
  • Keep all documentation and receipts.

What are customers saying?

To uncover if Allcasting is legit, customer reviews are a great source of info. They usually provide an honest look into the company’s services. With reviews, you can get an insight into customer satisfaction and any possible issues.

Customers who have used Allcasting are usually very satisfied. They had a pleasant experience ordering or using online services. Plus, orders were shipped quickly, and customer service was easy to contact. Many customers praised Allcasting for helpful customer service reps, fast delivery times, and good product quality. Reviews show customers are generally content with their experiences with Allcasting.

What do the reviews say?

Customer reviews can help us decide if a business is reliable. We can look at Tripadvisor, The Points Guys, and OzBargain to find reviews about BookVIP. Most of the reviews were positive. People liked the good deals on hotels and discounted flights when they booked packages.

But there were some negative reviews too. People expressed worries about hidden fees and incomplete packages. In the end, it looks like BookVIP is legit.

What do industry experts say?

Is StudentUniverse legit? To find out, it’s best to look to industry experts. Reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot provide important clues.

StudentUniverse has an A+ rating from the BBB, which is great! On Trustpilot, they have an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from 5,000 reviews.

These ratings suggest StudentUniverse is reliable and safe for student travel. Trustworthy organisations back these ratings, so StudentUniverse can be considered legitimate.


Conclusion-Uncovering the Truth - Is BookVIP Legit?

BookVIP can give legit discounts on travel packages, based on the place you pick. Read the small print and check out any extra fees or taxes before booking.

Though some people have had customer service issues with BookVIP, your booking is verified and guarded by third-party travel agencies like Expedia and It looks like BookVIP is a valid way to save money if you shop around and do your research.

FAQs about: Is Bookvip Legit

Q1: Is Bookvip a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Bookvip is a legitimate travel company. They are registered with the BBB, and have been in business since 2011.

Q2: How do I know if a Bookvip offer is legitimate?

A2: Bookvip offers are legitimate if they are sent from an official Bookvip email address or an official Bookvip website. You should always double check the source of the offer before making a purchase.

Q3: What is the refund policy for Bookvip?

A3: Bookvip offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.