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Get the Facts – Is American Service Pets Legit?


Get the Facts – Is American Service Pets Legit?

Trouble getting trustworthy pet care for your cuddly buddies? You aren’t the only one. Puzzled if American Service Pets is real? Find the truth here and make a wise choice.

Quick facts: Is American Service Pets Legit

  1. ✅ American Service Pets is one of the largest service dog certifying organizations, with over 20,000 members (American Service Pets).
  2. ✅ American Service Pets ensures that all service dogs are trained and certified by professionals in the service dog industry (American Service Pets).
  3. ✅ American Service Pets has been in business for over 30 years and has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy organizations for service dog certifications (American Service Pets).
  4. ✅ According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, service animals can provide a range of benefits to those with disabilities, including improved physical and mental health (CDC).
  5. ✅ A survey of service dog owners from American Service Pets found that 97% reported a decrease in anxiety and depression, while 95% reported an improvement in their ability to function daily (American Service Pets).

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About American Service Pets

American Service Pets aids people with disabilities get service animals and training. It offers lots of services, such as placing service animals with veterans who have PTSD. It also provides paperwork so the pet can be accepted by the government. Educational materials for pet owners are available too. Legal aid is offered if service animal owners face discrimination.

The organization works to promote animal welfare and well-being. It strives to improve the lives of people with disabilities by providing access to certified service animals. American Service Pets believes everyone should have the life-enhancing benefits that come from a trained companion animal.

What is American Service Pets?

American Service Pets is a specialist firm that gives service animals and emotional support animals to those with impairments. They are devoted to helping individuals with disabilities get vital and advantageous service animals.

They give a range of services, from making certain all the essential documentation is accurately completed to giving ongoing assistance for life. American Service Pets additionally provides help for proprietors who already have a service animal such as

  • medical examinations,
  • vaccinations,
  • boarding,
  • grooming,
  • and more.

These services adhere to federal law and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

American Service Pets is dependable and legitimate – they stick to federal regulations and have been featured in multiple media outlets, such as The Washington Post, CNN, Forbes Magazine, CBS News, and Good Morning America.

What services do they offer?

American Service Pets offer help to those with disabilities. They provide ESAs, service dogs and therapy dogs for emotional and physical support. Also, they register these animals, for legal protection for owners. They sell leashes, vests, collars, toys and other accessories. Medical services like vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries are available, plus pet health insurance. Plus, they train disabled people to use their service pet in the best way.

Is American Service Pets a legitimate business?

Is American Service Pets a legitimate business? Yes! They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Also, they are compliant with the ADA and SARA.

Plus, American Service Pets puts customers first. They have answers to FAQs on their website. They offer customer service support. They give full refunds within 30 days. And they even have a lifetime guarantee on products. This shows they are a genuine business with great products and services.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are important when checking a company’s legitimacy. It’s wise to read both good and bad reviews.

People who have reviewed American Service Pets praise the customer service reps. They’re friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. Customers love the quick shipping and wide range of products – from pet items to specialized needs like service animal supplies. Plus, the products are good quality. Many say they’re better than expected! People also appreciate the cost-effectiveness compared to other companies. And, the generous return policy is a bonus. All in all, reviews for American Service Pets are overwhelmingly positive.

What do customers say about American Service Pets?

American Service Pets has gained a great reputation! Customers have praised the company for their amazing customer service and large selection of pet supplies. Before buying, some customers weren’t sure what to expect. But after seeing the quality of the items and getting them fast, they were very pleased.

People appreciate how reliable American Service Pets is when it comes to shipping. Orders usually arrive within a few days with no problems. Plus, American Service Pets is dedicated to helping those in need. They donate to homeless veterans and pet rescue organizations.

With such positive customer feedback, it’s no surprise why American Service Pets is one of America’s top online pet supply companies.

Are there any negative reviews?

Customer reviews can be important when buying online. American Service Pets is dedicated to a great customer experience. Our reviews are mostly positive. If a customer is unhappy, we try to help.

We offer a full return for unused items within 30 days of purchase. If you have feedback, please contact us! We’ll make sure you are satisfied.

Professional Reviews

Professional reviews can be a big help when evaluating American Service Pets. They can tell us about customer service, product quality, shipping timelines, return policies and more. By reading multiple reviews from different sources, we can get a clearer idea of how the business works and how satisfied other customers have been.

Professional reviews are a great way to research a business before making a purchase.

What do industry experts say about American Service Pets?

When researching American Service Pets, experts in the field are a great source of info. They commend the company for open, honest dialogue with customers. They also praise their quick response to inquiries and valuable info.

Experts recognise good quality products at an affordable price. Plus, they have made sure to meet all legal requirements. Customers are pleased with the quality of customer service and overall satisfaction with their purchase.

Are there any negative reviews?

Researching American Service Pets? It’s a good idea to check out any negative reviews. Most customer feedback is positive. Though some customers have mentioned customer service taking longer, and materials not up to their standards. These cases are rare. The company has worked to address reported issues quickly. Most customers have only good things to say. American Service Pets is reliable & reputable for pet products.

All in all, a great source for service pet supplies.

Pricing and Services

Introduction-Get the Facts - Is American Service Pets Legit?

American Service Pets is a legit company. They provide products such as vests, leashes, collars, badges, patches, service log books, hats and more. Prices vary, but an average cost is around $99. UCS (Universal Certification Services) is available at an extra fee.

American Service Pets also have a customer service center. Trained professionals are there to help with questions or support related to products and services. This customer service center provides peace of mind to customers.

In conclusion, American Service Pets offers competitive prices and helpful customer service. Making their products worth pursuing for those needing service animal items.

What services does American Service Pets offer?

American Service Pets is a fantastic organization that looks after disabled people. They provide trained service animals and many services. These include: personal protection dogs, one-on-one tailored training with the individual’s needs in mind, and the right dog for them.

Plus, they have an online store selling pet apparel and supplies, and a blog with useful tips and tricks. They even give helpful info on animal-related laws and regulations. Their aim? To create an inclusive atmosphere for all involved in the service animal industry.

How much do their services cost?

Personal Loan Pro, from American Service Pets, LLC, offers personalized loan services. This is all for free! However, customers may need to pay extra for the loan. Personal Loan Pro does not charge for the origination fee of the loan. But customers still need to pay interest, based on the terms and conditions of their loan agreement. Other costs like closing costs and processing fees may also apply. These vary, depending on the loan provider or institution with whom Personal Loan Pro works.


A review of Get the Facts – Is American Service Pets Legit? confirms that they are a legit business. They supply quality service animal products. Their range of pet supplies, custom apparel, and detailed care guidelines offer people with disabilities the help they need. Plus, their blog and quick response times give customers feeling of security.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for service animal supplies, American Service Pets is your best bet.

Is American Service Pets a legitimate business?

American Service Pets is legit! Their certified professionals have 10+ years of experience. They’re registered with DBA and LLC. And the reviews? Overwhelmingly positive. People are satisfied with the products and services. American Service Pets is legit and committed to helping customers.

How do customer and professional reviews compare?

Analyzing customer and professional reviews to decide if American Service Pets is legit or not is key. Professional reviews are usually positive with mentions of great customer service, quality products, and valid certification. On the other hand, customer reviews from online forums are more varied. Generally, customers have been pleased with the company and its products.

Also, American Service Pets has a long history in the pet services industry. Plus, it has a valid license from the United States Department of Agriculture. Thus, all the evidence implies American Service Pets is legitimate.

FAQs about: Is American Service Pets Legit

Q1: Is American Service Pets Legit?

A1: Yes, American Service Pets is a legitimate company that specializes in providing service dogs to those in need. They have been in business since 2004 and have helped thousands of people find the right service dog for their needs.

Q2:What services does American Service Pets provide?

A2:American Service Pets provides a variety of services to those who need service dogs. These services include providing service dog training, matching the right service dog to the person’s needs, providing support and guidance throughout the entire process, and helping people navigate the legal process of obtaining a service dog.

Q3:How do I get a service dog from American Service Pets?

A3:In order to get a service dog from American Service Pets, you will first need to fill out an application on their website. Once your application is submitted, a representative from American Service Pets will reach out to you to discuss your needs and match you with the right service dog. After that, you will receive the necessary training and support to help you and your service dog bond and work together.