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Is BigBadToyStore Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular


Is BigBadToyStore Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular

Seeking a great toy? Is BigBadToyStore the answer? Unveil the facts behind this renowned online store. Is it truly reliable to shop here? We’ll answer your queries about BigBadToyStore’s legitimacy!

Quick facts: Is Bigbadtoystore Legit

  • ✅ BigBadToyStore has been around since 1999 and has sold over 1 million items, according to their website
  • ✅ BigBadToyStore has an ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • ✅ BigBadToyStore has a 4.8/5 star rating from over 8,000 reviews on Trustpilot (
  • ✅ BigBadToyStore is a top-rated toy retailer on Google Shopping (Google Shopping).
  • ✅ BigBadToyStore is a popular destination for toy collectors and has been featured on the Entertainment Weekly list of ‘The Best Places to Buy Toys Online’ (Entertainment Weekly).
  • Introduction

    BigBadToyStore is an online shop that sells action figures, statues, and other collectibles. It launched in 1999 and rapidly gained fame due to its low prices and excellent selection. Customers can find their favorite figures and trinkets from movies, comics, video games, and more.

    But, it’s important to be sure if BigBadToyStore is legit. In this article, we will reveal the truth. We will check the website security and reviews from customers who already bought from them. Then, we can decide if BigBadToyStore is a trustworthy toy shop.

    Overview of BigBadToyStore

    BigBadToyStore, founded in 1999, is an online store with a renowned reputation for quality products at an affordable cost. They feature collectibles and toys from popular franchises and brands, like Hasbro, Mattel, Funko, and Bandai.

    Customers can shop in their physical storefronts in Wisconsin and Ohio, or explore their extensive selection of products on their online marketplaces. Categories or collections can be browsed by genre, character, or item type. Plus, they offer deals and discounts on both new and old products.

    With their expansive selection, great customer service, and unbeatable prices, BigBadToyStore is the go-to source for toy collectors around the world!


    BigBadToyStore is a renowned US-based online shop. Established in 2000, it has become one of the most famous toy stores in the nation. It supplies products from all main brands, such as action figures, dolls, collectibles, and vintage toys. Moreover, pop culture-related items like apparel, art prints, posters, and wall decals are also available.

    BigBadToyStore also stocks hard-to-find items from lesser-known manufacturers. Plus, it has a vast range of both new and second-hand items. This allows customers to find what they need without overspending. What’s more, customers can reach out to BigBadToyStore’s client service via email or phone.

    Product Selection

    BigBadToyStore has lots of top toys from leading manufacturers & famous Bobblehead and Hobby shops. All items are in stock, so you can get what you want fast.

    There’s different toys for all ages & interests. Plus, collectibles like limited edition figures, statues, action figures, diorama pieces & more. If you’re looking for something special, you’ll probably find it at BigBadToyStore – with such a variety! Prices vary, from affordable to higher-end, depending on the product.

    BigBadToyStore has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, so you can shop with confidence.


    Shopping online? Be aware of the product and the price! BigBadToyStore is a popular toy retailer, but people have said it’s more expensive than other stores. Some of their “in-stock” items can be 10% pricier than Entertainment Earth or Amazon.

    Be careful of hidden costs too! Reviews mention BigBadToyStore does not always include shipping costs in their listed prices. And coupons or discounts may not be honored either. So double check any savings before you buy from them – to get the best deal!

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are a great way to find out the truth about a company. Many people have shared their experiences with BigBadToyStore, a popular online toy store. Most reviews are positive! Customers love the quality and variety of products, as well as timely delivery. The customer service is friendly and helpful, showing BBTS’ commitment to a great shopping experience.

    Most importantly, customers have reported successful transactions when buying from BBTS. This indicates that BigBadToyStore is a legitimate site. To get more information on BigBadToyStore’s validity and customer satisfaction, reading customer reviews is the best way to go!

    Positive Reviews

    Many customers are impressed with BigBadToyStore’s customer service and fast shipping. They also love their wide selection of toys, action figures, and collectibles from different makers. Plus, shoppers find the prices are fair. On top of that, you can find exclusive or ‘second chance’ items that other toy stores don’t have.

    Also, orders over a certain amount get free worldwide shipping and discounts for friends and family. There are guides to rare action figures and helpful item descriptions on their website too. This helps customers make wise decisions before buying.

    Negative Reviews

    Researching Zumiez reviews is important. There are good reviews, but also bad ones. Issues reported in negative reviews include long wait times to receive items, expensive products, and lack of customer service.

    Before ordering, customers should research their purchase and store policies to have a good shopping experience.

    Shipping and Returns

    Product Reviews -Is BigBadToyStore Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular

    BigBadToyStore offers customers varied shipping and return policies. Free international shipping on all orders over $125 USD! Ground, air and express shipping services in the US are available. Plus delivery options internationally, too. Shipping charges depend on the order size, weight, destination and method.

    For returns, 14 days from delivery to request a return. Refunds if items are in their original condition with all the packaging. A restocking fee if the return does not meet these requirements or if after 14 days. BigBadToyStore is all about customer satisfaction, with help from their customer service department for questions about returns and exchanges.

    Shipping Policies

    BigBadToyStore’s shipping policies are worth looking into. They depend on the product, destination, and other factors. On their website, you can find lots of details about shipping for different types of orders. Orders over a certain amount get free ground shipping. International shipping is an option, as well as faster-shipping. Even same-day rush orders can be made. Tracking info is provided for each order, so customers know what’s up with their shipment.

    BigBadToyStore is taking good care of their shipping policies, which helps customers feel better about buying from them:

    • Free ground shipping on orders over a certain amount.
    • International shipping.
    • Same-day rush orders.
    • Tracking info provided.

    Return Policies

    Return policies differ significantly between online stores. BigBadToyStore, a large company, requires customers to get a Return Authorization (RA) number before returning an item. This RA number indicates why the customer is returning the product and how they will be compensated if their return is accepted.

    Customers who are not happy with a product purchased from BigBadToyStore can ask for a refund within 30 days of delivery, for store credit or an exchange for certain items. BigBadToyStore might require the customer to pay for return shipping costs, unless stated otherwise.

    Payment Options

    BigBadToyStore is a legit business with safe payment options. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Money Orders, Wire Transfers, and Checks. All orders can be made online. Customers can pay in store or when the order arrives. From the My Account section, customers can track orders from start to finish.

    BigBadToyStore also offers international shipping for customers outside the US.

    Payment Methods

    BigBadToyStore offers plenty of payment methods, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and bank transfers. International shoppers can pay with money orders and wire transfers. All accepted payment methods are secure, processed through a secure checkout process. Plus, BigBadToyStore offers layaway! Buyers can pay for orders over 3 months, with no extra charge or interest.

    With all these options, BigBadToyStore is one of the most legitimate sites for toy collectors! Fast, easy and secure!


    Security is a top priority at GovPlanet. Therefore, all buyers must pass background checks. They need to provide valid ID and payment info. Personal data stored with GovPlanet is encrypted and password-protected.

    After a purchase, buyers can access the item’s history and condition report. These are usually uploaded to the website for extra security. Protection from fraud is also guaranteed with third-party payment processors like PayPal or Stripe. So now shoppers can buy safely on GovPlanet.


    BigBadToyStore is a reputable retailer. It has a great selection of toys, collectables, and figures. Prices are competitive and website is easy to use. The store is highly rated on Trustpilot and Yelp. Additionally, they offer free shipping on orders over $95 and satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, BigBadToyStore is a reliable company for customers to purchase from safely.

    FAQs about: Is Bigbadtoystore Legit

    Q: Is BigBadToyStore a legitimate retailer?

    A: Yes, BigBadToyStore is a legitimate retailer that has been in business since 2004.

    Q: Does BigBadToyStore accept returns?

    A: Yes, BigBadToyStore accepts returns within 30 days of purchase.

    Q: Does BigBadToyStore offer free shipping?

    A: Yes, BigBadToyStore offers free shipping on orders over $79.