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Is Agoda Legit? An Unbiased Look at the Popular Booking Platform


Is Agoda Legit? An Unbiased Look at the Popular Booking Platform

Are you planning a trip and need reasonable and trustworthy accommodations? You may have heard of Agoda – a widely used booking platform. But is it legit? In this article, we’ll present an impartial take on the booking site so you can make the right decision.

Quick facts: Is Agoda Legit

  • ✅Agoda is lauded for its competitive prices and efficient customer service, with a Trustpilot score of 8.2/10. (Trustpilot)
  • ✅Over 25 million reviews from verified customers have been submitted on Agoda since its inception. (Agoda)
  • ✅Agoda has over 2.5 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories globally. (Agoda)
  • ✅Agoda is ranked #1 in the Travel category for app downloads in 29 countries. (App Annie)
  • ✅Agoda has been awarded multiple awards for excellence, including the 2017 World’s Leading Online Travel Agency. (World Travel Awards)


Agoda is a travel booking platform. It’s been around since 2005 and based in Singapore. You can search for and book rooms, hostels, apartments and B&Bs. This is in over 200 countries. Plus, there are discounts and promotions like the “Agoda Rewards” loyalty program.

Is it legit? That’s the question. With so many scams, it’s hard to trust a service provider. We’ll give an unbiased answer. We’ll look at customer service, safety measures, and customer reviews. Is Agoda a legit website for booking your next trip? We’ll find out.

What is Agoda?

Agoda is an online travel booking platform with over 1.8 million properties in 30+ countries. It offers hotels, resorts, hostels, apartments and more to suit every budget. It also provides travel tips, maps and local attractions. Tickets for events can be booked through the website or app too.

Agoda is popular due to its low prices and search tools, allowing users to save money and earn frequent flyer miles. This makes it a trusted provider for travelers worldwide, offering them flexibility when it comes to their next trip.

Pros of Using Agoda

Agoda is the perfect online travel booking platform for customers who want the best. It’s user-friendly and helps you compare prices quickly.

Pros include:

  1. Prices: Agoda has excellent deals and discounts for members.
  2. User-friendly: Easy to navigate and find deals.
  3. Customer Service: 24/7 support via chat or phone.
  4. Rewards: The “PointsMaximizer” rewards scheme gives extra points for future trips.
  5. Safety: A “Fraud Protection Guarantee” alerts users of potential fraud.

Easy to use

Agoda is an awesome travel booking platform! Flights, hotels, rental cars and activities can all be easily booked through their website or mobile app. Plus, you can compare prices to get the best deal. They even have discounts and promotions for budget travellers. On top of that, the customer service team is available 24/7 if you have any queries.

All these features make Agoda a legitime and reliable option for travel bookings. That’s why it’s one of the top websites in the world!

Comprehensive hotel selection

Agoda helps customers find hotels and resorts around the world. It offers over 2 million properties in over 200 countries. Customers can filter their search to easily find what they are looking for. Detailed descriptions, including pictures, maps, ratings, and reviews make booking a room straightforward.

All bookings use leading payment processors, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Plus, all bookings come with Agoda’s “Best Price Guarantee,” so customers always get the best deal.

Comprehensive range of services

Agoda is one of the biggest travel booking sites in the world. It provides two million accommodations, 850,000 flights, and various activities from sightseeing to local experiences. Customers can get airline reservations, hotel bookings, car rentals, and restaurant reservations all in one place. It’s convenient!

Plus, Agoda has exclusive discounts, cashback deals, and loyalty program membership plans. It’s even translated into 38 languages, so customers can find out about trips in their own language.

Competitive prices

Agoda gives competitive prices to its customers. It has a loyalty program that rewards points for every booking. Also, discounted rates are available when booking multiple rooms or a package deal. The low rates are possible because Agoda directly negotiates contracts with airlines and hotels. No middleman means deep discounts for customers and businesses.

Agoda is an effective platform for booking hotels due to its competitive pricing.

Cons of Using Agoda

Reviews-Is Agoda Legit? An Unbiased Look at the Popular Booking Platform

Agoda is a popular hotel booking platform, but it has some drawbacks. The main con is their cancellation policies. Free cancellations are only possible if done 24 hours before check-in. Later cancellations incur hefty fees, sometimes up to 100% of the total booking cost.

Making changes can also be hard. Adding an extra night, extending the stay or modifying details can lead to extra fees. Technical issues can make it difficult to resolve.

Misleading images and descriptions can mislead customers. Photos may appear enhanced or out of date. Descriptions might be inaccurate compared to the actual condition of the hotel.

Some hidden fees

Using Kixify? Be aware of potential hidden fees! Kixify posts prices lower than original sellers, but additional costs may exist. Shipping charges and taxes may be added to items bought through Kixify. Some customers have experienced restocking fees when returning or exchanging items.

Read all the fine print before purchasing – conditions of return, exchange policy, and the seller’s terms and conditions – to avoid any hidden costs!

Cancellation policies

Agoda’s cancellation policies depend on the type of accommodation you book. For an individual hotel, the policy is usually set by the hotel itself. It may give free cancellation or a full refund with no fees. But other hotels could make you pay either fully or partially if you cancel.

When you book a holiday package, like flights and hotels, Agoda may need you to pay in full. It has its own cancellation policy too. You should give Agoda at least seven days’ notice to change or cancel without paying. And some properties don’t allow cancellation – it would be a “no-show” and your payment won’t be refunded. So, it’s important to read all the terms and conditions before paying on Agoda.

Limited customer service

Agoda has few customer service choices. You can only contact them by email or live chat – no telephone help. So, you have to wait for a response before your problem is solved. Moreover, you may have to buy services like cancellation protection. This can be a bummer and costly for travelers who use Agoda to book places.

Agoda offers discounts and promos, but some customers don’t think this makes up for the customer service options.

Is Agoda Legit?

Agoda is a trusty online platform for booking hotels, flights, and other travel-related services. It’s been around for over 15 years and provides a range of options for booking hotels and reviews from customers. Agoda is owned by the biggest online travel provider: Booking Holdings Inc. This makes it even more secure, as it has access to a wider network of partners and properties.

Agoda offers discounts for members and special deals on packages or promotions. Furthermore, it gives 24/7 customer support for urgent help if any problems arise during the trip. It also has “Best Price Guarantee” which refunds if a better deal is found elsewhere. Altogether, Agoda is a dependable and safe choice for booking travel services online.


Agoda is legit. It provides many budget-friendly accommodations around the world. It’s easy to use and has protection and insurance. But, read the cancellation policy before booking! Fees may apply. Also, check reviews from other users.

In short, Agoda is reliable for online booking. Still, read the terms and conditions carefully for a smooth journey.

FAQs about: Is Agoda Legit

Q1: Is Agoda a reliable website?

A1:Yes, Agoda is a reliable website with a long history of providing quality services to customers. Agoda is a trusted online travel agency and is a part of the Priceline Group, one of the leading travel companies in the world.

Q2: Is Agoda safe to use?

A2:Yes, Agoda is a safe and secure website. Agoda uses secure payment technologies to protect your personal information and uses a secure booking system to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.

Q3: Is it safe to book with Agoda?

A3: Yes, it is safe to book with Agoda. Agoda uses secure payment technologies to protect your personal information, and it has a secure booking system so that your transactions are safe and secure.